The Complete Guide to Restoring WhatsApp from Google Drive to iPhone


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how to restore whatsapp backup from google drive to iphone

Getting a new iPhone but don’t want to lose your WhatsApp chat history? If you have an Android phone, your WhatsApp data is likely backed up to Google Drive. With the right tools, you can easily restore that data to your new iPhone.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll walk you through everything you need to know to successfully restore WhatsApp from Google Drive to iPhone.

Overview of Restoring WhatsApp from Google Drive to iPhone

Here’s a quick rundown of what’s involved in restoring your WhatsApp data:

  • Back up WhatsApp data from Android to Google Drive – Ensure you have a recent backup of your WhatsApp messages and media in Google Drive before starting the transfer process.
  • Download backup from Google Drive to computer – Use a third-party software tool to retrieve your Google Drive WhatsApp backup and save it locally on your computer.
  • Transfer WhatsApp data to iPhone – Connect your new iPhone to the computer and use the software tool to transfer the WhatsApp backup from your computer to the iPhone.
  • Verify WhatsApp account on iPhone – Upon first opening WhatsApp on your iPhone, verify your account with your phone number to complete the restoration.

It’s a straightforward process, but there are some key points you need to know for a smooth and successful WhatsApp transfer from Android to iPhone.

Why WhatsApp Data Doesn’t Transfer Directly from Google Drive to iPhone

Before we dig into the step-by-step guide, let’s discuss why you can’t move WhatsApp chats directly from Google Drive to an iPhone.

The reason is that Android and iOS use different encryption systems to secure WhatsApp data:

  • Android WhatsApp uses encryption compatible with Google Drive.
  • iPhone WhatsApp uses encryption for iCloud.

So the encrypted backup file in Google Drive does not match the encryption WhatsApp expects on an iPhone.

That means even with a Google Drive backup, you can’t restore WhatsApp directly from Google Drive to an iPhone. The data has to be decrypted and re-encrypted first for the iPhone.

Specialized software tools like iCareFone WhatsApp Transfer handle this process seamlessly for you. They download the Google Drive backup, decrypt it, then re-encrypt and transfer it to your iPhone.

Without such a tool, your only option is to manually export individual WhatsApp chats from your Android device to email, then open them on your iPhone. But that is extremely tedious and error-prone.

So for a quick, easy WhatsApp restore from Google Drive to iPhone, a dedicated software tool is a must-have.

Step-by-Step Guide to Restore WhatsApp from Google Drive to iPhone

Follow these steps to smoothly transfer your WhatsApp data from an Android device to your new iPhone using the backup in Google Drive:

1. Back Up WhatsApp Messages from Android to Google Drive

  • Open WhatsApp on your Android device.
  • Go to Settings > Chats > Chat backup.
  • Tap “Back Up” to manually trigger a new backup to Google Drive.
  • Ensure backup completes successfully before moving to next step.

Having a recent backup in Google Drive is crucial before restoring WhatsApp to your iPhone.

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2. Download Software Tool like iCareFone

  • iCareFone is a highly-rated WhatsApp transfer tool for iOS and Android.
  • Download and install iCareFone on your computer. Run the software.
  • Connect your new iPhone to the computer using a USB cable.

The software will handle the complex decryption and restoration process for you.

3. Download WhatsApp Backup from Google Drive

Login WhatsApp
  • In iCareFone, select “Backup” and click “Download WhatsApp backup from Google Drive to computer“.
  • Login to your Google account associated with the WhatsApp backup.
  • Select the WhatsApp backup file you want to restore from the list in Google Drive.
  • Click “Continue” to download the backup file to your computer.

This retrieves your chat history and media from Google Drive.

WhatsApp Backup History on Google Drive

4. Verify WhatsApp Account

Verify WhatsApp backup account
  • iCareFone will prompt you to verify your WhatsApp account by entering your phone number.
  • This step ensures your chats get restored into the correct WhatsApp account on your new iPhone.
  • Your WhatsApp account on Android will automatically logout after verification.

Verifying your account is crucial for restoring your data to the right location.

Generate data to be restored

5. Transfer WhatsApp Backup to iPhone

  • Once the WhatsApp backup file is downloaded and your account verified, iCareFone will transfer the data to your connected iPhone.
  • The restoration process may take some time depending on size of your WhatsApp data.
  • Your chats, history, media files will all be restored onto your iPhone.

