How to Cancel a Poshmark Order: Step-by-Step Guide


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How To Cancel Poshmark Order

Ever jumped the gun and made a hasty purchase on Poshmark, only to regret it seconds later?

Don’t sweat it! We’ve all been there. The good news is there’s a way to navigate this situation.

This article will walk you through the steps on how to cancel a Poshmark order.

What is Poshmark?

Poshmark logo

Poshmark is a thriving social commerce platform where individuals can buy and sell new or preloved fashion items, including clothing, shoes, and accessories.

Launched in 2011, this innovative marketplace allows users to declutter their closets, discover unique finds, and even establish personal storefronts.

With its social-driven features, such as themed ‘Posh Parties‘ and the ability to follow other users, Poshmark has successfully blended e-commerce with community engagement, making shopping both fun and personal.

Poshmark Parties

It’s not just a marketplace—it’s a community of fashion enthusiasts, thrift lovers, and eco-conscious consumers. With a mobile-first approach and a user-friendly app, Poshmark has expanded beyond the US borders, entering markets like Canada and Australia, proving that fashion is indeed a universal language.

Whether you’re on the hunt for a vintage gem or looking to give your wardrobe pieces a second home, Poshmark offers a sustainable and interactive shopping experience.

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Poshmark’s Buying and Selling Dynamics

When a buyer purchases an item on Poshmark, the seller has a set time to ship the product. Once shipped, the cancellation process becomes more complex. Hence, timing is of the essence.

If you’ve just made an order and are having buyer’s remorse, Poshmark has your back.

You can effortlessly reverse a purchase decision within the first 3 hours after placing an order.

Moreover, if seven days pass and your item hasn’t been shipped, you can opt to cancel it and expect a full refund.

Poshmark Cancel Order

However, keep in mind that once the item starts its journey to you, the cost of shipping and a restocking fee for any returns fall on your shoulders.

From the Seller’s Perspective

On the flip side, sellers also have the flexibility to cancel orders before dispatching them. This could be due to an item being out of stock, a need to recalculate shipping costs or other reasons. If a seller decides to cancel, rest assured all your payments will be promptly refunded.

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How to Reverse a Yet-to-be-Shipped Order

If your order is still under Poshmark’s wings and hasn’t been dispatched, follow these steps to halt it:

  • Sign in to your account and head over to the “Purchases” section.
  • Spot the item you’re having second thoughts about and click on it.
  • Eye the “Order Actions” dropdown menu on the right side of your screen. From there, pick “Cancel Order“.
  • You’ll be prompted to give a reason for your change of heart. You have options like “No longer interested“, “Accidentally placed a duplicate order“, and “Other“.
  • Once you’ve pinpointed your cancellation motive, hit “Submit“. This confirms your cancellation intention and finalizes the process.

Both you and the seller will receive email confirmations about the canceled order. Remember, there’s a 48-hour window for cancellations post-purchase, and it’s crucial to act before the item ships.

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Reversing an Already-Shipped Order

If your order has sailed and you wish to drop anchor, here’s what you do:

  • Dive into the Poshmark website or app and sign in.
  • In the “My Account” area, look under the “Orders” section to find your “shipped” order.
  • Click on “Cancel Order” and cement your decision by confirming.
  • Expect your refund within a span of 3 business days.

In scenarios where you’ve received the package but wish to return it, get in touch with Poshmark and heed their return directives. If at any juncture you feel overwhelmed or need assistance, Poshmark’s ever-ready customer service team is a click away, round the clock.

In essence, always ensure clear communication and act swiftly. Enjoy your shopping experience!

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What Should You Do If the Item is Already Acknowledged as Received by the Buyer?

In cases where you get an alert saying the buyer has already confirmed receipt of their item, canceling the order might appear out of reach. But Poshmark does make allowances in certain situations.

For eligibility:

  • The item was tagged as ‘shipped’ not long ago.
  • There’s no evidence yet of the buyer flaunting or utilizing the product, i.e., no uploaded photos.
  • You got in touch with customer service within a day after the receipt notification.

If these conditions align, there’s a glimmer of hope for order cancellation. Connect with Poshmark’s dedicated Customer Support. You can either employ the in-app messaging tool or drop them an email at Remember to share your order details, reasons for the cancellation request, and snapshots of the product (if relevant).

Know Your Entitlements: Cancellation and Refunds on Poshmark

Cancellation and Refunds on Poshmark

Before diving into cancellation, it’s paramount to have a grasp of your rights and the protocols in place. Poshmark spells out its stance on cancellations in its Refund Policy. Here are the three primary scenarios you may find yourself in:

1. Halting an Order That Hasn’t Set Sail

For those quick to reverse a decision, if your order hasn’t embarked on its journey, a full refund awaits, encompassing any shipping charges incurred.

2. U-turning on an Order That’s En Route

Had a change of heart after the item shipped? Regrettably, direct refunds aren’t an option. But, if your received item screams ‘mismatch’ compared to the seller’s portrayal or something’s amiss, Poshmark’s support squad stands ready to aid in facilitating a return and ensuring you get your money back.

3. Altering Orders That Are Partly on the Move

For those bulk orders where some items are yet to be dispatched, Poshmark offers the flexibility to only revoke the items still at the origin point. The result? A refund just for those yet-to-ship items.

Implications of Canceling an Order

Refund Expectations

Once an order is canceled, you can typically expect a refund within 5-10 business days, depending on your bank’s processing times. Patience is key!

Impact on Seller Ratings

Ever heard of the golden rule? Treat others as you’d want to be treated. Canceling an order might impact a seller’s ratings or statistics. Always communicate your intentions clearly to maintain goodwill.

Preventive Measures for Future Orders

Always Double-Check Order Details

Rushing never helped anyone. Always double-check order details, sizes, colors, and addresses before hitting that “buy” button.

Open a Line of Communication with Sellers

Building rapport with sellers can be beneficial. It not only ensures smoother transactions but also can be handy during hiccups like accidental orders.


A: Yes, you can. If you decide to cancel your order before it’s shipped, simply navigate to your “Purchases” section, find the order, and select the “Cancel Order” option. It’s important to act within 48 hours of making the purchase.

A: There might be several reasons for this. Commonly, if more than 48 hours have elapsed since you placed the order or if the item has already been shipped, the cancel option might be unavailable. Always ensure to familiarize yourself with Poshmark’s cancellation policy to understand the specifics.

A: When an order is canceled on Poshmark, the buyer is usually refunded in full, including any shipping fees (for unshipped items). The seller receives a notification about the canceled order, and the item can be relisted for sale.

A: Canceling a bundle works similarly to canceling individual orders. Head to your “Purchases” section, find the bundle you wish to cancel and use the “Cancel Order” option. Do remember that for bundles, the same 48-hour rule applies, and it’s vital to cancel before any part of the bundle is shipped.

A: Typically, it takes between 5-10 business days, but this may vary based on your bank.

A: If the order hasn’t been shipped, you can contact Poshmark customer support for assistance.

A: Canceling occasionally shouldn’t have a major impact, but frequent cancellations might affect your reputation on the platform.

A: Once shipped, canceling becomes complex. It’s best to avoid this scenario by acting quickly.

A: Sellers are encouraged to maintain good customer relations, but they aren’t penalized unless they violate Poshmark’s terms.

Conclusion on How to Cancel a Poshmark Order

Canceling a Poshmark order might seem daunting, but with clear communication and swift action, it’s manageable.

Remember to act quickly, stay polite, and ensure you take preventive steps in the future. Happy shopping!


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