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Are you looking for Vlog topics? If yes, you have come to the right page. Most of us visit the Internet to watch good-quality content in pictures, videos, blogs, etc.

Vlogging has become a massive hit among the masses; this is why so many people have started putting out their YouTube Vlog ideas. If you wish to start vlogging, you need to ask yourself certain questions like ‘what to Vlog about,’ etc.

Once you understand what to Vlog about, it will become much easier for you to come up with funny Vlog ideas; however, if you have no idea how to create these videos or the format, here are some great ideas that can help you get on track.

General YouTube Vlog Ideas

General YouTube vlog ideas

Here are some very general topics, and here are some ideas for you.

PS: here are some more great lifestyle vloggers for your reference.

1. Daily Vlog

This is one of the most common vlog topics; here, you can share your daily activities with your audience. For beginners, you can use many vlog ideas, like asking about life in general, food, sports, Q&A session, challenges, etc.

It is important that you talk and communicate with your audience and consider their opinions as well. Always think of a cool intro for every video to make your vlog recognizable.

2. Tutorial Videos

Tutorial videos, or how-to videos, are one of the most popular types of vlogs you will see today, perhaps one of the best vlog ideas for beginners. All you need to do is record a series of videos about the things you have expertise in.

For instance, if you are a good guitar player, you can make a video on how to play a certain song, etc.

When you make tutorial videos, you should remember that people look for such vlogs on YouTube and search engines like Google. Hence, it is recommended that you use relevant keywords and tags and title the vlog as ‘How to play XYZ song on guitar‘; some keywords and tags you can use of the same are ‘Guitar Cover,’ ‘Music,’ etc.

If you make use of this relevant information, your video will be able to garner more views since it becomes much easier to find.

3. Tips on Photo-Editing

If you are looking for what to vlog about, then this type of vlog is great. All around the world, people love editing their videos – be it for Instagram or their blogs.

If you are an expert in photo editing tools like Lightroom or Photoshop, you can create a vlog where you teach your viewers how to transform their pictures.

You should ask the audience what they would like to see and the technique they are looking to learn. This way, you will always get a new topic for each vlog episode.

Besides, click here to learn more about the unique YouTube channel names for Vloggers.

Challenge and Comedy Funny Vlog Ideas

Challenge and comedy funny vlog ideas

If you wish to tickle the funny bone of your viewers, you can look into the following topics:

1. Prank Vlogs

There is no denying that prank videos are hilarious! You will always see genuine reactions on the faces of your audience. Hence, you can make prank videos.

All you need to do is gather all your funny vlog ideas, especially pranks, and start pranking your friends. Do not forget to record their reaction to your camera.

One example is that you can throw a fake mouse toy at your friend and suddenly shout out, ‘Look, there is a mouse.’ Record their reaction as they jump from the couch and into the air.

2. Fails

Some viewers believe fails are considered one of the best funny vlog ideas. It is always fun to watch someone doing their daily work suddenly fall off their trampolines or bikes.

Hence, when hanging out with your friends, you can simply record their videos whenever they decide to do something crazy.

3. Mannequin Challenge

This was a challenge that got quite a hype in 2016. In this challenge, the people around had to stand still while a camera moved around to capture a video of them.

While this challenge is no longer a trend, you can still use it if you do not know what to vlog about.

4. Ice Bucket Challenge

This was another challenge that gained a lot of momentum in 2014. Here, you had to pour ice-cold water on top of your head; this challenge was done to create awareness about amyotrophic lateral sclerosis and its corresponding donations.

This is one of the best vlog ideas for beginners if they cannot think of one now.

About Education

About education

If you wish to help the world via education, you can use the following vlog ideas:

1. Study Tips

This is one of the best vlog topics for people that want to create videos related to education. There is no denying that many students find it difficult to study and concentrate on their homework. Due to this, most opt to drop out of their school, colleges, and universities.

With the help of these videos, you will be able to teach them some hacks like how to get along with the teachers, write assignments down faster, remember information, etc. A lot of students look up to these vlogs.

2. Music Theory Lessons

This is one of the coolest YouTube vlog ideas, especially for musicians. You can teach your followers how to read different types of music sheets like scales, notes, etc.

You can have a series of videos that start with the basics and then move to the advanced stuff. You can speak about music improvisation, pentatonic scales, arpeggios, music intervals, etc.

3. Language Teaching Lessons

If you are a language enthusiast, this could be one of the best YouTube vlog ideas. Similar to music theory lessons, you can teach your audiences about different aspects of spoken language like vocabulary, grammar, phonetics, etc.

A Couple of Funny Vlog Ideas

Couple funny

If you are a couple, you can start a series of different vlogs like:

1. Know Your Partner

This is one of the best funny vlog ideas for couples. In this type of video, you and your partner can ask each other questions about themselves. If you wish to make the video funnier, you can think of funny punishments for the wrong answers.

2. Valentine’s Day Ideas

One of the top vlog ideas for beginners, you can let your audience know how to choose the right gift for your partner. You can also explain how you plan on delivering it.

Ensure that you include everything you need to do and don’t. It would be best if you could use your experience to give your video a more personal touch.

3. Best Movies to Watch as a Couple

There is no denying that watching movies can bring a couple closer together. For these videos, you can simply make a compilation of movies you and your better half can watch.

Of course, not all movies need to be romantic ones. You can also pool in movies of genres you both like, such as horror movies, actions, movies, etc.

