How to Unlock Your Snapchat Account: Common Reasons and Solutions

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SnapChat Unlock

Snapchat has become such a popular application these days that you might have heard of this term if you had not used it.

Many teenagers love their astounding filters and various other features. So, what if suddenly your Snapchat account gets locked? How are you going to unlock your Snapchat account in this situation?

There is no need to worry as you will get all answers to all your problems here on this page. You can easily unlock a Snapchat account if you know what has happened to it and why it gets locked in the first place.

Firstly, you need to prompt out issues and then look for specific solutions as per your issues.

In this article, you will learn the common reasons and how you can perform the task of snapchat unlock. It is not as difficult a task as it sounds to unlock a Snapchat account.

You can easily unlock a Snapchat account with different ways to do it, as provided in the article.

Part 1: Reasons Behind the Locking of the Snapchat Account

To unlock a Snapchat account, it is really important to know the causes behind the locking up of your account. It is even necessary to know these reasons to prevent further locking in the future.

The Most Common Reasons Behind the Locking of a Snapchat Account Are Given Below:

1. Adding a Lot of Friends

You cannot add many new friends on Snapchat without verifying your email address and mobile number. To add new friends, you have to verify your mobile number or email address initially.

Otherwise, your services on Snapchat will be limited. You can add friends after the verification of your account. If not, then your account will get locked due to adding up too many friends.

2. Changing Date of Birth Frequently

If you change your date of birth too many times, it might be the reason behind locking up your Snapchat account. You can change your birth date on Snapchat but only for a limited number of times.

People older than 13 years of age can use Snapchat, and if you change your date of birth lower than 13, your account on Snapchat will be automatically locked.

3. Sending Illegal or Spam Messages

If you accidentally send wrong messages such as illegal content, adult content, spam, or other information forbidden by Snapchat, your account will be seized. It is advised to check your messages and pictures before sending them to other users on Snapchat.

4. Using Third-party Applications

You cannot use any third-party applications on Snapchat. Using apps like Casper, Snap Upload, Snap Crack, or other plug-ins is strictly prohibited on Snapchat.

If Snapchat detects any use of these applications to sign up for an account, your account will be locked. In case you use these apps again in the future, then your account will be permanently locked.

5. Updating of Snapchat

One of the possible reasons could be Snapchat updates. If Snapchat provides updates frequently, then your account might get affected and get locked for some time.

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Part 2: Snapchat Locking Period

The locking period of the Snapchat account entirely depends upon the reasons behind the locking of your Snapchat account. If the causes are just minor ones, it will take some hours to several days for Snapchat to unlock.

It is not an issue if the reason is not that much serious. You will be able to log in to your Snapchat account in a few hours or days.

But if the reason is a serious one, then there are chances that you would not be able to log in to your account ever. Your account will be locked permanently in grave situations.

So, it is better to use this application for Snapchat unlock with some caution, or you will lose your account everlastingly.

Part 3: Ways to Unlock Snapchat Account

There are different ways to unlock a Snapchat account in different situations. You can easily unlock your Snapchat account in both situations like temporarily locked or permanently locked.

Follow some instructions for both cases as given below:

Temporarily Locked Snapchat Account

If your account has been locked for the first time, you will probably see a notification saying that your account on Snapchat has been locked temporarily. In this kind of situation, you can try some methods for Snapchat unlock.

Methods to unlock a Snapchat account that has been locked temporarily are as follows:

  • You can try logging into your account after twenty-four hours.
  • Try to remove all third-party applications or plug-ins.
  • You can try verifying your phone number or email address if not been done before.

When you cannot log in to your account using these methods, you can unlock your Snapchat account via the site.

Steps to unlock Snapchat Account:

1: Visit

You can visit the official site of Snapchat and log into your Snapchat account with details like username or password.

SnapChat Unlock via
2: Select the “Unlock My Account” option

After that, select “Unlock My Account” from the options available on the screen.

Manage my Snapchat account
3: Select the option “Unlock”

Now, you will see a window saying “Locked Account,” and tap on the option “UNLOCK” for Snapchat unlock. Through this method, you can successfully unlock your Snapchat account.

Locked Snapchat Account

If you can still unlock your Snapchat account, then try again after a few hours. If your account is locked for the first time, then you have to try after 12 hours, and if otherwise, then wait for 24 hours.

And if your account has been locked more than three times, then Snapchat will block it permanently.

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Permanently Locked Snapchat Account

There is no need to worry about Snapchat lock even if it has been permanently locked. You can try this method of Snapchat unlock to unlock your Snapchat account.

You can try out some steps as given below to unlock your account.

Steps to Unlock Snapchat Account:

1: Seek Snapchat Support

For this, you have to visit the option for Snapchat support and then select “Contact Us,” and then “I have a login issue” from there.

2: Choose an Option

Here, you will find many options regarding login issues. You can choose any option from the list provided there, such as “I forgot my password,” “I can’t log in to Snapchat,” “I think my account was hacked,” etc.

Snapchat Support
3: Tap on the Option “Yes”

After choosing options, you have to tap on the option “Yes” for “Still Need Help,” which is located at the bottom.

4: Fill Out a Form

Then, you have to fill out a form with your account details. In that form, you have to mention the related issue and try to convince others that it happened by mistake and will not happen shortly.

After this, you have to wait for the reply, and if they agree, you will get your Snapchat unlocked.

So, following these methods mentioned above, you can get hold of your Snapchat account once again if you forget your Snapchat username.

These methods are beneficial for Snapchat to unlock the permanent or temporarily locked account.


  1. What can cause my Snapchat account to be locked? Several reasons can cause your Snapchat account to be locked, including sending spam messages, using third-party apps or plugins, or violating Snapchat’s terms of service or community guidelines.
  2. How long does a temporary Snapchat lock last? The duration of a temporary Snapchat lock can vary depending on the violation. It can last anywhere from a few hours to a few days.
  3. Can I unlock my Snapchat account before the temporary lock period ends? Yes, you can try to unlock your account via the Snapchat website even before the temporary lock period ends. However, if Snapchat detects continuous rule-breaking behavior, your account might be locked again or even permanently.
  4. What should I do if my account is permanently locked? If your account is permanently locked, your best bet is to contact Snapchat Support directly. Explain your situation and promise to abide by the rules in the future. It’s not guaranteed, but they might consider unlocking your account.
  5. How can I avoid getting my Snapchat account locked in the future? To avoid future lockouts, adhere strictly to Snapchat’s community guidelines and terms of service. Regularly update your password, avoid sharing your account with others, do not use third-party apps, and refrain from spam-like behavior.

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There you have it—the key to breaking free from Snapchat jail. Keep your account secure, abide by the rules, and happy snapping!


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