eBay vs. Poshmark: Unveiling the Best Platform for You 2023


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Ebay Vs. Poshmark

As you step into the world of online selling and buying, it’s like being at a crossroads with multiple directions to choose from.

And each path, in this case, eBay and Poshmark, promises a unique journey with its pros and cons.

But how do you make an informed decision? Which path is best for you? Let’s delve deeper into this eBay vs Poshmark showdown.

A Brief Overview of eBay and Poshmark

Before we dive into the depths, here’s a brief overview. eBay, a veteran in the online marketplace, is a universal platform for selling virtually anything.

Poshmark, on the other hand, is more niche, focusing predominantly on fashion and related items. But who wins the eBay vs. Poshmark battle? Let’s find out.

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Understanding eBay

What is eBay?

eBay logo

eBay, launched in 1995, has grown into a colossal marketplace. It’s like an online garage sale, where you can sell anything from antiques to electronics. A bit like your old attic, isn’t it? Full of treasures waiting to be discovered!

Benefits of eBay

eBay offers a global reach, ensuring your products can be found by customers worldwide. It’s like throwing a wide fishing net – you’re bound to catch something! Additionally, the platform offers auction-style listings, broadening your selling strategies.

Drawbacks of eBay

However, every rose has its thorns. eBay’s vastness can be overwhelming for some users. The competition is fierce, and with high fees, it can be daunting for novice sellers. It’s like entering a busy marketplace; you need a loud voice (or, rather, a standout product) to be heard.

Understanding Poshmark

What is Poshmark?

Poshmark logo

Poshmark, established in 2011, is a social commerce platform focusing on fashion. Picture it as a trendy boutique where fashion-conscious users buy, sell, and even share style inspirations. Quite the chic hangout spot, right?

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Benefits of Poshmark

Poshmark’s focus on fashion makes it a haven for style enthusiasts. It provides a community-like feel, where users interact, follows each other, and participate in themed parties. It’s like a high-end fashion house where you’re part of the ‘in’ crowd.

Drawbacks of Poshmark

But even this fashionable platform has its downsides. It’s more limited in terms of product categories and geographical reach, and the fees can be higher. You may feel like you’re in an exclusive club, but remember, exclusivity often comes at a price.

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eBay vs. Poshmark: A Side-by-Side Comparison

eBay vs. Poshmark: A Side-by-Side Comparison

Poshmark and eBay, two renowned platforms, excel in facilitating the selling of pre-loved clothing and accessories.

Each platform boasts distinct characteristics that might make one more favorable to your unique needs than the other.

This piece provides a comprehensive examination of several aspects you should ponder when weighing Poshmark against eBay.

1. Scope and Limitations of Each Platform

One crucial point to think about when selecting between Poshmark and eBay is their respective platform restrictions. Poshmark primarily deals with apparel, footwear, and accessories, catering only to customers within the US.

eBay, conversely, is a global platform, allowing sales of various items, ranging from clothing and household items to collectibles and vintage trinkets, to buyers worldwide.

2. Listing and Selling Processes

Poshmark offers unlimited free listings monthly and an effortless listing process via their mobile app. Additionally, Poshmark also provides features such as multi-item discounts, private deals, and free authentication for luxury items above $500.

In contrast, eBay offers 50 free listings per month, with each subsequent listing attracting a fee. The listing process on eBay is more detailed and potentially time-consuming, with options for auction or fixed-price listings.

3. Fees Incurred

The cost structure for Poshmark and eBay is another significant aspect to consider. Poshmark operates with a flat fee of $2.29 for sales under $15 and a 20% fee for sales above $15.

eBay, on the other hand, charges a 10% sales fee and an additional 3% PayPal fee, totaling 13%.

4. Return Policies

Poshmark operates under a “no return, no refund” policy unless the buyer opens a case for a faulty or misrepresented product.

eBay allows sellers to decide whether to offer returns, but PayPal’s policy allows buyers to return items within 180 days, regardless of the seller’s stated return policy.

5. Payment Processes

Poshmark provides immediate payment processing once a purchase is made, and approval is automatic if the buyer does not accept the item within three days.

Conversely, eBay’s payment process is slower, requiring sellers to wait until the buyer initiates payment.

6. Shipping Protocols

Poshmark simplifies shipping by providing a shipping label and utilizing USPS Priority Mail for all items.

Conversely, eBay offers various shipping options, allowing sellers to decide on free or paid shipping and whether they absorb the shipping cost.

7. Customer Demographics

Though Poshmark has a smaller user base than eBay, its users actively seek pre-owned clothing and accessories.

eBay, with approximately 150 to 200 million annual users, caters to a broader range of interests, with only a subset interested in apparel and accessories.

8. Customer Support Services

Poshmark’s customer service operates via email, which may take up to two days to receive a response.

eBay, however, offers phone customer service, enabling sellers to receive immediate assistance for urgent issues.

Deciding between Poshmark and eBay boils down to assessing your specific needs against these key differences.

Considering what you aim to sell and how you prefer to operate can guide you toward the most suitable platform.

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Choosing the Right Platform

Sellers’ Perspective

If you sell a variety of items and want a global audience, eBay might be your best bet. But if you’re all about fashion and prefer a community vibe, Poshmark is your runway.

Buyers’ Perspective

If you’re looking for anything and everything, eBay’s your treasure trove. If it’s the latest fashion trends you seek, then Poshmark is your style guru.

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So, Which Platform Aligns with Your Needs?

Both Poshmark and eBay are valuable platforms for selling, each possessing unique strengths.

For those seeking a more straightforward and simplified user experience, Poshmark is the ideal choice, making it an excellent option for newcomers in the selling field. On the other hand, if your aspirations include reaching an international market, saving on individual sales, and you don’t mind the extra effort, eBay is the preferable choice.

But remember, there’s no rule dictating that you must confine yourself to a single selling platform. If you’re truly dedicated to optimizing profits from your side gig or even transforming it into a full-time job, investing time in both platforms might be a wise move. Indeed, it’s common practice for many sellers to list the same item on both Poshmark and eBay.


The suitability of Poshmark or eBay for new sellers largely depends on the specifics of your eCommerce endeavor. While setting up a store on eBay might involve a few more steps, Poshmark is generally considered more accessible for beginners.

The abbreviation NWT stands for “New with Tags” and is typically associated with fashion clothing items on Poshmark.

Poshmark NWT

eBay typically has lower fees, charging 10-12% compared to Poshmark’s flat 20% for sales over $15.

Poshmark is often praised for its sleek, user-friendly interface compared to eBay’s more functional design.

Yes, many sellers use multiple platforms to maximize their reach and sales.

While both platforms have learning curves, Poshmark’s community-focused, social media-like approach may be more approachable for beginners.


When it comes to eBay vs. Poshmark, the winner truly depends on what you’re seeking as a buyer or seller. Both platforms offer unique benefits, and both have their drawbacks. It’s like choosing between coffee and tea – what’s best depends on your taste.


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