How Much Does Alexa Cost Per Month in 2024?

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In contrast to popular belief, Alexa does not cost its users any monthly fees. However, you will still have to pay for other streaming services that you use on Alexa.

As such, you will be paying an indirect cost for Alexa. However, these costs do vary – for instance, using the Amazon Echo Dot can cost you roughly $30 per month. If you use another device, like the Amazon Echo Show, you will have to pay anywhere between $100 and $250 per month.

In this article, we will look into how much Alexa cost per month for different Alexa devices. We will also compare these products so that you can decide which ones are best for you.

Do You Have to Pay Monthly Fees for Alexa?

As we have mentioned before, you do not have to pay any monthly fees to use Alexa. The app can be used for free. You simply need to download the same on your smartphone device and connect it to your Amazon account.

Alexa can be used on smart speakers for free as well. We will discuss more on this topic in the later sections.

Do You Have to Pay Monthly Fees for Alexa

Here are some important features that you can use on Alexa without having to pay a single dime:

  1. New Update: You can listen to Amazon Alexa’s news update before you can head out for work in the morning.
  2. Podcasts And Radio: Alexa can play all your favorite radio shows and podcasts that you love and enjoy.
  3. Questions And Answers: Suppose you have questions related to work/studies. Or, you want to know how to cook a particular recipe. You can ask Alexa the question. Alexa will then provide you with the right answer.
  4. Weather Updates: Before you head out of your home, you can ask Alexa for weather updates. This way, you can avoid bad weather from spoiling your day.
  5. Smart Home Devices: This is one of the most important functions of Alexa. With the help of voice commands, you can operate all smart home devices easily. For instance, you can send a voice command to Alexa to switch off the lights, turn on music, etc.
  6. Notifications: Another great feature of Alexa is that it can keep track of all your notifications. For instance, Alexa will notify you when your package is about to arrive.
  7. List Organization: You can add everything you have to your to-do list on Alexa. Once done, you will be reminded of the same promptly.

You should also know that Alexa keeps adding a wide range of features, which makes it more fun to use and impressive.

Besides, If you wonder how to put Echo Dot in setup mode, let’s show you a detailed guide and everything related to the configurations of the Echo Dot.

What is the Per Month Cost for Alexa and the Devices?

When it comes to purchasing an Alexa-associated device, you do not have to pay more than once. Additionally, you also do not have to pay any monthly subscription. Also, it is not necessary to buy an Alexa-associated device to access Alexa. You can do the same on your smartphone as well.

Of course, using an Alexa-associated device makes things more convenient rather than using the app. This device will become the control center of your smart home. You will be able to operate all your smart home devices from here.

Here are some devices that can be paired up with Alexa:

1. Echo Speaker

Echo Speaker

The Echo is one of the most popular Alexa devices on the market today. Its latest version, the Echo Dot 5th Gen, was released in 2022. This version is fitted with all the features that were available in the previous devices.

Overall, the cost of the Echo Dot 5th Gen is not more than $40. However, you will still be provided with the best features. For instance, the speaker sounds better and understands your voice commands more clearly. Additionally, it also has better connectivity.

The previous model, the Echo Dot 4th Gen, is famous for its great voice quality. It also features an LED display where you can see the time. It makes for a great nightstand as well. The 4th Gen Echo is one of the best budget Alexa devices in the market today.

The Echo Show 10 3rd Gen is also a great Alexa device. It features a 10.1-inch screen. The device is also fitted with a 13MP camera for video calling. Overall, the price of this device is $250, which is quite worth it.

As you can see, all the speakers that we have mentioned above are available at various price rates. The more you are willing to pay, the more features you will get.

Now, let us talk about placement. You can place the Echo Show in the living room as the main controller. As for the Echo Dot speakers, you can place them in the kitchen and bedrooms.

2. Amazon Echo Show

Amazon Echo Show

The Amazon Echo Show is another great Alexa device. The Show has a distinctive edge over the Dot devices. You can watch TV shows and movies as well as connect cameras.

The Amazon Echo Show 15 is definitely one of the best Alexa devices on the market today. It was launched in 2021 and offered a wide range of features. Additionally, it costs only $190. As compared to its previous models, this price rate is much more pocket-friendly.

