How to Turn Off SafeSearch on iPhone?

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How to Turn Off SafeSearch on iPhone

Knowing how to turn safe search off iPhone is a pretty handy tweak every user should know.

This article explains the simple workaround of turning off the safe search feature specifically for novice users.

In addition to that, we discuss some other important information about it.

Reasons to Know How to Turn Off SafeSearch on iPhone

There are many reasons to turn on and off the “Safe Search” feature. Users’ access to adult content and websites is restricted via the SafeSearch function of the search engine.

This function is vital for preventing children from accessing particular websites and web pages that contain inappropriate content. For instance, it becomes useful to filter adultery, violence, gambling, and similar types of inappropriate information.

It is essential to keep in mind that the feature called “SafeSearch” is exclusively relevant to the search results provided by Google. 

Assume that you try to access adult websites through some different available search engines. In that case, you will not be able to use this feature because it is not supported by other search engines.

This feature will, in effect, remove all the explicit content that may have been found through your search. Because of this, you will not have access to pornographic, gory, or violent content using Google. That filtration is there unless this function is disabled.

How to Turn Safe Search Off iPhone?

Now, let’s read the most important part of this article; how to turn off SafeSearch on iPhone? The process is not that difficult, but we think the instructions below can be handy specifically for novice users.

You must know that the “SafeSearch” feature may not work 100% accurately in some cases. Some information about this feature has been published on the internet. According to that data, inappropriate content may appear in search results even when SafeSearch is switched on.

In other words, it can work to a certain extent only. So, you must know that you shouldn’t rely solely on SafeSearch to filter out explicit material.

Besides, when Safari not working on iPhone, it drives you mad, doesn’t it? Don’t worry; let’s learn how to get through that annoyance here.

Turning Off the Search is a “Walk in the Park”

If you switch off the “SafeSearch” feature on your device, you might be able to browse normally. That means you can access every video, picture, or other material regardless of age appropriateness.

So, if you intend to know how to turn safe search off your iPhone, the below instructions will do. We made it simpler so even a total novice can easily accomplish the task.

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Step 1: Launch a Web Browser on Your Device

As the first step, you should open a web browser. In this case, let’s open Safari. Then, you should perform a simple web search by typing anything.

For instance, you can type the text “Hello,” “Cat,” or anything else that comes to your mind.

Launch a Web Browser

Step 2: Tap on the Hamburger Icon (Three Lines)

Now that you have searched Safari, you will see some content on the home page.

Just click on the three parallel lines that look like a hamburger. That can be found on the top left-hand side of the screen.

Tap on the Hamburger Icon

Step 3: Tap “Settings”

Now, you should see an option called “Settings.” You can reach the SafeSearch filter option by clicking on the “Settings” option.

You can find SafeSearch filters under the option called “Search Settings.”

Tap "Settings"

Step 4: Turn the SafeSearch Off

What’s left now is to turn the feature “SafeSearch” off. Here’s how to turn off SafeSearch on your iPhone.

On the option called “SafeSearch Filters,” you can find the option named “Explicit results filter.”

If not, you can see an option called “Hide Explicit Results.” All you need is to toggle off the respective option. If you notice it is turned off, you shouldn’t tap on it again.

Then, you should go back to the previous stage by pressing the screen’s back arrow symbol.

Turn the SafeSearch Off on iPhone

Now, the filter for explicit search content will be disabled. This means the search result will appear on your device without filtration, so even inappropriate material will appear. And that’s exactly how to turn safe search off iPhone.

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I Cannot Turn off the Feature Called SafeSearch – How to Fix It?

The above paragraphs describe how to turn off SafeSearch on iPhone. As you can notice, turning on and off SafeSearch is a very simple process.

However, in some cases, some individuals cannot necessarily switch on or off SafeSearch features. Have you faced such a situation? If that’s the case, the below instructions will be helpful for you.

● Clear Your iPhone’s Cache

You may already know that cache is the memory that stores the most recent instructions on your device. Cache becomes useful to execute commands faster, and it minimizes the lag.

However, over time, the cache can become a substantial file and get corrupted in many ways. Eventually, it can cause various errors in your device, and some functions may not work.

If you cannot switch off “SafeSearch,” the best approach is to clear the cache and see if it works. You can find the option to clear the cache by opening the option called “More Tools.”

● Clear History

If clearing the cache doesn’t work, the next solution is to clear your device’s browser history. When the history files accumulate over time, it can lead to several errors in your browser.

So, just clear your browser history and check if you can switch off the “SafeSearch” mode.

● Update Your iOS

You already know that Apple releases various updates for iPhones regularly. If you have an older iOS version and haven’t updated it in a while, that can lead to errors.

Keeping your device up-to-date is vital for smooth performance. So, update your device to see if all the options work.

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Solutions to Prevent Your Kids from Accessing Unwanted Content

Kids are always curious. They are likely to explore anything they come across. So, preventing them from accessing unwanted content is important.

As you know, SafeSearch is not a 100% perfect feature to prevent your kids from accessing unwanted content.

You can consider the solutions below and make it a much safer browsing experience for them.

  • Configure your router’s firewall.
  • Use a parental control tool.
  • Discuss the dangers of the internet with your kids.
  • Be open and talk freely with your kids.  

Hopefully, combining the above methods will protect your kids from potential dangers.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Can I turn off SafeSearch on other devices besides the iPhone?
    • Yes, SafeSearch settings can be modified on various devices, including Android smartphones, tablets, and desktop computers. The steps may vary slightly depending on the device and search engine you’re using.
  2. Will disabling SafeSearch affect other parental controls on my iPhone?
    • No, disabling SafeSearch only affects the filtering of explicit content in search results. Other parental control features, such as app restrictions or screen time limits, will remain intact.
  3. Is it recommended to turn off SafeSearch for children?
    • It depends on the child’s age and level of maturity. SafeSearch provides an additional layer of protection against explicit content, so it’s generally advisable to keep it enabled for young children.
  4. Can I turn off SafeSearch for specific search queries?
    • No, SafeSearch settings apply to all search queries performed on the device. You cannot disable SafeSearch for specific searches while keeping it enabled for others.
  5. Are there any other ways to filter explicit content on my iPhone?
    • Yes, besides SafeSearch, you can explore additional parental control features on your iPhone. For example, you can set up content restrictions for apps and websites or utilize third-party parental control apps for more comprehensive filtering options.


You have the ability to disable the SafeSearch functionality by toggling the switch labeled “Explicit search results.” You can find it on the Google homepage. This will provide you accessibility to all of Google’s content without applying filters.

You can locate the feature in Google’s “Search settings” submenu. It is located under the ” Settings ” option in Google’s main interface. Make sure that any alterations you make to the website are saved before proceeding.

Once you have done that, you can have access to the material without filters at a later time. And that’s how to turn off SafeSearch on iPhone.


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