Decoding the 2024 ThredUp Return Policy: An Updated Insight

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With the rise of online shopping, understanding a retailer’s return policy has never been more important. ThredUP’s return policy, for instance, has specific guidelines and stipulations. What are they? How can you navigate them for a smooth shopping experience? This article is your definitive guide.

This discourse aims to untangle the complexities of ThredUp’s return policy. Suppose your recent ThredUp purchase doesn’t spark joy; worry not. A few simple maneuvers will have it shipped back in no time.

What is ThredUP?

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ThredUP is an online fashion resale platform where you can buy high-quality second-hand clothes or sell your used apparel. With millions of items spanning thousands of brands, it’s an expansive digital thrift store. But what if an item doesn’t fit or it just doesn’t meet your expectations? That’s where understanding ThredUP’s return policy comes in.

Thrift shopping has catapulted into the limelight of fashion trends. With physical thrifting stores sparse in the U.S., ThredUp’s digital marketplace shines brightly. ThredUp is the e-haven for high-quality, preloved fashion finds.

But what if that faux leather jacket is a smidge too tight? Or the vintage floral dress just doesn’t suit your style? Enter ThredUp’s well-thought-out return policy, designed to make your thrifting journey as seamless as it is exciting.

Established in 2009, ThredUp set out on its mission to revolutionize the second-hand clothing market.

Understanding ThredUp’s Return Policy

Understanding ThredUp's Return Policy

A change of heart about your ThredUp purchase? Fret not; help is but a webpage away. Visit the returns page to initiate your return within two weeks of purchase.

Remember, you can bundle multiple returns in a single package but don’t forget to include the return slips. A missing slip might spell return rejection.

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Unraveling the ThredUp Refund Options:

ThredUp Credits:

Return for free and receive your refund in the form of non-cashoutable ThredUp credits. A word of caution – once initiated, these credits cannot be refunded to your original payment method.

Original Payment Plus Shipping Fee:

This option requires an $8.99 fee for the return shipping label. While your refund is processed to your original payment method, the shipping fee is non-refundable.

Original Payment Minus Shipping Fee:

Taking this option means handling your return shipping. But worry not; your refund will be in your original payment form. Do keep the carrier’s receipt with the tracking number close for future reference.

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Deciphering ThredUp’s Return Processing Time

Deciphering ThredUp's Return Processing Time

As your returned parcel finds its way back to ThredUp, give them 3-5 business days to process your return and set your refund in motion.

What Follows a ThredUp Return?

Post return, here are a few things to bear in mind:

  • Upon initiating a return, bear in mind that the transit to ThredUp’s warehouse might take between 2 to 3 weeks once your package is scanned into the system.
  • To keep tabs on your return, make use of the return page, where the status of your return is continuously updated.
  • In case your tracking information seems to have abruptly halted, please provide a buffer of ten business days from the last tracked date for updates to resume. If this window passes without any updates, it is imperative that you promptly reach out to ThredUp’s customer service for assistance.

When Does the ThredUp Refund Materialize?

Not everyone looks for an exchange. For many, a refund is more appealing. Upon receiving your return, ThredUp swiftly begins the refund process.

ThredUp store credits show up in your account within 5-7 days post receipt. For refunds to original payment methods like credit cards or PayPal, add an extra 3-5 business days.

What Qualifies for a ThredUp Refund?

Certain stipulations in ThredUp’s return policy impact your refund eligibility:

  • The returned item should mirror its original condition when received.
  • Final sale items are exempt from returns.
  • Return-related shipping charges are non-refundable.
  • A restocking fee of $1.99 per item will be levied.

Decoding ThredUp’s Restocking Fee

Returning items to the virtual shelf can be a costly affair. Nevertheless, ThredUp prioritizes customer satisfaction, resulting in a $1.99 restocking fee for each returned item.

What About International Returns?

Regrettably, ThredUp doesn’t offer return shipping labels outside the contiguous 48 United States. International customers must arrange their return shipping.

Closing Thoughts

ThredUp promises an assortment of premium, unique pieces, striving to leave little room for complaints. Their return policy reflects their commitment to customer satisfaction. Arm yourself with the knowledge of ThredUp’s Return Policy before embarking on your next thrifting adventure.


No, certain items like those marked as “Final Sale“, handbags, and items bought with rewards or promotional codes cannot be returned.

Items must be returned within 14 days of the delivery date.

ThredUP does not currently offer exchanges. However, you can return an item and make a separate purchase.

Yes, a $1.99 return fee is deducted from your refund for each returned item.

If you face any issues with your return, it’s best to contact ThredUP’s customer service.

No, items marked as “Final Sale” cannot be returned. This policy is standard across many retail platforms.

ThredUP Final Sale

To return clothes, log into your ThredUP account, go to your order history, and select the order. Then, select the item you wish to return, download and print your return label, package your item, and send it off.

Yes, ThredUP allows online returns. You can process returns through their website and mail the item back.

This would depend on the retailer’s specific return policy. For ThredUP, you can only return items back to ThredUP, not any physical store, regardless of the brand.


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