How to Recover Contacts from Android After Factory Reset?

Before we find out how to recover contacts after a factory reset from an Android phone successfully, let’s know more about Factory Reset first.

How to Recover Contacts from Android Phone After Factory Reset?

1. Tenorshare UltData for Android – Best Contacts Recovery

As we all know, contacts could be lost easily on different occasions; one of the most effective ways to recover contacts after a factory reset from an Android phone is via Tenorshare UltData for Android.

It can restore your deleted or lost contacts from Android safely and easily.

And also, this professional tool lets you preview your lost or deleted contacts before you perform the data recovery under the free trial version. Just free download and try it now.

Simple Steps to Recover Android Contacts After Factory Reset:

Step 1. Download and launch Tenorshare UltData for Android, and then choose the option of ‘Recover Lost Data.’

Tenorshare UltData for Android

Step 2. Please connect your Android phone to your computer via USB cable. And then enable the USB debugging.

Step 3. Now, please select the data you wish to recover; here, we tap Contacts and click the Next to proceed.

Step 4. Now, the tool will start to scan your Android phone; after scanning, you can preview them & choose the ones you need to retrieve.

And now, click ‘Recover‘ to retrieve your lost contacts.

Tenorshare UltData for Android

2. dr.fone – Android Recover

There are lots of tools to be had in the market that can easily aid in retrieving all your contact data. However, finding one that works unsurpassed for you can be confusing sometimes.

We are thus presenting to you the dr.fone – Android Recover program, which is among the most excellent Android data recovery toolkits that work immensely on any phone device.

This toolkit will solve all your problems in recovering contacts from an Android phone after a factory reset and restore all your contacts seamlessly.

This software is extremely simple and helps recover contacts after a factory reset on any given device.

Almost all available devices support this toolkit by providing user-friendly know-how.

dr.fone – Android Data Recovery Key Features

  • Over 6000 Android phone devices support the program
  • It is equipped with an extensive array of files, for instance, Call Log, Contacts, Photo, videos, Text messages, and much more, and recovers them safe and sound
  • This toolkit can be easily installed and used to recover contacts after a factory reset or recover photos after a factory reset on Android devoid of internet connection
  • It can selectively do scans externally and internally on the SD Card
  • It has a preview feature, which lets its users check the data files that they wish to recover
  • After usage, the danger of seepage of the contacts is simply negligible

Steps to Recover Android Contacts After Factory Reset:

Step 1: Start by launching the dr.fone program for the Android devices and then choose the option of ‘Data Recovery‘. Then, connect the given phone to the PC using a USB cable.

Make certain that its USB debugging Mode has been activated. If it is not, follow the given instructions on the software interface to enable the USB debugging on the Android device.


Step 2: dr.fone will detect the given phone and show the brief info to you.

Then select the ‘Contacts’ button from the displayed list and tap on the ‘Next’ icon to continue.

Likewise, you can select other types of files for recovery if required.

Step 3: Select the recovery mode, i.e., ‘Scan for Deleted files‘ from the cases in cooperation, and tap on the ‘Next‘ icon.

Step 4: You can preview the given files, which you wish to recover, and tap on the ‘Recover‘ icon to restore them.

You can simply download the program on the PC and give it a good attempt.

3. EaseUS Data Recovery

The EaseUS program is among the most well-liked Android Recovery programs, which can export and trace lost data onto the Android device.

The toolkit can recover contacts after a factory reset, along with Videos, SMS, Photos, and many more.

This particular Android data recovery tool lets its users single out and select the desired contacts, along with showing a preview of the files before the commencement of the recovery procedure.


  • It is a user-friendly and simple program
  • It is obtainable free of charge and requires basic installation


  • Now and then, the device does not get recognized when its users unplug and plug in their phones

Cost: $69.95
Rating: 4.5/5

4. Jihosoft Mobile Recovery

The Jihosoft program can answer all your queries on how to recover contacts from Android phones after a factory reset.

It runs best with the other popular toolkits and can easily recover contacts after factory reset with no trouble onto Android phone devices.

This could occur when you have accidentally deleted your contacts due to corruption or because your contacts vanished simply.

Using this toolkit, you can easily connect the given device and recover all your contacts after a factory reset performance.


  • Its process of recovery is exceedingly fast
  • It has a broad range of user-friendly and compatibility features


  • The previewing preference is not presented
  • Its speed of scanning is not consistent

Cost: $49.95
Rating: 4.5/5

5. GT Contacts Recovery

The GT Recovery program is among the most popular toolkits, which come under the listing of high-rated Android Recovery programs.

It can recover contacts after factory reset without problems and shows the preview before restoring all the contact data.


  • It owns the capacity to recover contacts after factory reset from mobile phones
  • It is simple in use and holds well-organized traits


  • Its swift recovery attribute is not satisfactorily up to standard

Cost: Free of charge
Rating: 3.7/5

6. FileRescure

The FileRescure program puts forward the recovery of files, which can prevent the loss of data and lets its users recover contacts after a factory reset is completed on a given Android device.


  • It can steer clear of file permissions and permits the application of filters
  • Any sort of storage media supports it


  • You will have to check the help menu in case you are one of the first-time consumers

Cost: $79.95
Rating: 4.8/5

About Factory Reset

All Android phone devices have a factory reset function, counting the trendy Samsung Galaxy S6, S5, S4, Sony, HTC One, and many more. The Factory Reset utility or the master reset function can resolve all your data, such as call logs, pictures, apps, contacts, messages, photos, and the like, on your Android device. Doing this will automatically restart your phone to its original condition.

The Factory Reset feature on the Android device can wipe off the data only from the internal storage and would not erase the apps or data stored on the external storage card.

Have all your valuable contacts been lost accidentally after a factory reset on your mobile phone? Recovering contacts after a factory reset can be a tricky task sometimes.

Well, now you need not have to stress anymore, as we are bringing the top Android recovery program and the solution of your dreams, which will solve all your problems of efficiently recovering all your contacts from your Android mobile device after a factory reset is done.

We present a well-prepared list of the programs which will recover all your contacts after a factory reset is performed on your phone.

We have been through testing of all such ideal apps and have come about with this viable list of toolkits, which would work as the finest Android Recovery Program.


All in all, the above program lists can show you successfully how to recover contacts from an Android phone after a factory reset in the most easily possible ways.

Among the entire given list, the dr.fone – Android Data Recovery program or Tenorshare UltData for Android are the best for us to recover contacts after factory reset seamlessly.



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