TrueDepth Camera Not Working – Fixed 2024!

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The TrueDepth camera is a game-changer for facial recognition. It allows you to unlock your phone with Face ID and turn on Animoji and Memoji.

It also allows you to adjust your selfie lighting with masks and more. But what should you do if your TrueDepth camera not working? Let’s see how to fix it with ease here.

The TrueDepth camera is a key part of Face ID, Apple’s facial recognition technology. The camera is located on the front of your iPhone X or later.

And it helps detect the unique facial features of your face to unlock your phone. If you experience issues with Face ID, there are several things to check and fix.

To know why your TrueDepth camera not working and how you can fix it, you will need to read this article.

Reasons Why TrueDepth Camera Not Working

The TrueDepth camera uses infrared light to map out the contours of your face. During the setup process, the device reads 30,000 points that cover areas.

It then matches them against stored data from previous scans. If two sets don’t match, the system shows an error message like “TrueDepth camera not working.”

Besides, here are some tips to help you solve most iPhone WiFi not working issues and why iPhone cannot connect to the WiFi network.

1. Glue Blocks the Camera

If you are having a hard time with the TrueDepth camera not working, it could be that your camera has been glued.

In this case, you will need to try and remove any glue or adhesive from the camera lens. If you do not know how to remove this glue, we recommend you take it to a professional for help.

You can first clean off any dust or dirt from the surface of your iPhone’s TrueDepth camera with a cloth. This should ensure an even surface when taking pictures with the front-facing camera.

Also, are you fond of using FaceTime on Mac, but for some reason, it’s broken? This guide details some of the best fixes for the FaceTime camera not working.

2. Not Updated to iOS 12.1.2 or Later

If you use an iPhone X, iPhone 8, or later models and do not update to iOS 12.1.2 or later, you will experience issues with the TrueDepth camera system.

In addition, are you receiving the warning message on your iPhone stating “liquid detected in lightning connector“? If that’s the case, let’s fix it simply.

3. The TrueDepth Camera is Dirty

First, please clean off the camera with a dry, soft cloth. Do not use a wet cloth or paper towel because these can scratch the lens. Next, place the iPhone on its back and gently wipe it around the camera area to remove any dust or debris.

This will remove dirt that may have lodged there after being set down on surfaces like tables or desks. Finally, blow into each corner of your screen with compressed air from an aerosol can. This will dislodge any stubborn particles hiding behind it.

4. True Depth Failing Depends on the Device

Some devices don’t support TrueDepth at all. In the past year alone, Apple has released four new iPhones. The iPhone 11 Pro Max and the iPhone 11 Pro (2019) have TrueDepth cameras.

If you have any of those devices and try to use TrueDepth in your app or website, it won’t work. This is because they don’t come with depth sensors built into them as part of their hardware design.

Another possibility is that your iOS version isn’t up-to-date enough to support the latest version of ARCore or ARKit.

5. Software Updates May Bother Your True Depth Functioning

If you have recently updated your software and are now having trouble with Face ID or True Depth, it may be because of the update.

Restart your device by holding the power button for a few seconds to fix this issue. Do this until it turns off completely. Then turn it back on and enter your passcode after a few seconds to finish powering up your phone.

How Do I Know If My TrueDepth Camera is Working?

If you have an iPhone XS or iPhone XS Max, you can use your TrueDepth camera to take great selfies. But you’ll need to troubleshoot the issue if your camera isn’t working.

Thankfully, there are a few simple ways to check if your TrueDepth camera is not working as it should be. Here’s how:

1. Open the iPhone’s Camera

You can test your microphone and camera by opening the iPhone’s Camera app. Open the Camera app by tapping on its icon on the home screen of your iPhone.

The default front-facing camera will be automatically selected. And then, a green circle with a white dot means that it has detected your face and is ready for use.

2. Opt for Portrait Mode

The next step involves choosing the portrait mode from a wide range of modes in your iPhone.

3. Choose the Front Camera

You should see a live video feed from your face if everything works correctly. If it doesn’t appear after a few seconds, something’s wrong with that particular camera.

If you see yourself on screen, but they’re not in focus or otherwise very blurry—that might be a sign of issues.

4. Take a Selfie

Snap a selfie. Make sure you have a face in the shot. The TrueDepth camera will not work unless there’s at least one face, given its sensors. So make sure you’re looking toward the screen while taking pictures.

The depth sensor in your iPhone might be deemed working correctly if it consistently takes selfies in portrait mode. But if there is an issue with taking a selfie in portrait mode, it signifies that the Depth Sensor has issues.

How to Fix “TrueDepth Camera Not Working”?

You might have encountered the issue of the “TrueDepth camera not working” on your iPhone, iPad, or Mac.

In this case, you might face many problems like poor camera quality and selfie quality. When it comes to fixing a problem with the TrueDepth camera on your Apple device, there are several ways to resolve this problem.

1. Reset Face ID

To reset Face ID, Go to Settings > Face ID & Passcode and enter your passcode if prompted. Then tap Reset Face ID in the list of options at the bottom of your screen.

Confirm that you want to reset your facial recognition. Confirm by tapping Reset Face ID again on this prompt page after you tap Reset FaceID. You’ll have five seconds before being locked out from accessing all apps.

Reset Face ID

2. Reset All the Settings

If still “TrueDepth camera not working,” you can try resetting all your iPhone settings.

