Unable to Activate Face ID on This iPhone – Fix It Easily

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unable to activate Face ID on this iPhone

If you are unable to activate Face ID on this iPhone, then you must know that there can be various reasons for it, and the primary one is the recent update that was released for iOS 12.

Along with the plethora of amazing features and new functionalities, there came bugs that caused several issues and errors.

The malfunctioning of the Face ID is one such issue that jeopardizes the security of the phone and its performance.

The latest iPhone models like 14, 13, 12, 11, XS Max, XS, XR, X, etc., have been facing this particular problem a lot.

This article will help you get rid of this problem as we give you the best tips. Read on.

Two Best Software to Fix the Unable to Activate Face ID on This iPhone Issue

In many situations, all the hard work you put in for fixing any iOS device with manual methods can go in vain. It is best to begin with professional tools for the purpose so that you don’t get any disappointment later.

We will give you the best software that you can try if you are having issues with the Face ID on your iOS device.

1. Fix ‘Unable to Activate Face ID on This iPhone’ via Tenorshare ReiBoot

If you cannot activate Face ID on this iPhone, Tenorshare ReiBoot will give you the best results. ReiBoot is the ultimate software that you can take help from for fixing various iOS problems.

It doesn’t matter if you have a stuck Face ID, a frozen iOS device, stuck Apple logo, a device stuck in headphone mode, an unresponsive screen, or anything else; the tool will be at your rescue.

The software’s unique thing is its “iOS System Repair” feature, which works like magic and brings the device back on track by fixing all the stuck iOS issues in a jiffy.

Not just that, the software also helps in solving the upgrade or downgrade issues of iOS devices over a Mac as well as Windows PC easily. You can also get your iOS stuck in the recovery mode fixed with this software.

Below Will Help You to Run the ReiBoot and Fix the Issue of Face ID:

1. Visit the official website of the software Tenorshare ReiBoot. Download the software from there and then install it on the PC.

Now connect the troublesome iOS device to the PC. You will find the option of iOS System Repair on the main interface of the program. Hit it.

Tenorshare ReiBoot

2. In the preceding step, tap the Standard Repair button. Now, hit the Download button to start the download process of the relevant firmware package for the device.

This step is crucial as it sets things on their right course, and the device returns to functioning in the normal way again.

Tenorshare ReiBoot - Standard Repair
Download Firmware with Tenorshare ReiBoot

3. In the next window that pops up, you have to click over the Standard Repair button again and then hold on for a while. The repair process will begin now, and you can see its progress on the screen.

Fix unable to activate Face ID on this iPhone with Tenorshare ReiBoot

2. Fix ‘Unable to Activate Face ID on This iPhone’ by iToolab FixGo

iToolab FixGo is another excellent tool that you can try to get the desired results if you cannot activate Face ID on this iPhone.

This software works well for the iPhones 13/12/11/ XR/ XS Max/X and supports iOS 15 and 14. The tool is the best to rely upon, and let us now tell you some of its best features:

iToolab FixGo Features

  • The tool possesses a 100% success rate and is the most trusted software among users for fixing the iOS system with just a few clicks.
  • Be highly recommendable to be tried by those who believe that it takes a lot to operate any technology. This is not the case with iToolab FixGo because the developers took care of it enough to build a tool that everyone could easily access.
  • It is a very powerful tool that can fix almost all kinds of iOS issues like the Face ID and others that possibly surface after the iOS updates for 15 and 16. The other problems like a black screen, iOS stuck with the apple logo, restarting loops, frozen iOS devices, etc., can also be easily fixed by it.

Now, Below is a Guide for Using the Software on the Device:

1. The first step requires downloading the software on the PC. Finish the installation and then launch and open it. Plug the iOS device with the help of any lightning cable into the PC.

2. On the software’s main interface, you will see four modes. Choose the Standard Mode.

iToolab FixGo

3. At the following interface, hit the Fix Now button and follow the instructions as they appear on the screen. iToolab FixGo will put the device into DFU mode.

