Resolve ‘PowerPoint Found a Problem with Content’ Easily

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Many Windows users report that the PowerPoint app is displaying an error saying, “PowerPoint found a problem with content.” Now, this error could appear on all or some presentations on your system.

This problem is just reported to happen to .pptx files. One can encounter this issue in all PowerPoint versions. Also, it is confirmed to show up on Windows 10, Windows 7, and Windows 8.1.

PowerPoint Found a Problem with Content

It is no surprise if you are also facing the ‘PowerPoint found a problem with content‘ issue. It is quite annoying as this issue could be discerned in several PowerPoint versions. This can become a hurdle for users in carrying out their professional life.

However, there is nothing to worry about as you can fix this issue on your own. Here, read about different methods to deal with this annoying issue.

All of these methods are quite simple to follow and short. So, let’s have a look at different ways to resolve this PowerPoint issue.

Part 1: Reasons Why the ‘PowerPoint Found a Problem with Content’ Error Shows Up

We looked closely at this particular error by observing a lot of user reports. Not just that, but also the repair strategies used for resolving this issue.

Depending on this investigation, it looks like there can be various possible culprits that trigger the ‘PowerPoint found a problem with content’ error.

Read about some of the potential reasons why this annoying issue shows up in the first place!

1. The Protected Views feature is enabled.

When the Protected Views feature is enabled within the settings of ‘Trust Center, you may face this issue.

This happens because the program rejects all files that you download from direct URLs or Outlook attachments. In that case, users can resolve this problem by disabling Outlook’s Protected Views settings.

2. The file’s location isn’t added to the Trust List.

In Outlook, when the folder having your .pptx file is not listed in Outlook’s Trust list, you may receive this error message.

If this happens, then you can fix the problem by just adding this folder to Outlook’s Trust List.

3. The files are present in synchronized folders.

When the file that you want to open is present in synchronized folders, you may encounter issues. Now, this folder could be Dropbox or OneDrive.

This error even shows up when the folders are overseen by the backup software.

4. The files are blocked.

When you try downloading the .pptx file from the internet, you may encounter this PowerPoint issue. Usually, this happens when your OS blocks the file.

In that case, users can fix this annoying issue by unlocking the file. For this, they need to access the Properties window.

PS: let’s learn more about how to remove passwords from PPT.

Part 2: Different Ways to Resolve ‘PowerPoint Found a Problem with Content’

Currently, if you are struggling to fix this issue, we have mentioned some possible repair strategies below. These methods were used by other PowerPoint users, which helped them to fix this issue effectively.

So, read about some effective ways below, which work perfectly well in resolving the ‘PowerPoint found a problem with content’ issue.

To remain efficient, it is advised to follow these solutions in the way they are listed here. This is because they are listed by simplicity and efficiency.

Now, let’s get started with these effective solutions!

Solution 1: Disable Protected Views to Fix ‘PowerPoint Found a Problem with Content’

The most popular culprit that causes ‘PowerPoint found a problem with content’ is the settings in Trust Center. This setting makes the programs reject Outlook files or attachments. These are the files that are located in possible unsafe files or locations instigated from the internet.

When users download a presentation over the internet or receive it through email, they may face this issue.

Now, the possibilities are they will get this issue before taking the necessary steps for disabling Protected Views. So, here are some simple steps you can follow to disable this setting:

Steps to fix the ‘PowerPoint found a problem with content’ issue:

1: Launch Outlook and tap on ‘File‘ from the ribbon bar at the screen’s top.

Disable Protected Views to fix PowerPoint Found a Problem with Content

2: After that, tap on ‘Options‘ from the menu ‘File‘ present at the menu’s bottom.

Powerpoint Options

3: Under the ‘PowerPoint Options‘ window, choose the ‘Trust Center‘ option.

4: Inside the menu of ‘Trust Center,’ go to the right pane and tap on the ‘Trust Center Settings.’

Trust Center Settings

5: From there, choose ‘Protected Views‘ present on the left side. After that, uncheck all the boxes linked to the ‘Protected View‘ conditions.

Protected Views Settings

6: Tap ‘OK‘ to save the changes.

7: After you have applied all the changes, restart the PowerPoint app. Open the presentation that previously triggered the ‘PowerPoint found a problem with content’ issue.

If the problem still persists, then move on to the next solution. Also, even when if you are finding a solution that will not leave the computer susceptible to exploits.

Solution 2: Add the File’s Location to PowerPoint’s Trust List

If you have obtained the PowerPoint presentation externally, then ‘PowerPoint found a problem with content’ can come up.

Now, files can be received through direct download, email, or retrieved through a USB stick. Basically, your file will not open if it is saved in a place that your system does not consider secure.

If this is something that happened to you, then you need to unblock access to your file. For this, you need to add your file’s location to the trusted list of PowerPoint.

Although this process is preferred to the first solution listed here, it can turn out to be a breach of security. This is true if any malicious malware makes its way to the same file folder.

Steps to resolve the ‘PowerPoint found a problem with content’ issue:

1: Launch PowerPoint and tap on the ‘File‘ option from the ribbon menu.

2: After that, tap on the ‘Options‘ tab.

3: Now, users need to select the ‘Trust Center‘ option from the menu. Once done, choose ‘Trust Center Settings.’

4: From there, click on ‘Trusted Locations‘ and then choose the ‘Add new location‘ option.

Add the Files Location to PowerPoints Trust List

5: In the window of Microsoft Office Trusted Location, select the ‘Browse‘ tab. After that, users need to go to the location where they have saved the file that showed the ‘PowerPoint found a problem with content‘ error. Then, tap OK to add a new location.

