iPogo for iOS Review in 2024 – Is It Safe to Use?

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You might already be familiar with the iPogo app if you are a fan of Pokemon Go. However, if you are unaware of that and wonder what impact it creates, keep reading.

This article explains everything related to iPogo for iOS and even alternatives to the same. So, let’s go ahead and dig deep.

Part 1: Introduction to iPogo App 

Before we go to a detailed description, let’s go ahead and learn the basics of iPogo. iPogo is a specialized iOS software that allows you to customize your Pokémon Go experience by adding extra features.

Simply said, it is considered a modded version of the popular mobile game Pokemon Go. This specific app incorporates new features into the original game.

iPogo can assist you in playing Pokemon Go wherever you are in that world and catching new Pokémons. Furthermore, it is jam-packed with additional amazing features. For instance, you can enjoy Teleportation, Inventory, Stats, Enhanced Throw, Span Booster, and Speed Raids, among others.

From the App Store, you may download iPogo and install it immediately on your iOS device. However, you would need to delete the official Pokemon Go app from the iOS device before proceeding.

Part 2: The Functionality of iPogo

An iPogo app is indeed an excellent option for those who use an iOS device. However, it does violate some of the basic rules introduced by Niantic. So, it is always associated with some risks.

Mentioned below are some of the characteristics associated with the iPogo app.

● You Can Play Regardless of the Location 

According to Niantic, users can only play Pokemon Go from a single location. That means they should be in the vicinity of their current location. iPogo, on the other hand, allows you to play no matter where you are.

● Location Spoofing

Performing a location spoof is indeed against Niantic’s guidelines. So, many users have been barred from participating in Pokemon Go solely due to breaking the rules.

● It is a Third-party App

iPogo is an application developed by a third party. Users must first install and run the iPogo application to unlock unique features in Pokemon Go.

As we know, iPogo for iOS operates in the device’s background, and Niantic’s engineers can identify it. Because of that, it might result in a ban from the Pokemon Go world.

iPogo for iOS App Review

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Part 3: Is It Safe to Use iPogo?

In Pokemon Go, iPogo is most commonly used to fake locations, and Niantic has explicitly forbidden this practice.

Consequently, if you have been using iPogo and faking your location, there is a potential that you will be barred from participating in Pokemon Go.

● First Strike

This seven-day strike alerts you about Niantic’s action of keeping track of your every movement.

● The Second Strike is As Follows

This is the second strike, which results in a temporary ban from playing Pokemon Go. It endures for up to thirty days, based on the intensity of the action being taken against the employee.

● The Third Strike

The final attack is the most fatal. That is because the attack ends up causing the loss of your account.

After receiving your first strike, we strongly advise you to consider utilizing an iPogo alternative.

Part 4: How Can You Install iPogo?

Do you want to use iPogo on an iPhone or an iPad regardless of the potential consequences? If so, you can follow the steps below to do it.

  • First, you should go to the option called “Settings” and select “Wi-Fi” to proceed.
  • Choose a Wi-Fi network in the second step.
  • Select “i,” then go to “Configure Proxy,” and choose “Automatic” from the drop-down menu.
  • The URL field should be filled in with http://ffapple.com, followed by the save button.
  • Disconnect from your Wi-Fi network & connect to the Wi-Fi network once again. Make certain that the Safari browser’s cache is cleared.

Following that, take the following steps:

Download iPogo
  • After that, you should install the file.
  • To complete the next step, you should click “Install” in the pop-up box that appears.
  • Settings and choose General. Go to “Profiles & Device Management,” which should be the first thing you see when the installation is complete.
  • You should put your trust in the “Enterprise Certificate” that you just installed.
  • That’s all there is to it! With iPogo, you can now play games on the iPhone.
Install iPogo

Part 5: Frequently Asked Questions About iPogo for iOS 

Here are some important and frequently asked questions related to iPogo. After reading this section, you can get educated about the iPogo app.

The most secure way to obtain iPogo is from the company’s official website. All you have to do is go to the official site & download the app directly on the iPhone from there.

There are a variety of factors contributing to this problem. It’s possible that you’re experiencing issues since Pokemon Go has gotten the most recent update from Niantic or that you haven’t properly loaded iPogo on an iOS device.

Try to reinstall iPogo on the iOS device to see if it helps. If the problem remains, you will need to wait a couple of days until Niantic releases a new version of iPogo that addresses the issue.

