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Adobe Sign vs. DocuSign

If you are looking for a perfect E signature software out of Adobe Sign vs. DocuSign, then this article has all the information that you will need to make a perfect decision.

People have been relying on the E signature service for a long time. Because it provides an easier route to the signing of a document and saves plenty of time for both parties, most importantly, it gets the job done without requiring hard copies of the signing paper.

Just pull up a document on the computer, start signing papers and then send it afterward. Many vendors and suppliers are now choosing e-signature over hardcopies to make the process move much faster than lagging behind in the past.

When it comes to the market for e-signature software, there aren’t many, but the ones that are there provide excellent service for a reasonable price. At the end of the day, it is about the accuracy of the signature.

The E signature brands have been trying their best to reach the standard. This is where you see many people arguing about Adobe Sign vs. DocuSign. Which one of them would be better for you?

Both brands in Adobe Sign vs. DocuSign have built quite a reputation over the years for being good at providing services in a moderate price range. Both of them pack a wide variety of features & functions that users from all backgrounds of work can use to their advantage. Offering so many things on the table, it might confuse the buyer by picking the best one for them.

That is why in this article, we will down on Adobe Sign vs. DocuSign and dissect each of the features and how much value for money you can get out of these two e-signature products.

Adobe Sign vs. DocuSign – Overview

Adobe Sign

First, a little bit of history about both of these E signature companies: you might never hear of a company called Echosign. It was an E signature company before Adobe purchased it in 2011.

After Echosign got acquired by Adobe, it was renamed Adobe Sign. As may not that Adobe sign is part of the Adobe Document Cloud family.

When it comes to brand power in the matchup between Adobe Sign vs. DocuSign, Adobe comes first, as nearly every single human being who spends their time on the internet or just messing with photos has heard about Adobe as they have created plenty of handy software for people from all walks of life.

Adobe has a great lineup of products such as Photoshop, Premier Pro, Illustrator, After Effects, PDF, InDesign, and many more. All of these software help adobe in reaching out further into the world of technology. That is why many people, whether they are tech-savvy or not, much prefer Adobe over anything else.

There is a reason for it, some of them for brand recognition, and others for the quality of the product they get in return. Plenty of users pick Adobe out of Adobe Sign vs. DocuSign debate because there are quite a lot of well recognizable people who use Adobe signs for their E signature.


Now let’s take a look at the other side of Adobe Sign vs. DocuSign. DocuSign was founded in 2003. Since then, they have seen quite a rise in popularity with their products. Providing good service has helped them gain plenty of new customers from different work area zones.

Some of the customers have spanned from the healthcare industry to tech manufacturers. That is the reason why people are looking to find the best product out of Adobe Sign vs. DocuSign since both of them provide great quality the product at an affordable price.

Adobe Sign vs. DocuSign – COST

Both of these products follow a subscription-based model for the customers. With DocuSign, you will get access to plenty of edition-based subscriptions, which can be billed to you annually or monthly, depending on the package that you choose. Here you can pay somewhere between $10 – $25/monthly. If you are looking forward to using some advanced features, then you have to reach for a higher number each month.

For people who want to stay above the general edition plan, they can switch to four other plans offered by DocuSign. They are personal, standard, business, business premium, and different variation editions of these plans.

This is where people lose track of what kind of plan they should get since there are many options available; each of them would share some features and will block out others. Some features do come with all the editions, such as templates, workflows, audit trails, and many more.

Adobe Sign vs. DocuSign - COST

If you look at the Adobe Sign out of Adobe Sign vs. DocuSign, here you will get fewer editions, and you would get less restrictive features, even if you are planning to get a starter package.

If you compare Adobe Sign vs. DocuSign, adobe sign is the clear winner here, by providing higher quality services at a lower price. While it may not have all the editions that you would see in DocuSign, if you compare the pricing model for different editions, Adobe is cheaper. The business plan in Adobe is a lot cheaper than Docu sign.

Winner – Adobe

Adobe Sign vs. DocuSign – Features

Now we will get to the real meat of Adobe Sign vs. DocuSign. Both of the tools provide all the essential features that you would expect from E signature software. The features always come down to the user on what they need and expect from an E signature software to do. If they get what they want, then that specific software will be seen as a clear winner.

It is the features that will add more weight to so many people about deciding which is the best for them. If a feature doesn’t come with reliability and easier understanding, then it will not be used by anyone. That is why features are more focused on bringing complex aspects of the E Signature in a much more simplified manner.

Adobe Sign vs. DocuSign - Features

DocuSign offers easier steps- all you have to do is to pick the document, then make the field where you want others to sign on it. And send that document to all of your recipients.

After the signing part gets done, then the document will be stored. When it gets stored, all the stakeholders will receive an alert.

The signing of the document can be done to document files that share another format, such as PDF, Docs, Txt, and many more. DocuSign also features chat room-like features but with all the stakeholders, for a more secure sharable aspect of the document to be covered. This feature is called the Transaction Room, where all the key players would be able to review the document with each other.