Press and hold the power button on your iPhone until a slider appears on the screen. Then Swipe up on display to open the control center window. Then swipe left on it once again to open the camera app in full-screen mode.

Tap on the Camera icon from the bottom bar of the camera app. And then tap the Settings icon next to the shutter button in the top right corner.

3. Clean the Camera Lens

Clean the camera lens with a microfiber cloth. Do not use any harsh chemicals. Do not use a cotton swab or a paper towel. Using these can scratch the surface of your MacBook’s camera lens and cause it to stop working.

Please do not use a dry microfiber cloth either, as it can leave behind lint particles on the camera lens. It could get in the way of capturing images later on.

Clean the Camera Lens

4. Reset the Device

You can also try resetting your device. To do this, simultaneously press and hold the Sleep/Wake button on the left side of your iPhone or iPad and the Side button on its right edge.

Do this for at least 10 seconds until you see the Apple logo. If this doesn’t help, you might need to try again.

5. Restore iPhone

If you are having issues with your iPhone’s TrueDepth camera, you should try restoring it. You can use the built-in “Restore iPhone” feature. And choose between restoring to factory settings or setting up as new.

Restore iPhone

If you have an iCloud backup of your device before updating to iOS 12 or later, this method will help you restore your phone without losing any data.

If not, there is no need to worry since Apple allows users to back up their data using iTunes instead of iCloud.

To do so:

Connect your device via a USB cable to a computer running Windows 10 or macOS Sierra version 10.12+. Open iTunes on the computer when prompted after connecting the iOS device. Make sure that both software versions are compatible.

Or tap More Info > See More Details for more info about their compatibility issues. And check if there isn’t any available update for either of these programs yet.

6. Update the iOS Version

The TrueDepth camera is a front-facing camera used to authenticate the user. It’s built into the iPhone X and later models. This means it can be used to unlock your phone and even pay for things using Apple Pay.

Update the iOS Version

It could be due to an incorrect configuration if you’re having trouble with your Face ID or Touch ID feature. In this case, you should check your settings. And also, ensure everything is in place correctly before trying other solutions.

If you still have problems after this step, try resetting your device. Reset by pressing both sides of the Home button until it starts shutting down; Once it has shut down, press and hold down both buttons until it turns back on (this will take about 15 seconds).

7. Reach Apple Service

If none of the above-listed solutions work, try reaching the Apple service center. You can contact them by calling their customer service or visiting their store.

Reach Apple Service

A Problem Was Detected With the TrueDepth Camera

The TrueDepth camera is one of the most advanced, but it’s not perfect. The camera can malfunction for many reasons, especially if you attempt to use it in certain situations or environments. If you’re having issues with your face ID or real-depth camera, here are some steps to take:

1. Restore Your iPhone from iTunes

If you’re facing this problem, you should try restoring your iPhone from iTunes. Connect your device to a computer running macOS or Windows with a Lightning cable.

Then Open iTunes on that computer and select your iPhone in the sidebar of iTunes or the Device view. Click on Summary > Restore iPhone, and follow the prompts to restore your device from a backup made.

Restore Your iPhone from iTunes

2. Set Up Face ID in the Airplane Mode

If you don’t want to use Face ID on your iPhone, you can still set it up in Airplane Mode. This will enable you to use the feature but keep it from identifying your face.

When you’re in Airplane Mode, the TrueDepth camera uses a different sensor. The sensor only works with infrared light and cannot detect your face or eyes.

Set Up Face ID in the Airplane Mode

TrueDepth Camera Not Working After Update

Is your TrueDepth camera not working even after updating your device? Here are some things to try:

1. Force Restart Your iPhone

If your iPhone’s TrueDepth camera isn’t working after a software update, try force restarting it. To do this:

Press and hold the side button (sleep/wake) and one of the volume buttons for at least 10 seconds. Do this until you see an Apple logo appear on-screen.

If you don’t have a home button but your device is frozen, follow these steps:

Press and hold the Side button (sleep/wake) and Volume Up simultaneously. Continue pressing them until you see an Apple logo appear on-screen.

If your iPhone is frozen, try this method:

Press and hold the Side button (sleep/wake) and Side Switch simultaneously for about 5 seconds. Do this until you see an Apple logo appear on-screen

2. Turn Off Bluetooth and Wi-Fi

If you’re still having trouble with your iPhone camera, disable Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. This may sometimes fix an issue with how Face ID works with TrueDepth cameras on iOS 13 devices—for example, the iPhone XS Max or iPad Pro 12.

Turn Off Bluetooth and Wi-Fi


  1. What is a TrueDepth camera?
    • A TrueDepth camera is a camera system that enables features like Face ID and Animoji on Apple devices by creating a detailed depth map of your face.
  2. Why is my TrueDepth camera not working?
    • This can be due to various reasons like software glitches, obstructions, outdated software, or more serious hardware issues.
  3. What basic steps can I take if my TrueDepth camera isn’t working?
    • You can restart your device, check for obstructions, and update your device to the latest iOS.
  4. What if basic troubleshooting doesn’t solve the problem?
    • You can try advanced troubleshooting steps like resetting all settings or even performing a factory reset.
  5. What should I do if none of these solutions work?
    • Contact Apple Support or visit an Apple Store for further assistance.


Now that you know how to fix a broken True Depth camera, you can rest easy knowing there’s always an option for you.

If your TrueDepth camera is not working correctly, try these tips. It is assured that your phone will behave normally after doing this troubleshooting.


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