4. Now, hit the Download button. This step is crucial as it sets things on their right course, and the device returns to functioning in the normal way again. After clicking the button, the software will produce a suitable firmware package after detecting all the problems correctly.

iToolab FixGo - Download Firmware

5. This is the last step of the process, where you just need to click over the Fix Now button. You have to now hold on for a few seconds for the fixing to get done. The device will get back to normal functioning once it gets done with the repair process. Now you can set the Face ID normally on your iOS.

iToolab FixGo - Fixing Now

Other Methods to Try when the Face ID Gets Problematic

If you cannot activate Face ID on this iPhone, then there are some other troubleshooting methods you can try. Let’s see what they are:

Turn the Face ID On and Off

This is a simple way that you must go first when facing difficulty with the feature. You have just to reboot the Face ID, and you may be good to go. Here is how to do it:

  1. Open the phone Settings. Click over the option of Face ID & Passcode. In this window, click the option Use Face ID and then just the phone over something with the screen facing down.
  2. Hold on for a few seconds. Now open the Settings of the phone again and repeat the same process as above. Just end with toggling over the option of iPhone Unlock to turn it on.
Turn the Face ID on and off to fix unable to activate Face ID on this iPhone

Ensure That There Is No Obstruction over the TrueDepth Camera

If you cannot activate the Face ID on iOS, then the obvious thing you must check is for any obstruction, like the case of the device or the screen protector covering the TrueDepth camera of the phone.

Also, see if there is any dirt or debris over the camera. All these things block the camera from recognizing the face. You need to ensure the clarity of the camera so that it can facilitate the working of the Face ID easily, and you are no anymore unable to activate the Face ID on this iPhone.

Ensure That Your Face is Clearly Visible

Ensure that the face is fully uncovered and bare in front of the camera. The mouth, nose, eyes, and other face details must be clearly visible to the camera.

Also, ensure that you are not wearing any sunglasses or a face mask. Standing in a properly lit place will also help.

Put the Phone in the Portrait Angle

The most important thing is the orientation or angle of the camera. You must try putting the camera in portrait mode and then putting it in front of your face.

Make sure that there is an ample amount of light falling on the face so that the Face ID gets to scan and remember the features properly.

Keep the iPhone Away at a Maximum of an Arm’s Length

If you stand at a longer distance from the camera, then it will fail to capture the tiny details of the face that are essential for the creation of the Face ID.

We recommend that you don’t stand beyond an arm’s distance from the camera to let it do the job.

Reset the Face ID of the iPhone

This is another way you can fix the issue if you are unable to activate Face ID on this iPhone. To reset the Face ID feature, you need first to open the phone settings.

Now tap over the option Face ID and passcode and then select the option Reset Face ID. There you are; set up the new details again, and your issue will be fixed.

Reset the Face ID of the iPhone

Force Restart the iPhone

This might be the last option to try where nothing works, and this trusted way will never fail. It will get the iOS back on track and resolve the Face ID issue.

Let us now tell you how to perform a force restart over the iPhone:

  1. Hit the key Volume Up and then let go of it immediately. Do the same method with the key Volume Down.
  2. You can also push the wake or sleep key down until the Apple logo emerges on the phone screen.
Force restart the iPhone

Reset the Settings of the Phone

This can be the following option to try if you are still unable to activate Face ID on this iPhone:

  1. Open the phone Settings. Go into the tab General and then click on Reset. Here, select the option Reset All Settings.
  2. At this step, you will have to enter the passcode when prompted and then confirm the action.
Reset the settings of the phone

Update the iPhone with the Latest iOS Settings

The update of the iOS version 12 may have experienced some bug issues and gone wrong ultimately. This may then sabotage the functionalities of the Face ID.

At this stage, we suggest that you do a fresh update on the phone.

  1. Firstly, connect the device to any stable internet connection. Now open the phone settings and then click the tab General. Here you have to click on the option of Software Update now.
  2. Now click the tab Download and Install. Select Install and then enter your passcode.
  3. You must keep your device fully charged in order to let the update happen automatically.
Update the iPhone with the latest iOS settings


1. Can I use Face ID on any iPhone model? No, Face ID is available on iPhone X and later models.

2. Why does Face ID sometimes fail to recognize my face? Factors such as poor lighting conditions, changes in appearance (e.g., wearing glasses or a hat), or significant facial changes can affect Face ID’s recognition accuracy.

3. What should I do if my iPhone displays the “Face ID Not Available” message? If you see this message, it means your iPhone doesn’t support Face ID or it’s temporarily disabled due to a software issue.

4. Are there any privacy concerns associated with Face ID? Face ID data is securely stored on the device and not transmitted to Apple or any third parties. The facial recognition process is designed with privacy and security in mind.

5. Can I use Face ID for third-party apps? Yes, developers can integrate Face ID into their apps to provide additional security and convenience for user authentication.


So it doesn’t matter if you were unable to activate Face ID on this iPhone or face any other iOS issue. Software like Tenorshare Reiboot and iToolab FixGo are going to help you deal with them very easily.

You can even try the general methods as sometimes the issue might just be due to a minor reason, and they will remove any such issue effectively.


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