YouTube Keeps Buffering? – Best Way to Fix It

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YouTube is supposed to run smoothly in order to provide you with an uninterrupted entertainment and infotainment experience.

Nevertheless, there can be various reasons to keep YouTube from functioning smoothly, and it can be really frustrating.

With that said, if you experience your YouTube keeps buffering and wonder what to do, this is a must-read.

Why Does YouTube Keep Buffering?

YouTube buffering can often be seen when you play HD video on a relatively slower network. However, even videos with normal resolution can buffer at least on an occasional basis due to various reasons.

Interestingly, YouTube buffering can happen even if you have a high-speed internet connection. That can happen due to slower servers from their end, and your connection speed doesn’t affect that.

As we already know, YouTube is equipped with the most powerful internet connections in the world. Also, their servers and other infrastructure come with cutting-edge technology. However, that doesn’t prevent YouTube from experiencing occasional hiccups, particularly when there is heavy traffic.

In fact, when plenty of users visit YouTube and watch videos simultaneously, the performance of the servers is tested. In that case, the servers have to communicate with all the clients and transfer data constantly. If something goes wrong, the users will experience various issues, and YouTube keeps buffering is one of those issues.

You will know that YouTube keeps buffering when you see a wheel in the center of the video. Also, you will notice a blue color banner with ‘Experiencing interruptions?‘ text. If you have noticed such an error, don’t worry. You are not the only one to experience it; there are plenty of others who suffer from the same.

As a matter of fact, YouTube buffering mainly occurs due to an error on the user’s end. If there is an issue on YouTube’s end, we cannot address it other than just inquiring about what’s happening.

In other words, we cannot fix the errors that take place on YouTube’s end. Nevertheless, here are some ways to fix YouTube buffering issue that occurs on your end.

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Part 1: How to Fix YouTube Keeps Buffering on PC

In fact, there is no shortage of solutions to consider when you need to fix the YouTube buffering issue. Mentioned below are the most effective methods you can try.

01. Close the Other Browser Tabs You Are Using

If you have opened too many tabs in the web browser, your computer obviously requires more power to browse. When the contents of all those tabs transfer data through the internet, the bandwidth would not be sufficient enough.

As a result, YouTube videos might show a significant showdown. This is exactly when you will experience YouTube buffering. To minimize bandwidth consumption, the best thing you can do is to close the other browser tabs.

This issue becomes very common when you try to use 4K video playback or videos with 60FPS. As you would realize, such videos require a significant amount of processing power from the computer.

So, closing down the tabs will minimize resource distribution and direct more power toward the YouTube page. As a result, a YouTube video will start to play without slowing down.

PS: here, you will also figure out how to fix issues like there was an issue signing you into YouTube.

02. Restart the Web Browser

If the issue is related to the web browser you are using, restarting would be one of the solutions. When the restarting is done, the browser will be refreshed, so you can expect YouTube to work again.

However, this option might not work every time. In other words, you need a little bit of luck for this option to work.

03. Restart the Router

There are many times when the internet can experience some issues due to router troubles. If this situation describes you, you can try restarting the router and see if the issue is resolved.

Well, restarting may fix minor issues associated with your router – be it a wired or wireless device. When restarting your router, ensure that you give it about 30 seconds at the least.

With that, the router will be able to reinitialize properly and start fresh without trouble. In fact, restarting can fix slow internet issues in many cases if nothing else is wrong.

04. Reboot the Computer

Sometimes, the culprit can be your computer itself, causing YouTube buffering issues and making you annoyed. For instance, think about a minor error in your video card. It is true that such issues are rare.

But there are enough examples of such situations. These issues can be pretty common, particularly with outdated, low-end machines.

If you assume it is to be the case, you can simply perform a restart on the computer. As a result, the drivers of the video card will get refreshed and perform a bit better.

05. Update the Browser and Plugins

If you have not updated your browser for some time or it has some outdated media plugins, issues occur. Compatibility issues of the browser and the plugins can necessarily make YouTube malfunction. The only way to solve outdated browser issues is simply to update it and see what happens.

With the introduction of HTML5, YouTube can work without Flash. However, some time ago, Flash was a mandatory aspect for YouTube to play. In other words, if you didn’t have Flash, YouTube didn’t work those days.

You should remember that this issue has become less common because Flash is no longer required. However, an outdated web browser can still come into play to make YouTube videos play slower.

Therefore, it is highly recommended to keep your browser updated, which is good for overall performance.

06. Use Google Chrome Browser

There are various browsers in the market, and different browsers come with different features. Some browsers are highly compatible with YouTube, and some don’t.

Google, they recommend Chrome to browse YouTube. So, if you are using a browser other than Chrome, you should switch to Chrome and check it.

