YouTube Private vs. Unlisted Videos – Full Comparison

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Do you know the difference between YouTube Private vs. Unlisted videos? While discussing the YouTube Private vs. Unlisted videos comparison, there are several key differences that you need to understand.

You do not realize these differences unless you have spent hours experimenting and researching both. So, learn the main differences between these videos here.

While uploading a video on YouTube, people can modify the privacy settings for their videos to unlisted, private, or public. Here, the public remains the default privacy setting, which means that anybody on YouTube could watch your video.

When it comes to private, people you invite to see the video can only watch it. For this, they need to have a YouTube account of their own. Here, the maximum number of users could be 50. Also, your video would not appear under search results or other channel lists.

If you are looking to share this video with someone who you did not invite, they will not be able to watch your video. On the other hand, unlisted means that your YouTube video would not come up in any search results or not on your YouTube channel. People with the video link can watch it.

Also, you could share the video link with anyone, even people who do not have an account on YouTube. This means that all can see your video, but only if they have the link.

Now, it is time to know the big differences between YouTube Private vs. Unlisted videos.

Differences Between YouTube Private vs. Unlisted Videos

So, here’s a list of differences you can vividly see between YouTube Private vs. Unlisted stuff. Now, let’s get started without further ado!

PS: learn more about how to share a private YouTube video and what does unlisted mean on YouTube here.

1. Sharing of the Unlisted Video’s URL is Possible

When it comes to YouTube Private vs. Unlisted videos, it is possible to share the unlisted video’s URL with others. Also, your subscribers will not receive a notification while you upload these videos.

However, you need to remember that anyone having the link to an unlisted YouTube video could re-share that link.

On the other hand, users cannot share the private video’s URL on YouTube.

2. People you select can only see YouTube’s private videos

One can share private videos directly with other Google users. Thus, only people that you invite to view videos can watch them.

Additionally, the links for private videos are not re-shareable. That’s the reason you should be signed in to a Google account for viewing private videos.

Another thing that you need to remember regarding YouTube Private vs. Unlisted videos is that if you try accessing a private video on YouTube that you do not have permission for, you will see the ‘This video is unavailable‘ error.

youtube this video is unavailable

3. Private YouTube videos do not feature comments

While unlisted videos are not accessible to the public, anyone with the video links could comment on them. Having said that, you do not see comments on private videos and not even for the shared private YouTube videos. That’s why users could just comment on unlisted and public videos.

Private YouTube videos do not feature comments

4. One can add unlisted videos to the channel section

If you do not know, unlisted videos do not appear on the videos tab of your YouTube channel. However, you can add these videos to any section of your YouTube page.

This means that when you customize your page, an option will appear that lets you create a vertical or horizontal row comprising an unlisted video. In addition, you can even feature the unlisted video on your channel page of yours on YouTube.

By the way, let’s figure out how to come up with YouTube channel names for vloggers.

5. YouTube search results do not show private videos

YouTube makes sure that your private videos do not appear in the search results. However, this is not the case with unlisted videos. An unlisted YouTube video shows up in the search results in specific situations.

For instance, if someone or you add an unlisted video to the public playlist, that video will show up in the search results.


  1. Can private videos be viewed by anyone?
    • No, private videos can only be viewed by users who have been granted access by the video uploader.
  2. Can unlisted videos appear in search results?
    • No, unlisted videos are not indexed by search engines and do not appear in search results.
  3. Can private and unlisted videos be monetized?
    • Yes, both private and unlisted videos can be monetized if you meet the eligibility requirements for the YouTube Partner Program.
  4. Can private or unlisted videos go viral?
    • No, private and unlisted videos are not intended for wide public distribution, so they are unlikely to go viral.
  5. Can private or unlisted videos be downloaded?
    • Private videos can’t be downloaded by anyone except the uploader. Unlisted videos can be downloaded by anyone with the video’s direct link, but there is no official download option provided by YouTube.


So, this is all you need to know about YouTube Private vs. Unlisted videos. However, you cannot download these videos on your device. As you all know, it is not possible to download YouTube videos.

If you want to download private, public, or unlisted videos on YouTube, then it is possible with a YouTube downloader application. One such incredible application is iTubeGo.

So, there are lots of differences between YouTube Private vs. Unlisted videos. Private privacy is meant for people who send the link to people they like to view. These videos do not show up in the search results on YouTube.

For watching private videos, people do not necessarily need to have an account or channel on YouTube. On the other hand, unlisted videos on YouTube are available for all, with no requirement of YouTube accounts or channels.


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