Since you can use your voice to control Alexa, this Echo Show does not have any remote. However, you can still purchase one for additional costs.

Or, you could opt for the Echo Show 10 3rd Gen, which has a price rate of $249. If you are looking for something cheaper, try out the Echo Show 8 2nd Gen; it costs $69 only.

3. Amazon Firestick

Amazon Firestick

If you are looking for Alexa-enabled devices, then the Amazon Firestick is another option you can look into. This is an Alexa-enabled smart device that can be used with your Smart and Fire TVs.

Even though you will have access to all the available features, it is priced very nominally. It should not cost more than $20-$35.

4. Other Third-Party Alexa Devices

Luckily, you do not need only Alexa-enabled devices to use Alexa. There are several third-party devices that can access Alexa. For instance, you can try out the Sonos One 2nd Gen, which has much better video and audio quality than the Amazon Echo.

The Sonos One comes with two speakers that you can place in different rooms or together for a more immersive sound. The cost of the Sonos One is $555.

If you are looking for outdoor speakers, then the Ultimate Ears MEGABLAST is considered one of the best choices. The rechargeable battery can last for roughly 18 hours on a single charge. Additionally, it is weatherproof and has flawless sound quality.

Also, Firestick remote volume not working is a common problem many Firestick users face. Here, we will talk about 14 solutions to solve this issue easily.

Is an Amazon Prime Account Required for Using Alexa?

Amazon Prime Video

Most people who are looking for the answer to ‘how much does Alexa cost‘ wonder whether they need to have an Amazon Prime account to use Alexa. While having a Prime account does increase the number of benefits, you do not need the same to use Alexa.

If you opt for an Amazon Prime account, you will have to pay a subscription fee between $14.99 and $139 per month.

Some benefits of an Amazon Prime account include the following:

  • Exclusive deals on Amazon
  • Free next-day deliveries
  • Prime Gaming
  • Exclusive Alexa voice deals
  • Access to Amazon Music

Also, knowing how to rip Amazon Prime Video can be handy for any user who loves movies. Here you will find the top best Amazon Prime video ripper.

Are There Any Other Hidden Costs?

There are no other hidden costs per se. The rest of your spending will depend on what more accessories you want to add as per your choice and/or desire.

For instance, all smart lights today are compatible with Wi-Fi, which you can be connected to your Alexa device. Then, you can also add the Amazon Smart Thermostat, which can cost around $60. You can also add movie streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and all for an additional cost.

Is Music Free on Alexa?

Yes, music is free on Alexa. However, it is recommended that you buy subscriptions if you are a music lover.

By default, Amazon free music is a part of Alexa. There are more than two million songs that you can listen to for free. However, you will not be able to select individual songs; instead, you will have radio stations and playlists. The free music also has ads, which can be quite annoying.

For the best experience, you can opt for Amazon Music Prime, which requires a subscription. You will be able to download the songs and play them offline. There would be no ads between the songs, and they can be streamed on more than a single device. You will have to pay $12.99 per month for the subscription.


Q1: Can I use Alexa without an Amazon Echo device? Yes, Alexa is available on compatible third-party devices as well. You can access Alexa using the Amazon Alexa app on your smartphone or tablet.

Q2: Are there family plans available for Alexa? Currently, Amazon offers individual plans for Alexa. However, you can use the same account across multiple devices within your household.

Q3: Is Alexa worth the cost? Alexa offers a range of features and benefits that can greatly simplify daily tasks. It’s worth considering if you value convenience and want to streamline your interactions with technology.

Q4: Can I cancel my Alexa subscription at any time? Yes, you can cancel your Alexa subscription at any time. However, it’s important to note that canceling a subscription will result in the loss of access to premium features associated with that plan.

Q5: Do all Alexa devices require a subscription? No, Alexa devices do not require a subscription. Many features are available for free, and you can choose to upgrade to a subscription plan based on your needs.

Final Thoughts

Overall, it does not cost anything; if you are still wondering, ‘how much does Alexa cost per month‘.

The app is perfect if you want to convert your traditional home into a smart household. All you need to do is install the Alexa app and create an account.

However, the add-ons do cost money. Once done, you can get started right away.


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