Add the Files Location to PowerPoints Trust List

Please note that if you have stored the file in generic folders like Downloads, move it to another location. For this, you can create another directory and first shift your file there.

6: Now, restart the PowerPoint app and check if the PowerPoint error has been successfully resolved.

Solution 3: Move Your Files Out from Synchronized Folders

When you try opening a file saved within synchronized folders like OneDrive or Dropbox, move it to another location.

Moving your file to a location that is not affected by backup software or synchronization helps. By doing this, you can easily fix the ‘PowerPoint found a problem with content’ issue.

Many affected users report that this error was fixed after they moved their files from synchronized folders to regular directories. If you want to move your file, go through the following instructions:

Steps to resolve the ‘PowerPoint found a problem with content’ problem:

1: First, go to your synchronized folder where you have stored your file currently.  

2: Once there, right-tap on your file and choose ‘Cut.’ Alternatively, press the ‘Ctrl + X‘ key combination.

Move Your Files Out from Synchronized Folders

3: Next, visit any regular directory. Then, right-tap anywhere on the empty area. Or else, just press the ‘Ctrl + V’ key combination.

4: Finally, try opening your file with the PowerPoint application. Now, check if the problem has been fixed.

Solution 4: Unblock Your File to Fix ‘PowerPoint Found a Problem with Content’

Many users come across the ‘PowerPoint found a problem with content’ error when they download the file from the internet.

If your file is also downloaded over the internet, then the OS may try blocking the file from being altered. So, the best way to fix this annoying issue is to unblock the file simply.

To unblock the PowerPoint file, follow some simple steps given below.

Steps to fix ‘PowerPoint found a problem with content’:

1: In the first place, right-tap on the .pptx file and then select ‘Properties.’

2: From there, users need to visit the tab ‘General‘ and then select the ‘Unblock‘ option.

Unblock Your PPT File

3: Tap on ‘Apply‘ to save the changes.

4: Lastly, open your PowerPoint file and check if the problem has been fixed.

Solution 5: Delete Folders on Mac to Fix ‘PowerPoint Found a Problem with Content’

So, in several cases, some files may get damaged while you open the content. As a result, you face the ‘PowerPoint found a problem with content’ issue.

In order to fix this frustrating issue, users need to delete some folders on Macs. So, this is going to fix the error. To perform this action, follow the steps listed below.

Steps to repair ‘PowerPoint found a problem with content’:

1: Press the ‘Shift + Command + G‘ keys together in Finder.

2: After that, you need to type “~/Library” and tap on ‘Go.’

Delete Folders on Mac to fix PowerPoint Found a Problem with Content

3: Now, keep scrolling to find the “com.Microsoft.PowerPoint” folder.

4: Next, delete this folder and restart the PowerPoint application.

5: Now, see if the issue still persists.

If you are still struggling, then try the last but most effective solution to repair the error message.

Solution 6: Try All-In-One Repair Program – ‘Stellar Repair for Powerpoint’

When you deal with damaged Microsoft applications, it is better to use a professional repair tool like Stellar Powerpoint Repair.

This all-purpose kit is quite popular for its multipurpose feature. Stellar File Repair lets you resolve various issues linked to MS PowerPoint files.

Unique Characteristics of ‘Stellar Repair for Powerpoint ‘:

  • Repairs and restores corrupt PowerPoint file
  • Repair PowerPoint macro-enabled (.pptm) file
  • Repairs damaged PowerPoint files as well as restores everything.
  • Supports PowerPoint 2019, 2016, 2013, & earlier versions
  • Supports Windows XP/2003/Vista/7/8/8.1/10.

Steps to resolve the ‘PowerPoint found a problem with content’ error:

1: Firstly, download and install Stellar Repair for PowerPoint.

Stellar Repair for PowerPoint Select Corrupt PPT file

2: Run the program and upload the file by selecting the option ‘Select File‘.

Corrupt PPT file selected

3: After uploading it, tap on the ‘Scan‘ tab.

Stellar Repair for PowerPoint repairing process

4: Now, the scanning process will begin.

5: Once over, users will be able to see a preview of their corrupt file or folder.

Preview of ppt file

6: Lastly, save the recovered file on your system.

PowerPoint file repaired

Now, check whether the ‘PowerPoint found a problem with content’ problem has been fixed successfully or not.


  1. What should I do if the issue persists after following the troubleshooting steps? If the problem persists, it is advisable to seek technical support from Microsoft or consult IT professionals who specialize in PowerPoint troubleshooting.
  2. Can I recover my unsaved PowerPoint files after encountering this problem? Unfortunately, if the PowerPoint file was not saved properly before the problem occurred, it might be challenging to recover unsaved changes. It is crucial to save your work regularly to avoid data loss.
  3. Are there any alternative presentation software options? Yes, there are alternative presentation software options available, such as Google Slides, Apple Keynote, Prezi, and LibreOffice Impress. These software tools offer similar functionalities to PowerPoint and can be used as alternatives.
  4. How can I prevent PowerPoint files from getting corrupted? To prevent PowerPoint files from getting corrupted, ensure you save them regularly, avoid abrupt system shutdowns, use reliable storage devices, and keep your system protected from viruses and malware.
  5. Is it possible to retrieve data from a corrupted PowerPoint file? Yes, it is possible to retrieve data from a corrupted PowerPoint file using specialized PowerPoint repair tools. These tools can attempt to recover the content and structure of the file, although the success rate may vary depending on the level of corruption.


So, these are some methods to fix the ‘PowerPoint found a problem with content’ error. All of them are quite effective in tackling the problem. Try them one by one until you find the method that works for you.

Use Stellar PowerPoint Repair to deal with all PowerPoint’s major and minor issues. Hopefully, you will no longer face the issue.


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