How to Check ‘Who Viewed My WhatsApp Profile’?

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Who viewed my WhatsApp profile? Today, almost everyone uses WhatsApp and likes to have this application on their phones.

The best thing about it is that it allows you to make video calls and voice calls for free.

Plus, users can share pictures, documents, videos, locations, contacts, and audio with co-workers, friends, and family.

Today, you can even use WhatsApp Desktop and WhatsApp Web.

Several people in your contact list view or visit your WhatsApp profile regularly for various different reasons.

So, how do you know who viewed your WhatsApp profile? Is there a way to protect your WhatsApp profile from stalkers? If you are looking for answers to these questions, then stay tuned!

Part 1. Is It Possible to Check ‘Who Viewed My WhatsApp Profile?’

WhatsApp has now become everyone’s favorite due to its instant electronic interaction. Currently, WhatsApp is completely different from the way it used to be a while back.

Since Facebook purchased WhatsApp, many changes have happened to the application. Now, this application allows you to hide your last seen and check whether the other person has received or read your message.

So, WhatsApp has surely improved due to these features. However, it is not possible to check out ‘who viewed my WhatsApp profile’ in an official way. Also, the team is in no mood for introducing such a feature presently as it violates the user’s privacy.

However, this should not upset you! There are various third-party tools that let you record WhatsApp video calls and calls, schedule WhatsApp messages, and more. It is even possible to check who viewed your WhatsApp profile with WhatsApp profile viewer tools.

So, let’s find out how you can check who viewed your WhatsApp profile!

Part 2: Check Who Viewed My WhatsApp Profiles on Android

Solution 1: WhatsApp – Who Viewed Me

WhatsApp – Who Viewed Me allows you to check it out. Using this tool, you can tell when someone spies on your WhatsApp profile. However, this application is not available on the Play Store.

This application features a user-friendly and simple interface.

All you have to do is download the tool and launch it. After that, you can check who has viewed your WhatsApp profile within 24 hours.

Steps for checking out who viewed your WhatsApp profiles:

  • 1: Download WhatsApp – Who Viewed Me from the 1mobile app market.
  • 2: Before you install this tool, you have to allow the installation of applications from unknown sources in the settings. For this, go to ‘Settings,’ choose ‘Security,’ and then check against ‘Unknown Sources‘ in the ‘Device Administration‘ tab.
  • 3: Next, install this tool and launch it.
  • 4: Now, tap on the ‘Scan‘ tab.
WhatsApp Who Viewed Me

After a while, the tool will scan all your WhatsApp contacts.

Once done, it will show results for ‘who viewed my WhatsApp profile’ for that day.

This application is available for free. It is compatible with devices running on the Android 2.3 version and higher.

And it supports all the popular Android models. It just needs an active, stable internet connection to work.

Solution 2: Another Useful App: Who Views My Profile

Who Viewed My WhatsApp Profile on Android

This is another way to examine ‘who viewed my WhatsApp profile.’ This App is available for free.

This third-party tool is a simple-to-use and small tool. This tool just takes around 38MB of storage in your device.

This tool tells you who has checked out your WhatsApp profile lately. Plus, it provides all the information about the profile viewer.

Instructions to use Who Viewed My WhatsApp Profile:

  • 1: Initially, download this tool. Install and launch the program on your device.
  • 2: Once done, the application will ask permission to access your contacts. Allow it.
  • 3: After that, the tool will show results for ‘who viewed my WhatsApp profile.’ Check the list to find out who all viewed your profile recently.
  • 4: To unlock the visitor’s name, you need to rate the tool with five stars on the app store.

Part 3: Check Who Viewed My WhatsApp Profiles On iOS

Who viewed my WhatsApp profile on my iPhone? Know this by using WRevealer.

This tool allows you to check who is stalking you on WhatsApp on your iPad or iPhone. Unfortunately, it does not work on Android devices.

WRevealer supports all iOS devices running on iOS 8 and higher.

To check out ‘who viewed my WhatsApp profile,’ your device needs to be jailbroken.

Also, this is a paid Cydia tweak.

Using its one-day free trial, you can see whether this tool works. Otherwise, there is an option to cancel the subscription.

Who Viewed My WhatsApp Profile on iOS with WRevealer

Check It Out Using WRevealer:

  • 1: Download & install the program on your iPhone.
  • 2: After launching the tool, you will come across a login window. Create a new account for using this tool.
  • 3: Next, open ‘WhatsApp.’ After that, click on ‘Contacts‘ and then hit ‘Refresh.’
  • 4: Go back to the WRevealer tool and click on the ‘Search‘ tab.
  • 5: After a while, the program will show you a complete search report. Additionally, it enables users to save the report list.

