How to Resolve Google Payments Error OR-IEH-01 and OR-IEH-02

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Are you trying to understand why Google is showing you the error OR-IEH-01 and OR-IEH-02? If yes, please read to know the reasons behind it and what you can do to fix it.

You may be purchasing things on Google Play Store with your debit or credit card without any problems. The transactions maintained by Google play services are safe and rapid. Additionally, if you’re a regular user of Google play services, you can provide your credit/debit card details to make future transactions smoother and faster.

However, at times, you may find Google showing a few payment errors, like OR-IEH-01 and OR-IEH-02. These errors are quite frequently encountered by many users and can be easily fixed.

OR IEH-01 and OR IEH-02

Why is Google Pay Not Accepting My Card?

There can be a variety of explanations behind why Google is showing you these payment errors. Maybe a recent transaction you did with your card was red-flagged by Google as a potential threat or fraud, resulting in error messages OR-IEH-01 or OR-IEH-02.

If you are using a virtual private network service that conceals your IP, then you’re very likely to see these errors. Or maybe, the details you provided for your Google Payments account do not match your actual bank account credentials, and hence it’s showing you the error OR-IEH-01.

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How to Resolve Google Payments Error OR-IEH-01 and OR-IEH-02

Here, we will explain to you three ways to fix the payment error OR-IEH-01 and OR-IEH-02:

1. Turn Off Your VPN/Proxy Service Temporarily 

Turn Off Your VPN/Proxy Service Temporarily 

While making any transaction using your Google account through the Play Store, it’s recommended not to use the VPN or any other proxy service. You can disable it for the time being until you finish the purchase.

Besides, if you wonder how to change the payment method on iPhone, here is the right guide to easily change, add or update the payment method on iOS.

2. Verify Your Account Using Your ID Card and Other Credentials

Verify Your Account Using Your ID Card and Other Credentials

You will have to provide all the necessary documents to verify your credentials when you are setting up payments with the Google Play account. These documents are needed for Google and other involved authorities to ensure there is no inconsistency in the transaction process.

Your account can be temporarily suspended if you see the errors OR-IEH-01 and OR-IEH-02. You may receive a set of instructions on your email account from Google on how you can verify your account credentials.

Follow the instructions step by step carefully and submit your ID card and other documents that are required to complete the process. In addition to your ID card, you can furnish your other documents with your name and address, like transaction receipts or bank statements, to verify your account details.

3. Cross-Check Your Google Play Account Information

Cross Check Your Google Play Account Information

Irrespective of the fact that you’re using a credit or debit card, you’ll have to furnish authentic information to make a successful transaction. If the details you provide don’t match your actual account credentials, then Google will show the payment error OR-IEH-01 / OR-IEH-02.

To bypass this error, you can delete all the existing data and then fill it in again. Ensure you cross-check all the information you enter at least twice before submitting. Ensure your card information is the same as your Google Payments account’s name, address, and other credentials.

If you tried all the aforementioned methods and still see the errors OR-IEH-01 and OR-IEH-02, then you should contact Google customer care to provide you with better guidance.


Some frequently asked questions related to Google pay transactions are listed below:

What is the procedure for reporting any fraudulent transaction?

If you suspect any unexpected transaction in your account, you should take immediate precautionary steps. Please contact your local bank for quick assistance and follow-up. Banks provide service 24 hours a day and seven days a week, which means you can report a suspicious transaction at any time.

Normally, in such a condition, first, you should suspend payments and report them to the concerned authorities without any delay.

You can also contact the cybercrime police agency in your area. You can also report it to Google through its form. Google will assess your request appropriately to verify its authenticity and provide an immediate response.

The money has been debited from my account, but it shows that the transaction has failed.

It may take up to three working days for the bank to transfer money from your bank account. Hold on for some time until the bank finishes the transfer process. You can also look at your account statement to confirm the completion of the transaction.

I initiated a transaction that was processed without any issues, but the recipient did not receive any money. 

In such a case, you must allow a minimum of three business days for the funds to be added to the recipient’s account by the bank. You should immediately contact Google customer services if the recipient does not receive the transferred amount even after three days.

How can I know the status of my Google Pay transaction?

Follow these steps to learn more about your transaction status:

  1. Go to and log in to your Google Payments account.
  2. Click on the “Subscriptions and services” section on the left side of the menu.
  3. You’ll see an option for “Other purchase activity.” Click on it and select “View purchases.”
  4. To verify your mode of payment, tap on the “Google Play” registration transaction.
  5. If you want to change the card or other credentials associated with your Google Payments account, please go to the left menu and select “Payment methods.”

Do I need to enter my UPI PIN to receive funds from the Google Pay app?

If you’re using the Google Pay app for your transactions, keep in mind that you need to enter your UPI PIN only when you’re sending money or paying a fee.

So if any person or organization asks for your UPI PIN, don’t fall for that, as they are most likely fraudsters. Remain cautious and ignore any third party that demands your UPI PIN. You may even report them.


With the increasing cases of scams and forgery, it’s crucial that before you pay someone online, you must ensure your credentials’ safety and privacy. Regardless of how much security the transactional platform offers, it’s essential to be extra cautious regarding financial matters.

We hope you understand how to deal with the errors OR-IEH-01 and OR-IEH-02.


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