Why is iTunes So Slow on Windows and How to Solve it

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iPhone users have reported seeing their iTunes running slow after the recent update. There are plenty of factors as to ‘why is iTunes so slow’ on your device.

If you are going through this problem, you are not the only one; many forums online are filled with users facing this error on their devices.

In this article, you’ll find all the problems to know ‘why is iTunes so slow’ on your system and what you can do to get rid of the issue.

iTunes & Why is iTunes So Slow

iTunes is one of the best Apple has to offer on its devices. It is universally favorable among apple users for being media-friendly while staying easier to understand.

Many programs tend to add more complicated features to the app, it would be good to use, but if you have no technical background, things will get tough to figure out.

iTunes does many things on your device; it manages your mobile media and music. Being a favorite fan app, everything in the app has to run smoother to perform well in the system.

The only way to make your iPhone ready to adapt to new features is by updating it to the latest version of the app. This is precisely where the problem rises to the surface. Many users started to feel their iTunes acting differently than what it used to be.

Then they began to wonder why is iTunes so slow on their devices. Why does it lag? Why is it showing a lot of errors when I try to connect my phone to Windows?

Here, you will find the solution to all of the errors you are facing on your phone and an effective solution to fix them. All these methods would have their set of instructions that you need to follow for a proper procedure; otherwise, the task will fail.

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Method 1: Fix ‘Why is iTunes So Slow’ by Stop Auto Syncing

Syncing can cause iTunes to slow down. Most of the prominent causes are automatic syncing. Automatic syncing will allow the sync of all the data in your device to the computer if you continually add new data to your device.

Then the features will be running in the background all the time. This will slow down the performance of iTunes rapidly. To stop the slowdown of iTunes, it is recommended to disable it from the setting menu.

So iTunes will rely more on manual syncing than on deciding on its own. If you never have disabled auto-syncing on your device before.

Here Are Some of the Steps You Can Follow to Get Rid of the Error.

  • Launch iTunes on your PC.
  • Goto Edit > then make your way to Preference.
  • In this section, tap on devices, and check ‘Prevent iPod, iPhone, and iPads from syncing automatically.’
  • Then click on Ok and Save the settings.
Fix iTunes so slow by stop Auto Syncing

If you are still wondering the question, why is iTunes so slow? Then follow the steps to look for the perfect solution.

Method 2: Fix ‘Why is iTunes So Slow’ by Deleting Backups

iOS back will weigh heavily on your disk usage. As the update will take up a huge chunk of your HDD space. This could be why you are facing slowdowns in the iTunes app.

If you want to experience iTunes as you used to do before, deleting the older backs up might be the right solution you need. All you need to do is to access the back folder of iTunes,

Don’t worry; it will not be hidden from view. You need to go

Here you find the backup files of iOS stored inside of it. Delete these backup files for a smoother iTunes experience in the future.

Even more third-party software is available in the market that promises to find even more hidden backup files that can’t be accessed through normal use of the system. These kinds of stuff will be hidden from public view. You will need this software to gain access to these files.

Also, here is the complete guide for people who wonder why my internet is so slow all of a sudden.

Method 3: Fix ‘Why is iTunes So Slow’ by Turning Off Genius

Genius features help you find more music that fits more into your playlist. This could be helpful if you are looking for music based on what you find enjoyable to listen to.

And this could be an excellent app for music lovers as they are always on their iTunes to find music that does the same thing as the other music they like. Disabling this feature would help you speed up iTunes a lot faster.

To do that, follow the instruction below:

  • Launch iTunes.
  • Here go to File, then Library > Turn Off Genius.
turn off genius to fix why is itunes so slow

Now see if you are feeling any slowdown in your app. So you wouldn’t ask yourself the same question again and again in your mind, why is iTunes so slow?

Method 4: Fix ‘Why is iTunes So Slow’ By Removing Smart Playlists

iTunes creates an intelligent playlist to match your expectations of the app. Generally, this feature is considered good, and it benefits a lot.

But at the same time, it occupies a lot of storage data on your local memory and hugs a lot of computer resources on its own.

To remove smart playlists, follow the methods below.

  • Open iTunes and right-click on the smart playlist.
  • Select Delete from Library to remove a smart playlist on the drop-down list.
  • If you have more than one playlist on the left side of the bar, make sure to repeat the same process to delete every one of the playlists on the menu.
delete smart playlists

Method 5: Fix ‘Why is iTunes So Wlow’ by Deleting Services

The services are necessary on any app because they run much faster while not requiring any additional resources off your computer. But some services can be drawn into the circle of Not in Use.