Adobe Sign vs. DocuSign - Features

List of Features You will Get with Docusign

  • Alerts
  • Audit Trail
  • Authentication
  • Workflows
  • Batch Sending
  • Sharable Templates
  • Embedded web signing
  • API access
  • Mobile variations
  • Two Factor Authentication

The process for Adobe Sign is different from DocuSign; here, you have to enter the email address of the people you want to send the document to. Of course, you have to add the document, and a little message to let the recipient know about the details about the document, verification measures.

When the receiver of the documents signs the document, you will see the differences, and you will also have the ability to track the progress of singing. After the signing process, both parties will receive a PDF copy of the document.

List of Features You will Get with Adobe Sign

So in Adobe Sign vs. DocuSign, Adobe sign offers the option for customization. You don’t have to stick to a traditional method to do your business as you will have the option to create a specific process that meets your standard and needs.

Here you will get form templates and plenty of ways to create a document from scratch without any trouble or issues figuring out the whole process.

List of Features that You will Get with Adobe Sign:

  • Reusable handwritten signatures
  • Interactive dashboard
  • Reports
  • Audit Trails
  • Templates
  • Bulk Sending Documents
  • Embedded web signing
  • Alerts reminders
  • Invoice
  • Digital seals
  • Mobile version of the Adobe Sign
  • API Access
  • Two-factor authentication

Both of them provide the same amount of features. They are basically the same when it comes to packing features.

Adobe Sign vs. DocuSign – API Integrations

DocuSign has over 140 integrations, such as Dropbox, Evernote, Google Drive, Office 365, Salesforce, Netsuite, SuccessFactors, Share point, Oracle sales cloud, and Intuit. But the downside of Docusign, you have to get the enterprise edition of the app if you want to use any of the CRM integrations.

With Adobe Sign, you are going to get some type of native integrations such as Google Drive, Office 365, Microsoft Dynamics, Ariba, SharePoint, Xero, Oracle, Netsuite, and many more. Here you have also to get the enterprise version of the app.

Final Verdict

Between Adobe Sign vs. DocuSign, you are going to get plenty of unique features for an affordable price. But there are things that are different. With DocuSign, you are going to get – built-in sandbox and API editions that might be useful to some people who are looking for a perfect e signature.

But if your work schedule features customizing the PDF files on a daily basis, then you can choose Adobe sign because with Adobe you are going to get all the tools you need to make that happen quickly and efficiently.

Adobe Sign vs. DocuSign – Alternatives

● Wondershare SignX

Wondershare SignX

Brought you by one of the most trusted brands in the internet software market – Wondershare SingX. The brain behind excellent video editing software, Filmora. They are known to provide s effective features in a much more understandable manner.

Herewith SignX, you can easily upload a document after signing. The best thing about SignX is that you will get a free five sends on your first time with the product. Here you don’t have to deal with any restrictions, as you would be able to send the codes to as many recipients as possible.

● HelloSign


Here is another great E signature platform that you can use instead of messing your head in the Adobe Sign vs. DocuSign debate. When it comes to providing the user the friendliness in the interaction with the software, HelloSign has that covered.

Here you can create priority settings on the signing aspect of the document. You can set an order on who gets to sign the document first, then so on. It also comes with great templates for people who don’t want to create a whole new document from scratch.

Here you will API integrations, templates, custom branding, and notifications of the document at every step.

● DocHub


If you are looking for a cheaper aspect to Adobe Sign vs. DocuSign, then DocHub is the tool you will need to make your E signature possible with higher efficiency.

With DocHub you can create an electronic signature on documents easily and quickly, here you can sign on PDF documents and re-edit the images, text, and nearly every aspect of it as you seem possible.

If you want a more browser-friendly E signature, then DocHub will fit the profile, as it has its own browser extension but only for Google Chrome. But the downside of the app is that it lacks certain advanced features.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the main difference between Adobe Sign and DocuSign? The main differences lie in the user interface, integration capabilities, security measures, and pricing.
  2. Are digital signatures legally binding? Yes, digital signatures are legally binding in most countries.
  3. Do I need special software to use Adobe Sign or DocuSign? No, both services are cloud-based and can be accessed via a web browser or their mobile apps.
  4. Can I use Adobe Sign and DocuSign on any device? Yes, both Adobe Sign and DocuSign offer mobile apps and can be accessed on any device.
  5. Which service is more secure? While both services offer robust security measures, DocuSign offers multiple authentication methods and advanced document analytics, giving it a slight edge.

Final Thought

In a debate between Adobe Sign vs. DocuSign, you need to pick the one that suits you the best than just going by the features alone.

While one of the team gives you a better look, at one aspect of the E signature, and the other focus on the other aspect of the Es signature, it all comes down to you to select the features that you will be using on your E signature app.

That is the only way you can reach a finder conclusion on which app will give you the best E signature experience to meet your demand.


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