07. Any Other Possible Solution?

Here are some other suggestions to consider if you still face issues with YouTube videos.

Check if you have a powerful internet signal

If you are using a wireless internet connection, the strength of the signals you get on the device can vary. So, if you see YouTube keeps buffering, it is better to check if you have strong enough signals.

Change the quality of the video

When you watch YouTube clips with the highest possible quality, you may experience some lags. This is specifically true if you use a relatively slow internet connection with poor bandwidth. So, just try to switch to lower quality, anything less than HD, and see if it works.

Change the DNS Server

Is your DNS server configured to block some domains, and YouTube is one of them? If so, you cannot necessarily play the videos. In this case, you may even see that the website loads bot video doesn’t play.

So, you will have to check the DNS server and change it. You can change the DNS server either through the Wi-Fi settings or through the internal settings of the router. You should change it to the Google DNS server ( or even

Make use of a VPN

If you are using your office network, the chances are that a network admin blocks YouTube. It can be true with your school network as well. Anyways, if you are using a network on which YouTube is blocked, you may experience YouTube buffering. The best way to overcome this issue is to use a VPN.

Use a different PC

If you are still unable to find a solution, you will also have to try another PC. Because your PC might be too old, too slow, or have some other unidentified issues. If YouTube plays on a different computer perfectly, the issue is with your machine.

Ask your ISP about it

If you didn’t have luck yet, the last resort would be to contact your ISP. Before that, check your internet connection speed using a testing tool. Then, if the connection is slower than they have promised, contact your ISP and request an explanation.

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Part 2: How to Stop YouTube Videos from Buffering on Android/iPhone

The above section of our article explains how to tackle YouTube buffering issues on a desktop or a laptop. However, this section is useful if you experience the same issue on your mobile device (Android or iPhone). So, let’s get into the list of possible solutions straightaway.

01. Restart the Device

Restarting the device can be the most obvious solution for iPhones and Androids to resolve minor glitches. Although this is a straightforward fix, it can fix various minor issues related to these devices.

Also, performing a reboot on your Android or iOS device doesn’t cause any damage. So, it is absolutely worth trying a restart as the first solution.

Restart iPhone to fix youtube buffering

02. Try Mobile Internet

If the YouTube buffering issue has occurred while you were on the Wi-Fi network, switch to mobile internet instead. Well, it is always better to try a different network when YouTube keeps buffering. So, switching to mobile internet is the easiest method.

Try Mobile Internet

03. Check if Any Software Update is Available

If switching to the mobile network doesn’t work, you should check if a software update is available. To check it, you should go to Google Play or App Store for Android and iOS devices, respectively. Then, check if there is an update for the YouTube app and download it if available.

Check if Any Software Update is Available

To find out why YouTube is not working, these are just for you.

04. Uninstall the YouTube App and Install it Again

You should consider a complete reinstall if the update doesn’t work (or if there is no update available). Some users have unknowingly used beta versions and experienced some issues.

So, it is always better to uninstall the app and reinstall a fresh copy of YouTube once again. Also, you may try visiting YouTube using a web browser instead of the app.

Uninstall and reinstall app to fix youtube buffering

05. Free the Storage

If the problem related to YouTube persists, you should try freeing up your device’s storage. It is always better to leave at least about 500MB free for the overall smooth performance of the device.

So, check for it and delete unwanted files if the required free space is not there. You may also transfer the available files into external storage or the cloud to free the device.

Free up Storage to Fix Youtube Buffering

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why does my YouTube keep buffering even with a good internet connection?

  • Your browser or the YouTube app could be the issue. Try updating them or clearing the cache and cookies.

2. Is my device causing YouTube to buffer?

  • If you’re using an older device, it might struggle to stream high-quality videos. Try lowering the video quality or consider upgrading your device.

3. How can I improve my internet speed to reduce buffering?

  • Reduce the load on your internet by ensuring no other devices are heavily using the network. You could also consider upgrading your internet plan.

4. What is the minimum internet speed required to stream YouTube videos smoothly?

  • As per YouTube’s guidelines, you need a minimum speed of 0.5 Mbps. However, for HD videos, you’ll need speeds of at least 5 Mbps.

5. How can I avoid YouTube buffering in the future?

  • Make sure your internet speed is sufficient, update your browser or YouTube app regularly, and ensure your device is capable of streaming the video quality you select.


Buffering can be a frustrating interruption to your YouTube experience. But with the right understanding of the problem and effective solutions at hand, you can minimize this issue.

If any of the methods mentioned above solved YouTube buffering issue, we are more than happy about it. Please let us know in the comments section if you have further questions.


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