Some might not see these services as they will need them every day of their iTunes experience. Deleting them will be a much better option than letting them consume your resources—services such as Podcast Subscription, playback information, and Library sharing. You can disable all these services to speed up your iTunes.

  • Open iTunes.
  • Goto Edit > Preference > Store.
  • Uncheck all the unnecessary services from the list for a more effective run.
fix itunes so slow by delete service

This will stop the slowdown of iTunes on your system, so you will stop asking, ‘why is iTunes so slow’? The question ever again.

Method 6: Fix ‘Why is iTunes So Slow’ by Diasbale the Automatic Downloads

The automatic download will consume your computer’s resources and suck all the data out of your internet plan. If you are against these features, you can disable it to act more manually than before.

  • Open iTunes.
  • Goto Edit > Preference > Store.
  • Uncheck all the options under Automatic Downloads.
  • The list includes Music, Movies, and TV shows.
Diasbale the Automatic Downloads

Method 7: Using Tenorshare Tunescare

If all the above methods didn’t work out for you, you could use Tenorshare Tunescare to solve the problem. As iTunes produces cache files and junk files every single day.

If you don’t delete them properly, then iTunes will show its signs on them. These files would start to affect your computer from opening iTunes properly.

Here you will use Tunescare to improve the performance of iTunes without deleting anything significant on the program or selecting lengthy codes to solve it.

As the app’s design is very user-friendly, you won’t feel like getting stuck with the program.

Follow All the Steps Required to Do It to Delete the Junk Files of iTunes.

  • Download and install Tenorshare TunesCare on your computer.
  • Launch TunesCare and click on “Fix All iTunes Issues” to fix your iTunes on your computer.
Tenorshare Tunescare
  • Click “Repair iTunes” to optimize iTunes performance when it runs slow on your Windows.
Why is iTunes So Slow by Tenorshare Tunescare

Note: If your iTunes works abnormally, you should click it to troubleshoot all the iTunes issues.

Why is iTunes So Slow by Tenorshare Tunescare
  • TunesCare will automatically start repairing your iTunes after downloading some necessary components.
Repairing iTunes
Fix why is iTunes so slow with Tenorshare TunesCare

Why is iTunes so slow if this didn’t answer the question properly? Then there is another way you can solve the problem.

Method 8: Dr.Fone iTunes Repair

This piece of software comes close to the previous entry in this article. Over time iTunes will gather many system files. These files can have a severe problem for iTunes to deal with later on.

That is why you need Dr.Fone – iTunes Repair to fix the ‘why is iTunes so slow’? The problem that you are having with your system. Follow the instructions to remove the slowdown of iTunes on your device.

  • Download the iTunes diagnosis and repair tool app, and install it on your computer.
  • On the main interface, click on System repair, then make your way to iTunes Repair.
dr.fone - iTunes Repair
  • If you are having connection issues, then click on Repair iTunes connection issues.
  • If you are facing iTunes syncing issues, then click on repair iTunes syncing error.
  • For common iTunes errors, click on Repair iTunes Error.
  • Switch to advanced repair if none of the above methods worked out for you.
Fix why is iTunes so slow by dr.fone iTunes Repair

That’s it! Now following all the instructions wouldn’t make your face the ‘why is iTunes so slow’? The question ever again.


  1. Q: Does updating iTunes solve all performance issues on Windows? A: While updating iTunes is an essential step, other factors like library size and system resources also impact performance. It’s recommended to implement multiple solutions for the best results.
  2. Q: Can I use iTunes on older Windows versions? A: Yes, iTunes is compatible with various versions of Windows, but it’s important to ensure that your system meets the minimum requirements specified by Apple.
  3. Q: Is there a limit to the number of songs or files iTunes can handle? A: iTunes can handle a large library, but it’s advisable to manage your library efficiently to prevent performance issues. Removing duplicates and organizing files can significantly improve performance.
  4. Q: Why does iTunes freeze when I connect my iPhone? A: This issue can occur due to multiple reasons, such as outdated iTunes, faulty USB cable, or incompatible device drivers. Ensure that iTunes and your device are up to date and try using a different cable or USB port.
  5. Q: Can I speed up iTunes by disabling certain features? A: Disabling unnecessary visual effects, plugins, and extensions can help improve iTunes’ performance by reducing the load on system resources. Experiment with disabling features that you don’t use regularly.


Now you know all the reasons ‘why iTunes is so slow’ on your system. As you can tell, various things will slow down iTunes from performing efficiently as it should.

From more cache in the system to automatic downloads and intelligent playlists, these will slow down iTunes from performing faster on the computer.

If you follow all the methods above, you will have a good picture of solving the problems much faster. Make some changes in your system so you won’t have to ask why iTunes is so slow ever again.


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