How to Fix Outlook Keeps Crashing Issue With Ease?


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Outlook Keeps Crashing

It is the most annoying when your Outlook keeps crashing on your system. Most of the users report this issue on various Outlook versions such as Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, and Exchange Online.

Gladly, there are various effective solutions to resolve the issue. So, let’s begin with our fixes without waiting any more.

Common Causes of Outlook Crashes

Software Conflicts

Software conflicts often cause Outlook crashes. Other applications or add-ins might interfere with Outlook’s operation, causing it to crash.

Corrupted Files

Corrupted Outlook files are another common cause. If the files related to your Outlook profile or the PST files storing your emails are corrupted, this could lead to frequent crashes.

Outdated Software

Running an outdated version of Outlook can also cause problems. This is because new versions often come with patches that fix bugs causing the software to crash.

Look for Possible Problems Occurred by Add-Ins

The problem of Outlook keeps crashing could be occurred by Add-Ins. Usually, the Add-Ins of Outlook assist in enhancing the experience of users.

However, these Add-Ins can cause the crashing of the program due to various reasons like incompatibility or others. To resolve this issue, you can follow the instructions listed below.

PS: if you wonder what is COM surrogate process and how to download scanpst.exe, click to read more.

Steps to fix the problem of Outlook keeps crashing:

If you are struggling with the Outlook keeps crashing, then go through some simple steps to troubleshoot problems that occurred by Add-Ins to Outlook.

Step 1: Shut Outlook

Initially, you have to close down Outlook if the program is still open.

Step 2: Tap keys ‘Windows + R’ together

Next, you have to launch the dialog box of Run. You can either use the menu ‘Start‘ or tap on the keys Windows + R together.

Step 3: Tap on OK

Once you come across the dialog box, you need to enter Outlook/Safe within the textbox. Next, you have to tap OK. It will resolve the problem of crashing.

Run Outlook in Safe Mode

Step 4: Look for Add-Ins

If the problem is resolved, open Outlook and look for the tab ‘Files.’ Then, click on the tab ‘Options‘ and then select the option ‘Add-Ins.’

Step 5: Tap on ‘Go’

After that, locate and choose COM Add-Ins. Next, tap on the tab ‘Go.’

disable faulty add-ins

Step 6: Click OK

Now, clear the checkboxes present in the list and tap on the tab OK to save the settings.

Step 7: Open Outlook

It is time to restart Outlook. Now, you will see that the issue will be resolved by now.

Run Outlook Diagnostics to Fix Outlook Keeps Crashing

If you cannot fix the problem of Outlook crashing using the above-mentioned methods, it is advisable to run the Outlook Diagnostics program.

The tool is designed especially for scanning and fixing the common problems associated with Outlook.

Steps to Resolve the Issue of Outlook Keeps Crashing:

To resolve the crashing of Outlook that keeps on happening, you need to follow some steps. So, let’s know how you can fix this problem with the help of the Outlook Diagnostics utility.

Step 1: Launch the Outlook Diagnostics Program

First, you need to download and install the Outlook Diagnostics Tool. You will find this tool on the official website of Microsoft. After that, you have to run this program.

Step 2: Fix the problem

Once you have launched this tool, it will scan and try to resolve the issue automatically.

Step 3: Launch SaRA

After this, if you are still struggling with Outlook’s crashing issue, keep reading further.

In that case, you have to launch SaRA from Microsoft. The tool SaRA stands for Support and Recovery Assistant for Office 365.

Microsoft Support and Recovery Assistant

Step 4: Tap on the tab ‘Next’

After you have launched this tool, you need to select Outlook, and next, choose the button ‘Next.’

Step 5: Fix the problem

Next, select the tab associated with the crashing problem. The tool SaRA runs several diagnostic checks. After that, it even provides some solutions after completing the scanning process. Next, you can try out some suggested fixes for solving the issue.

In case you are still struggling with the problem of Outlook keeps crashing, then it is advisable to run Advanced Diagnostics of SaRA. The advanced tool will use detailed information regarding the Microsoft Outlook installation.

After this, this SaRA tool also provides fixes for the detected issues. One can even upload the scanning results to Microsoft to request a call from Support.

Steps to Resolve the Crashing of Outlook via Advanced Diagnostics:

To resolve the crashing issue of Outlook, users need to follow the steps as instructed below.

Step 1: Launch Outlook Advanced Diagnostics

In the first place, users have to download the tool Outlook Advanced Diagnostics from Microsoft’s official website. After that, they need to launch this program.

Step 2: Look for Solutions

After running the program, it will scan for the issues. You have to wait for some time while it carries out the scanning process. Then, the program will even provide solutions to the problems.

Now, you can try out some fixes that the utility recommends for fixing the crashing problem of Outlook.

Fix Outlook keeps crashing error via advanced diagnostic


  1. Why does my Outlook keep freezing? It could be due to several reasons like software conflict, corrupted files, or outdated software.
  2. How do I fix Outlook if it keeps crashing? Try simple fixes like restarting, updating software, or more advanced solutions like repairing Outlook, disabling add-ins, or creating a new user profile.
  3. Can add-ins cause Outlook to crash? Yes, certain add-ins might interfere with Outlook and cause it to crash.
  4. What are alternatives to Outlook if it keeps crashing? Other email clients or web-based email services can be alternatives.
  5. Why is it important to update the software regularly? Regular updates often come with bug fixes, which can prevent issues like crashes.


The problem of Outlook keeps crashing could be frustrating. However, luckily, there are various solutions available for fixing this annoying issue.

Microsoft advises users to use Outlook Diagnostic Tool for scanning and fixing the problem.

Most of the time, this solution does not work for most users. If this thing happens to you, you have to look for other solutions.


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