With the complex decryption and encryption handled by the software, your WhatsApp data seamlessly transfers to your iPhone.

restore WhatsApp from Google Drive to iPhone Using iCareFone WhatsApp Transfer

6. Finish WhatsApp Setup on iPhone

  • On your iPhone, open WhatsApp and enter your phone number when prompted.
  • Skip the option to restore from iCloud backup.
  • WhatsApp will detect the restored backup and complete setup.

Completing WhatsApp registration on your iPhone completes the data transfer process.

And that’s it! With these simple steps, you can successfully move your WhatsApp data from an Android device to an iPhone using your existing Google Drive backup.

Key Takeaways for Restoring WhatsApp from Google Drive to iPhone

Here are some key points to remember when transferring WhatsApp data from Google Drive to your new iPhone:

  • Update Android WhatsApp backup – Ensure your Android WhatsApp is fully backed up to Google Drive before starting. This provides the latest data to transfer.
  • Use software tools – Specialized tools like iCareFone handle the decryption/encryption and make WhatsApp transfer easy.
  • Verify WhatsApp account – Verifying your account during restoration ensures data transfers correctly.
  • Don’t restore from iCloud – Skip iCloud restore when setting up WhatsApp on your iPhone to allow restored data transfer.
  • Encryption differences – Direct Google Drive to iPhone transfer is not possible due to encryption differences between Android and iOS.
  • Individual chat exports – Manually exporting chats is extremely tedious. Use software tools for seamless WhatsApp restoration.

FAQs on Restoring WhatsApp Data from Google Drive to iPhone

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about transferring WhatsApp data from Google Drive backup to an iPhone:

Can I restore WhatsApp backup from Google Drive without erasing iPhone data?

Yes, restoring WhatsApp data from Google Drive will only overwrite content within the WhatsApp app on your iPhone. All other apps and data on your iPhone will remain intact.

Does WhatsApp backup from Google Drive restore media files?

Yes, the WhatsApp backup file in Google Drive contains your entire chat history including photos, videos and other media files exchanged, which will get restored to your iPhone.

How long does it take to restore WhatsApp backup from Google Drive to iPhone?

The time required depends on size of your WhatsApp data. With fast internet, it may take just 5-10 minutes. Large backups with extensive media may take 30-60 minutes.

Can I restore WhatsApp chats from another Android phone to my iPhone?

Yes, as long as you backed up that Android phone’s WhatsApp to the same Google account, you can restore those chats to your iPhone from the Google Drive backup.

Will my Android WhatsApp still work after restoring backup to iPhone?

Your Android WhatsApp will automatically logout after account verification during iPhone restore process. You can continue using it by logging in again on the Android device.

Is there any file size limit for WhatsApp backup restore from Google Drive?

Google Drive allows WhatsApp backups up to 12 GB, which is the file size limit. Backups exceeding 12 GB may face issues restoring from Google Drive.

Can I restore WhatsApp backup from Google Drive multiple times?

Yes, you can restore your Google Drive WhatsApp backup as many times as needed across new Android or iOS devices as long as you have the same Google account details.

What happens if iPhone storage is full during WhatsApp restore?

You may face errors if your iPhone does not have enough free storage for the WhatsApp data being transferred. Ensure you have at least 2-3 GB free space before restoring.

What do I do if WhatsApp restore from Google Drive fails on iPhone?

First ensure you have stable internet connectivity. Restart the restore process. Also try re-installing WhatsApp on your iPhone before restoring again. Contact WhatsApp support if issues persist.

Conclusion: Seamlessly Move WhatsApp History from Android to iPhone

Switching from Android to iPhone doesn’t mean you have to lose your precious WhatsApp conversations and media. By using the Google Drive backup of your Android WhatsApp, you can seamlessly transfer your data to an iPhone with the help of a specialized tool like iCareFone.

Just remember to maintain a regular backup, verify your account during restoration, and avoid restoring again from iCloud. With these best practices, you’ll have your WhatsApp running perfectly on your new iPhone restoring chats from Google Drive backup in no time.

We hope this guide gave you a complete overview and the confidence to smoothly restore WhatsApp from Google Drive to your new iPhone. Share it with friends also switching phones to help them transfer WhatsApp data and memories with ease.


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