How to Approve iPhone from Computer in Different Ways

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You may have noticed an error such as “Go to one of your other devices signed in to iCloud to approve this iPhone” while signing into other devices. Then, you do not have to worry about it.

Here, you will get three different solutions to the same problem. You can follow the below-mentioned methods to approve your iPhone from the computer (PC or Mac).

One of the three methods will surely work for you if not all. You can try out these different ways to approve your iPhone device one by one.

Let’s get started with different ways how to approve iPhones.

Understanding Apple’s Device Approval Process

Why do you need to approve an iPhone?

Apple uses an approval process for new devices to ensure the security and privacy of your data. By approving your iPhone from a computer or another device that’s signed into iCloud, you’re verifying that the new device is indeed yours. It’s like a secret handshake between your devices.

Security and Privacy Benefits

This process is Apple’s way of ensuring that it’s really you accessing your data. It’s a pretty handy feature if you think about it. It’s their way of confirming your identity and safeguarding your personal data from unauthorized access. After all, nobody likes a peeping Tom, right?

Part 1: How to Approve iPhone from PC / Mac by Turning Off Authentication

The first thing you can do to avoid the verification is to switch off the Two-Factor Authentication. For this, you have to follow some steps given below.

Steps on How to Approve the iPhone from PC / Mac:

To approve your device, go through the below-mentioned points.

Step 1: Click on the Option “Cancel”

Initially, you have to skip the “approve this iPhone” screen by clicking on the option “Cancel.”

Step 2: Visit the Settings

After that, visit Settings on your iPhone and then your Apple ID. Choose the “Two-Factor Authentication” option from the tab “Password & Security.”

Step 3: Reset Your ID

Now, you have to turn off the option Two-Factor Authentication. Meanwhile, you have to reset the password of your iCloud and iTunes account. You need not worry about this, as nothing will happen to your data.

You will receive an email about the Authentication. Now, you have to click on the link to turn it off.

Step 4: Switch it off

After finishing the process, you need to retry the option “approve this iPhone” via the red flag in the phone’s settings. Your device will automatically be approved without the following anything.

Besides, if you would like to know how to fix your iPhone stuck on the Spinning Wheel, click to read more.

Part 2: How to Approve iPhone from Mac / PC by Turning Off iCloud Keychain

You can try out this second method against the error “approve this iPhone” if the first one fails for you. In this method, you have to turn off the iCloud keychain. You can follow the steps mentioned below to turn it off.

Easy Steps on How to Approve the iPhone from Computer (Mac / PC):

To approve your device, follow the instructions given below.

Step 1: Click on the button “Cancel”

Firstly, you have to discard the window “approve this iPhone” by opting for “Cancel.”

Step 2: Visit the Settings

After that, visit Settings on your device and click on the tab “Apple ID.” Now, you have to switch off your “iCloud keychain.”

Step 3: Start Over

Now, you have to start your iPhone device again by switching it off.

Step 4: Switch It off

Then, visit the settings on your device once again. Click on the option “Apple ID” and then “iCloud.” Here, you have to switch off the option “iCloud Keychain” again.

Turn off keychain to approve this iphone

Now, try the window “approve this iPhone.” It would not appear any longer.

Part 3. How to Fix ‘Approve This iPhone Stuck’ Without Any Data Loss via FixGo

As we all know, the Apple Approves This iPhone Not Working issue is very common today. If you want to fix this issue quickly and effortlessly, you should count on a professional tool like iToolab FixGo.

FixGo is specifically designed to solve all your iPhone/iPad/iPod issues. It can ensure you have a great experience with your iOS device as a powerful and reliable repair tool.

It’s straightforward to use; you don’t have to be an expert to fix the ‘Approve This iPhone Stuck’ problem without data loss.

Key Features of iToolab FixGo

  • FixGo provides the best solutions for these issues: iPhone is stuck in the boot loop, Recovery mode, or Apple log, Spinning circle; iPhone won’t turn on, update failure, restore failure, lock screen password, and more.
  • Fix various iPhone issues without any data loss.
  • Highly recommended by top media sites.
  • 100% support for all your iPhone/iPad/iPod and iOS versions.