So, this is how you can view who viewed your WhatsApp profile using WRevealer.

However, the only drawback of employing this program is that you have to pay after using its one-day free trial.

If you tweet or share this program, then you can enjoy another day without paying a penny.

The tool features three subscription plans – annual, half-yearly, and monthly. The plans cost $84, $51, and $10, respectively.

Part 4. Can We Find Out ‘Who Viewed My WhatsApp Profile’ By WhatsApp Stalking Apps?

Is it possible to check ‘who viewed my WhatsApp profile? Yes, though there is no official way, it is still possible through a WhatsApp stalking tool.

There are various WhatsApp stalking tools available on Google Play Store, Apple Store, and third-party stores. Using such tools, you can check the WhatsApp profile visitors.

Problems With WhatsApp Stalking Apps:

However, almost all WhatsApp profile viewer tools are fake. After checking out some tools, it is found that none of them can tell you who viewed your WhatsApp profile.

These tools cannot examine who viewed your profile on WhatsApp. So, all of their claims are pretty false.

The names that you see under the section ‘Visited’ are random. Most of them have not actually visited your profile and status on WhatsApp.

So, you are going to just waste your time by downloading such a tool to examine ‘who viewed my WhatsApp profile.’

So, it is not actually possible to know who viewed your WhatsApp profile. This is because WhatsApp does not compromise user privacy and data.

Besides, if you are experiencing the issues like WhatsApp not connecting, here are the top solutions for you.

Part 5. How to Examine ‘Who Viewed My WhatsApp Status’?

Have you heard of WhatsApp status? If not, this feature allows you to update the status for the next 24 hours on WhatsApp.

This status could be anything like a video, picture, GIF, or multiple real-time pictures.

Now, if you are wondering if it is possible to check who viewed your WhatsApp status, then the answer is absolute yes.  

WhatsApp notifies you about the views on your WhatsApp status. So, check the WhatsApp status views in the following manner.

Steps to check who viewed my WhatsApp status:

  • 1: Firstly, open WhatsApp on your smartphone.
  • 2: After that, click on the ‘Status‘ option.
  • 3: Now, choose the ‘My Status‘ tab.
  • 4: Your status will show up. Now, look for the ‘eye‘ icon.
  • 5: After selecting that icon, you will be able to see the WhatsApp status of viewers.
who viewed my WhatsApp status

Now, you know who all have viewed your status on WhatsApp. It is super easy to check out the WhatsApp status viewers.

However, if you like to check ‘who viewed my WhatsApp profile,’ then WhatsApp does not allow that. Using WhatsApp, you can check the views on your WhatsApp status only.

Part 6: How to Examine ‘Who Viewed My WhatsApp DP’?

Can you see who checked out your WhatsApp DP? Actually, no.

WhatsApp offers no option to check or know who saw your display picture on WhatsApp.

However, there is an option to hide it from everyone. Under ‘Settings,’ you can restrict showing your DP to just your contacts and not everyone.

By the way, let’s figure out how to find my Amazon profile link.

Is it safe to use third-party apps?

Using third-party apps to track profile views on WhatsApp can pose significant risks to your privacy and security. These apps often require access to your WhatsApp account, which means they can potentially read your messages, access your contacts, and gather personal information.

To protect yourself from scams, data breaches, and other security threats, it is strongly advised to refrain from using such apps and rely on official WhatsApp features instead.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Can I check who viewed my WhatsApp profile?

No, WhatsApp does not offer a feature to check who viewed your profile. Be cautious of third-party apps or services claiming to provide this functionality, as they may compromise your privacy and security.

2. Are there any official methods to track profile views on WhatsApp?

No, WhatsApp has not introduced any official methods to track profile views. It is advisable to rely on official features and announcements from WhatsApp for accurate information.

3. Are third-party apps safe to use for checking profile views on WhatsApp?

Using third-party apps to track profile views on WhatsApp can be risky. These apps may violate WhatsApp’s terms of service, compromise your personal information, or expose you to security threats. It is best to avoid using such apps.

4. How can I protect my privacy on WhatsApp?

You can protect your privacy on WhatsApp by adjusting your privacy settings, limiting profile information to selected individuals, and being cautious of sharing personal details with unknown sources.

5. Should I trust online tools claiming to track profile views on WhatsApp?

Online tools claiming to track profile views on WhatsApp are often unreliable and potentially unsafe. Exercise caution and prioritize your privacy and security by avoiding these tools.


Now, you know how you can check out the WhatsApp profile viewers. WhatsApp does not allow it due to privacy reasons.

However, it is possible to check ‘who viewed my WhatsApp profile‘ using third-party tools.

There are plenty available online. However, you have to be careful in choosing the right tool. Not every tool lets you know who checked out your WhatsApp profile.


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