Beauty Vlog Ideas

Beauty vlog ideas

For budding beauticians, you can make use of these YouTube vlog ideas related to beauty:

1. Beauty Vlog

In today’s time, beauty vlogs are no longer restricted to only girls. If you have a passion for the beauty industry, you can create a lot of videos based on topics like hair styling, nail art, fashion, clothes, style, and cosmetics. A lot of people watch these videos to improve their looks.

2. Make-up Videos

If you love getting dolled up, then you can create make-up videos. Apart from showing off your collection of the best brushes, foundations, mascaras, and lipsticks, you can create videos about what type of makeup you should apply for different types of events.

3. Review of a Beauty Product

Once you purchase a new beauty product like masks, lotions, or creams, you can do an unboxing and review video.

These types of videos can help your viewers decide whether the product is right for them or not. Mention everything you love and/or don’t like about the product being reviewed.

Vlogs on the Active Lifestyle

active lifestyle

Most people do not know what it is like to live life on the edge. You can make these types of videos to show them a glimpse of your life:

1. First-person Extreme Sports Videos

If you love playing any type of action sport like mountain biking, skateboarding, or snowboarding, you can simply attach an action camera to your chest and record yourself doing stunts. Stitch all these clips together and post them online.

2. Underwater Footage

If you are an underwater diving enthusiast, you can attach a GoPro or any action camera and give your viewers a glimpse of the underwater world. They will be fascinated by the new world under the ocean.

3. Jogging/Exercising Tips

If you are a fitness enthusiast who likes jogging or working out, you can create videos to help your viewers do their exercises more effectively. You can also talk about technique, frequency, time, etc.

4. Healthy Lifestyle and Food

In today’s time, a lot of people have started to realize the saying ‘health is wealth‘. By creating these types of videos, you can inspire others to live a healthy lifestyle.

Talk about healthy habits and the type of food that you eat. Share your thoughts on nutrition, favorite recipes, habits, etc.

Vlog Topics on Personal Growth

Vlog topics on personal growth

Apart from physical growth, it is equally important that people work on personal growth. As a vlogger, there are several vlog ideas for beginners on such topics. Some include:

1. Lessons on Self-discipline

One of the best ideas that you can apply if you are thinking about what to Vlog about, you can record a series of self-discipline videos.

In these videos, you can teach your viewers the different aspects of self-discipline, like self-organization, minimizing procrastination, and how to get up and about for your day’s tasks.

2. Life Lessons

Of course, there is no way of explaining life to your viewers in a singular direction. However, you can do so from your perspective.

Talk about what life has thrown at you and how you dealt with the situation. Ask your audience what they would have done if presented with the same scenario.

3. Thoughts About the Meaning of Life

People tend to think about the meaning of life at some point. You can start talking about a complex topic and ask your viewers about their perspectives. This can become very interactive, especially if you do it live.

4. Vlogs About the Bucket List

A bucket list is defined as the number of things you wish to do in your life. For instance, many people would write down skydiving, visiting their idols, long-distance traveling, etc.

Help your audiences realize their dreams in your videos, share your own bucket list, and explain how you will fulfill them.

Unusual and Funny Vlog Ideas

Unusual and funny vlog ideas

Apart from the categories mentioned earlier, you will also find vlogs that cannot be defined under any genre. Some of them include the following:

1. Magic Tricks

This is considered one of the best YouTube vlog ideas under this category. You can display your skills as a magician and show them a few tricks.

If you wish, you can also reveal the secrets in a separate tutorial vlog. Your viewers will be happy, interested, and impressed.

2. Interviews

This is one of the best vlog ideas for beginners. You can invite people you think are interesting and schedule an interview with them.

You can either talk about general things or specific topics. Ensure that you make the vlog as informative as you can.

3. Taking Care of Pets

If you own a pet (dog, cat, parrot, etc.), you can create daily vlogs about its daily habits and how you care for them.

You can talk about some common problems and how you deal with them. Alternatively, you can simply upload funny videos of the daily lives of your pets.


Q1: How do I come up with funny vlog ideas?

A1: To generate funny vlog ideas, consider your own experiences, hobbies, and the humorous side of everyday life. Think about embarrassing moments, pranks, unusual encounters, or funny childhood stories as potential sources of inspiration.

Q2: Can I incorporate comedy into any vlog topic?

A2: Absolutely! Comedy can enhance any vlog topic. Look for opportunities to inject humor, share amusing anecdotes, or create comedic sketches related to your chosen subject.

Q3: How important is it to engage with my viewers in a vlog?

A3: Viewer engagement is crucial in vlogging. Encourage your viewers to comment, like, and share your videos. Respond to their comments, ask for suggestions, and create a sense of community. This interaction will keep your audience invested and interested in your content.

Q4: How can I improve my comedic timing in vlogs?

A4: Improving comedic timing takes practice. Watch comedians, study their delivery, and observe how they create comedic moments. Experiment with different comedic styles, and most importantly, be authentic and have fun while creating your content.

Q5: How often should I upload vlogs?

A5: Consistency is key when it comes to vlogging. Set a schedule that works for you and stick to it. Whether it’s once a week or multiple times a month, regular uploads will keep your audience engaged and eager for more.


From the above, we see no dearth in the types of vlogs you can upload. Apart from these, there are many other types of YouTube Vlog ideas. Choose the type of vlog that suits you, and you are good!


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