The problem happens if you haven’t designated the new Enterprise Certificate “Trusted” when you should have.

After installing iPogo, you will be prompted to “Trust” the Enterprise Certificate. Activate the new Enterprise Certificate by selecting it from Settings and choosing General.

Then, go to the “Profiles & Device Management” menu and click “Trust.”

This may be happening simply because Apple has detected the public certificate. That means the certificate is used to install iPogo on the respective computer.

If this is the case, you will need to wait a couple of days. You should do that until a new version of the iPogo with updated certificates is available.

iPogo’s Untrusted Enterprises Developer problem may be resolved in a reasonably short period. Simply browse to Settings and choose General.

Afterward, go to Profiles and choose Trust this certificate from the drop-down menu.

Using a Better Option Instead of iPogo for iOS

You should be wondering whether there’s a better and more user-friendly iPogo rival software. The good news is that there’s an application that accomplishes the same aim more efficiently. Namely, MockGo is the program that may be used to fix all of the above concerns.

It enables you to get teleported to various areas in Pokemon GO. Apart from that, it imitates movement in the game in a realistic manner. The software is compatible with all Apple devices running iOS and doesn’t require jailbreaking on your device.

A Comparison Between iPogo and MockGo.

Pros● Catch and spin automatically, much as the Go-Plus virtual version  
● Catch and spin automatically, much as the Go-Plus virtual version  
● Set item restrictions for each object in your game by modifying the game’s settings.
● It is simple to set up. 
● A large number of functions are available, including teleport mode, movement mode, joystick style, etc. Also, the ability to import GPX files. 
● Additional features include changing the pace while moving. It also has historical records, a realistic mode, a favorite list, multi-device management, and more. 
● There is no requirement to jailbreak. 
● There is no requirement to reload Pokémon GO.
Cons● It has a greater potential to be noticed by Niantic.
● Installation of iPogo is not that easy.
● The trial version has some limited features.
InstallationDifficultVery easy
Stability of the appSome issues are noticed with the certificateStable app
Movement simulationYesYes
Joystick compatibilityYesYes
Importing of GPXNoYes
Multi-device compatibilityNoUp to 5
Historical recordsNoYes
Favorite listAvailableAvailable
IV CheckYesNo
Nearby Pokemon overlayingYesNo
PlatformWorks on the device itselfSupports all Windows and Mac desktop versions.
Price$4.99 per month$9.95 – per month
$19.95 – per three months
$39.95 – per year
$59.95 – Lifetime

How to Use MockGo Instead of iPogo for iOS 

To use MockGo to change your location, first, download MockGo on a Mac or a Windows PC. After that, you should follow the steps below.

  • Open the MockGo program on your PC and play a couple of games.
  • Now, connect the iPhone/iPad to the same PC. Then, you should agree to the Terms before hitting “Start.” 
How to Use MockGo Instead of iPogo for iOS 
  • Now, you can see a map-like display on the app. Then, click on the option ‘Teleport Mode‘ in the upper right corner to move to a different place. You may search for a location by typing it into the search field on the right.
Foneazy MockGo enter the new location manually
  • Now, click on the option called ‘Move Here.’ That will be assigned as the new GPS location of your device.
Foneazy MockGo Move Here
  • The GPS location of the device will be modified to your device’s new location immediately after this step.
Foneazy MockGo

Next, you can simulate movement using MockGo, which allows you to teleport to two locations.

Here’s how you can accomplish this feat with it.

1. Select ‘One-Stop Mode‘ from the drop-down menu in the upper right corner. This is when you may start thinking about which route to take.

MockGo One-Stop Mode

2. You may also choose your movement speed. That tells Pokemon GO if you are just walking or sprinting at a certain speed.

3. Select ‘Move Here‘ to inform the app that you wish to begin stimulating movement immediately. Using the app, you can track movement in real-time.

Foneazy MockGo One Stop Mode

4. Select ‘Multi-Stop Mode‘ from the upper right section of the screen. Then, you can simulate movements along with multiple locations.

Dropping points along your path will signal to Niantic that you’re genuine on it. Make necessary adjustments, and click on the option ‘Move Here‘ to complete this route. To begin moving, hit on the ‘Start‘ button.

Foneazy MockGo One Stop Mode

So, that’s about the iPogo app and its best alternative. If you have other doubts, please let us know.


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