How to Fix “iTunes Won’t Open on Windows 10” Practically

If you are an iPhone user, you might have a massive collection of music tracks. But what if you wake up one morning to find iTunes won’t open anymore? Well, you don’t need to be frustrated.

Many iPhone users have faced this “iTunes won’t open on Windows 10” issue at least once. The good news is that you can fix this issue easier than you think. We composed this article to let you know how to fix it if iTunes doesn’t open.

In other words, you have just landed on the right kind of article if your iTunes were not opening.

The “iTunes won’t open on Windows 10” issue might occur for several reasons. Regardless of the cause, however, our present methods can fix this issue effectively.

Here are the simplified methods we present to fix the “iTunes won’t opening on Windows 10” issue.

A. Using a Professional Tool to Fix iTunes Won’t Open on Windows 10

Although there are several methods to try when iTunes won’t open on Windows 10, it’s better to rely on a professional tool. The best tool we can recommend to fix this issue (for obvious reasons) is Tenorshare Tunescare. Just as the name suggests, Tenorshare Tunescare is a designated tool to fix problems related to iTunes.

It can repair both the iTunes and Windows components. You can download this repair tool for Windows 7/8/10/11. Moreover, Tenorshare Tunescare is a user-friendly application.

Features Associated with Tenorshare Tunescare

  • It can detect the issues related to your iTunes at the launch itself and fix them quicker
  • It comes with a powerful repair feature
  • In addition to the “iTunes not opening” issue, it can fix various other iTunes-related issues.
  • It protects your iTunes data (repairs iTunes-related issues without losing the library)
  • Under the professional modes, it clears the iTunes junk and cache and optimizes your Windows PC
  • It can remove iTunes completely without leaving any traces

Fixing iTunes Won’t Open on Windows 10 with Tenorshare Tunescare

1. Grab Tenorshare TunesCare to download and install. Once done, click ‘Fix All iTunes Issues‘ to kick off iTunes repair.

Tenorshare Tunescare

2. Next, hit ‘Repair iTunes‘ to start downloading iTunes drives for repair.

iTunes won't open on windows 10 by Tenorshare Tunescare

3. After downloading the repairing drives for iTunes, TunesCare will automatically start repairing your iTunes. When repair is completed, your iTunes will automatically restart.

B. Restart PC to Fix iTunes Won’t Open on Windows 10

You can consider restarting the PC to see if the “iTunes won’t open on Windows 10” issue. An operating system like Windows 10 downloads updates pretty frequently. To get these updates installed on your PC, you should restart it.

After restarting, the system will automatically configure the settings (which may include settings for iTunes). If you don’t restart the PC upon an update, iTunes won’t open. So, the rational solution is to restart the PC simply.

C. Fix iTunes by Opening It in Safe Mode

This is another simplified method to try if iTunes is working. All you have to do is to open iTunes while holding Shift and Ctrl. This step will open iTunes in safe mode.

Fix iTunes Wont Open on Windows 10 in Safe Mode

D. Check if the System Firewall prevents iTunes from Opening

If your computer system’s firewall is not configured properly, the “iTunes won’t open on Windows 10” issue will occur. In that case, you will have to configure the system firewall.

Here’s How to Configure Your System Firewall

Open the start menu (Press the Windows key on the keyboard/press Ctrl + Esc together/Click on the Windows button)

Then type in “firewall.cpl” in the search field and enter. If not, you can simply go to “Run” (press the Windows key and “R” key together) and type “firewall.cpl“.

Go to “Allow an app or feature through Windows Firewall” (for Windows 10 & 8). If you use Windows 7, you should click “Allow an app or feature through Windows Firewall.”

Check System Firewall to Fix iTunes Wont Open on Windows 10

Then, go to “Change Settings.” Put checkmarks for both networks (Private and Public) for iTunes. Then, check the Private network for “Bonjour.”

As the last step, click OK. The firewall settings you just configured will be saved. Exit the window.

E. Update the Windows Drivers

iTunes won’t open Windows 10 if your system doesn’t have updated drivers. Also, if you have disabled certain drivers, iTunes may not work. To get this fixed, you should update the drivers.
Here’s how to update your Windows drivers.

Open the start menu (Press the Windows key on the keyboard/press Ctrl + Esc together/Click on the Windows button)

Go to the control panel and click on “System and Security.” Then select “Security” from the list of options displayed.

Select “Device Manager” located under the “System.”

Fix iTunes Wont Open on Windows 10 with Update Windows Drivers

You should right-click on a driver and select “Update” to update the driver. You should do this repeatedly with all the drivers (one after the other).

F. Try Reinstalling iTunes

This is another method you can try to fix the iTunes issue. Here’s how to reinstall the iTunes app.

Open the start menu (Press the Windows key on the keyboard/press Ctrl + Esc together/Click on the Windows button).

Go to “Control Panel.”

Find the option called “Uninstall programs.”

The uninstallation process must be done according to the following order.

  1. the Apple software update of iTunes
  2. Apple Mobile device support
  3. Bonjour
  4. Apple Application Support (32 Bit)
  5. Apple Application Support (64 Bit)

Then, you should go to Apple’s official website and download iTunes for your Windows PC.

So, if you are an iPhone user, you may try the above-mentioned methods and resolve your iTunes won’t open on Windows 10 or other iTunes-related issues.



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