Discovering CodeMeter: Is it a Trojan or a Trusted File?

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What Is Codemeter

What is CodeMeter? If you have no clue, you should know CodeMeter.exe is an executable program. In several cases, executable programs harm the system.

Thus, it would be best to find out whether CodeMeterrefers to a Trojan on your system that you have to get rid of or some file associated with a trusted app or Windows Operating System.

CodeMeter is not an important file for Windows and often causes problems. It is located in the C:\Program Files (x86). Common file sizes for the program on Windows are 2,568,120 bytes, 3,105,144 bytes, and more.

So, what is CodeMeter? It is a background procedure, and CodeMeter.exe is its service name, which belongs to CodeMeter Runtime Server. This executable file is invisible and not a core file of Windows. Learn further about this program below!

What is CodeMeter?

CodeMeter is a great licensing product for software. It is the universal tool for intelligent product manufacturers and software publishers, upon which every solution from WIBU is built.

CodeMeter belongs to CodeMeter Runtime Kit, Rockwell Automation CM Runtime, Mastercam, or Authorizer Ignition Key Support by WIBU-Systems AG. This executable file comprises the applications as under:

● Protection

Developers like to protect the software they develop against reverse engineering and piracy.

● Licensing

Developers like to license their software as easily and safely as possible. This includes critical aspects, such as the formation of supple licensing models, their delivery integration, and the organization of the entire lifestyle through their current back-office systems.

● Security

Developers like to safeguard their users against attacks and tampering with third-party agencies.

So, if your requirements match even a single point of these, CodeMeter will serve you in the best possible way. This program listens for and sends information on open ports to the internet or a LAN. CodeMeter is digitally signed, and it even monitors applications.

One can connect CodeMeter License Central to one’s CRM, ERP, and other e-commerce systems. When users have integrated properly, they can:

  • Deliver their software as much as they desire
  • Produce licenses from the systems automatically
  • Handover licensers to their customers through their back-office systems or separate license portals

Essentially, every user gets the same program or software. However, a diverse license entitles them to use their protected software to some extent that is allowed to them.


If you come across CodeMeter on your computer, one of the recent tools you have installed comprises CodeMeter.

So, what is CodeMeter? If you ask yourself this question, relax, as it is not a virus. However, it can create a problem.

CodeMeter opens a port to the external world without asking any permission. This can be exploited through viruses infiltrating your computer.

Of course, they would like to look for a vulnerability in the first place. However, it could be an option anything that performs without requesting your permission needs to be considered a not-to-go action.

As stated above, the CodeMeter program was established by WIBU AG. Suppose you like to download this program on your system,

This program often runs as a service, which turns out to be sufficient for disabling this service instead of eliminatingCodeMeterfrom the machine.

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How Do You Remove CodeMeter?

As mentioned before, this executable file often causes issues in the system. It is an essential file for Windows; therefore, you can get rid of it.

To uninstall this program, you can use Control Panel on your system and look for programs like CodeMeter Runtime Kit or CodeMeter Runtime Server.

Also, you can ask its developer, WIBU (, for assistance. To delete this executable from your computer, go through the instructions below.

Step 1: Disable CodeMeter

Before users delete this executable present at C:\Program Files (x86)\CodeMeter\Runtime\bin, they need to disable CodeMeter. By doing so, they can avoid Windows errors, such as ‘this executable is currently in use.’

Step 2: Type in ‘services.msc’

Next, you have to open the Run dialog box by pressing the tabs ‘Windows’ + ‘R.’ Once done, you need to type in ‘services.msc.’

Step 3: Press the ‘C’ tab

Now, you need to tap on a blue marker or any entry and then press the ‘C’ tab on the keyboard to jump to services beginning with the ‘C’ letter.

Step 4: Tap on ‘Properties’

Once done, you will come across an entry called ‘CodeMeter Runtime Service.‘ You have to right-tap this tab and select the ‘Properties‘ tab.

How Do You Remove CodeMeter

Step 5: Choose the ‘Disabled’ tab

Next, choose Disabled from the menu. After this, you need to ensure to select ‘STOP AND APPLY.’

How Do You Remove CodeMeter

Step 6: Eliminate ‘C:\Program Files (x86)\CodeMeter\Runtime\bin

People who are annoyed with the CodeMeter service and do not like any application to re-enable this program can delete this executable. Or else, they can move this executable one directory forward.

So, this CodeMeter service will be disabled now, and its port will also be locked. This means that no program can exploit it.

After getting answers to ‘what is CodeMeter?’, it is time for you to know whether it is safe to disable this service or not.

Is It Secure to Inactivate CodeMeter?

It is pretty much possible that one of the programs on your system might stop working. It happens when a program enforces licensing in real time. However, most developers come up with a fallback, and thus, there should not be an issue.

If you locate a program or application that stops functioning immediately after you disable the CodeMeter service, then you should re-enable the same.

Also, if you will not remember to re-enable this program, write a note that will help you remember the same at a later stage.

Why Does CodeMeter Open Port 22350 to the External World?

Most of the programs that interact with several other servers running in the background need a port for holding this kind of interaction. Licensing software needs an open port. Usually, this does not cause a problem.

However, if the application or program gets updated exploits infrequently from the black market, it could be used to compromise a system running this kind of service.

However, the drawback is that the software might stop functioning if it senses that it cannot connect to the other end’s licensing service.

Now, you no longer have to ask, ‘what is CodeMeter.’ Here, we have mentioned every aspect related to CodeMeter.

It is not a threat to your system but can become one when it shares the port with the external world without your permission. If you like to disable this executable service, then follow the steps listed above for the same.


Q: Can I delete CodeMeter?

A: CodeMeter can be deleted, but doing so may affect certain applications that rely on it for licensing and protection.

Q: Is CodeMeter a virus?

A: No, CodeMeter is not a virus. It’s a legitimate component of software protection and licensing solutions. However, malicious files may masquerade as CodeMeter.

Q: How can I tell if CodeMeter is a fake file?

A: Unusual system performance or unexpected location of the file may hint towards a fake CodeMeter file. Running a system scan with a reliable antivirus software can confirm.

Q: How can I protect my system from fake CodeMeter files?

A: Regular system scans, monitoring system performance, and ensuring your software is updated are some ways to protect your system.

Q: What does CodeMeter do?

A: CodeMeter provides a licensing platform that prevents unauthorized access or copying of digital content and applications.

Q: Who created CodeMeter?

A: CodeMeter is created by WIBU-SYSTEMS AG, a company specializing in secure licensing and protection systems.


Discovering CodeMeter as a Trojan or a trusted file has been an intriguing journey. While CodeMeter is a legitimate file created for software protection and licensing, its potential misuse cannot be overlooked. Therefore, it’s crucial to remain vigilant and employ robust security measures to protect your system.


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