How to Fix the Issue via iToolab FixGo in Simple Steps

Step 1. Free download and launch iToolab FixGo, and choose the Standard Mode.

iToolab FixGo

Step 2. Connect your iPhone and computer, and then unlock your iPhone. After that, click Fix Now for recognition.

iToolab FixGo

Step 3. You should choose Recovery Mode if your PC fails to recognize your iPhone. Just follow up on the guidelines provided below.

Step 4. iToolab FixGo will detect the firmware package for your iPhone automatically. Click on the ‘Download’ button to download them.

iToolab FixGo

Step 5. Then check the detailed info on the screen; if everything is right, all the iOS & firmware versions are compatible. You can proceed to start now. Don’t unplug your iPhone during the whole process.

iToolab FixGo

Step 6. After the job is done, restart your iPhone. Check whether the “Can’t approve iPhone” problem has been fixed.

Part 4: How to Approve iPhone from PC / Mac Through Verification Code

The other option for approving your iPhone device is through a verification code. It is one of the easiest ways to solve the issue of “approve this iPhone’. Using some simple steps, you can successfully approve your old iPhone.

Steps on How to Approve the iPhone from Computer:

To approve your device, you have to chase the steps given below:

Step 1: Get the Code

First, you have to open your iCloud account on iOS devices such as Mac, iPad, or iPhone. Visit settings on that device and then click against the “Apple ID.”

Now, press the option “Password & Security” and click on the “Get Verification Code” button. A verification code will pop up on the displayed screen. Tap on the button “OK.”

approve this iphone throuth verification code

Step 2: Go Back to Your Device

Now, you have to go back to your iPhone device. The window saying “approve this iPhone” will no longer appear. Your device gets automatically approved this way.

So, you can follow the ways mentioned earlier to approve your iPhone against the error “approve this iPhone.” One method out of all is surely going to work for you.

You can try all these methods one by one to get rid of the window “approve this iPhone.” Try on these simple methods to recover your device!

Part 5. How to Approve This iPhone from PC via Tenorshare ReiBoot

Here, we will recommend one of the professional tools to fix any iOS system issues effortlessly, including ‘How to approve this iPhone from your computer.’

ReiBoot can help you get out of it and boot your iOS device with just one click when your iPhone gets stuck in recovery mode.

Then if you experience issues when you update your iPhone to a new OS, such as you can’t approve the iPhone from a PC after the iOS 16 update, ReiBoot is here to fix this problem for you.

Tenorshare ReiBoot Key Features:

  • Help you to enter or exit recovery mode effortlessly without iTunes.
  • It can fix the ‘How to Approve This iPhone’ issue easily.
  • Repair various problems caused by the new iOS 16.
  • 100% compatible with all iOS versions and iPhones.
  • Simple steps to approve this iPhone on PC.
  • It fixes iPhone won’t restore, iPhone error 4013 on your devices to normal.

Step by Step to Approve This iPhone with Tenorshare ReiBoot

Step 1. Get and launch Tenorshare ReiBoot. And then connect your iPhone to your PC. Click ‘Repair Operating System‘ to proceed.

Tenorshare ReiBoot

Step 2. Now, tap the button ‘Fix Now‘ to continue.

Tenorshare ReiBoot - Fix Now

Step 3. You will see the Firmware Download screen now. Set the saving path by the ‘Browse‘ button. And then tap ‘Download‘ to proceed with the firmware downloading.

Download Firmware with Tenorshare ReiBoot

Step 4. After downloading the firmware package, you should tap the ‘Start Standard Repair‘ button to let ReiBoot repair your issue.

Tenorshare ReiBoot - Repairing

It will take you about ten minutes, be patient. Once everything is done, your iPhone will boot as normal.

Tenorshare ReiBoot Repair Completed


  1. Why am I still seeing the approval request even after approving my device? You may need to sign out and sign back into iCloud on your device.
  2. What if I don’t have access to a computer to approve my iPhone? You can also approve your iPhone from another iOS device or directly from iCloud.
  3. I’ve forgotten my Apple ID password. Can I still approve my iPhone? You’ll need to reset your Apple ID password before you can approve your iPhone.
  4. I’ve approved my device, but it’s still not working properly. What should I do? You may need to update your device’s software or reset its settings.
  5. Why does Apple require device approval? Device approval is a security measure to ensure that only you can access your data.


It’s simple to approve your iPhone from a computer once you understand the steps involved. Remember, this process is in place to protect your data, ensuring that only your devices have access to your personal information.


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