How to Share a Private YouTube Video With Ease?

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If you want to know how to share a private YouTube video effortlessly, here are some tips that can help.

Whenever you upload a new video on YouTube, you can select whether the video is private, unlisted, or public.

If you choose the ‘Public’ option, it means that anyone can view that particular video. Choosing the ‘Unlisted’ option means that the video cannot be found via search results; only people with the link can see the video.

When you share a private video, only you and the people you select will be able to view the video.

How to Share a Private Video on YouTube?

how to share a private YouTube video

As mentioned above, a private video is a video that is posted on YouTube but is only viewable to a selected group of people with whom you want to share it.

This could be a personal video only intended for family and friends, or it could be that you wish to get feedback from people whom you trust before making it public.

A private YouTube video can be forwarded and viewed with 50 other Google accounts. Please read about it below to further know how to share a private YouTube video.

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1. How to Share a Private YouTube Video

To make a YouTube video into a private one, you can do so by when you first upload the video by choosing the option or via the Creator studio. This will help you learn how to share a private YouTube video.

Whenever you mark a video as private, you can send it to your circles on Google Plus, names of contacts on Google, or 50 email addresses.

As soon as a new contact is added to your list, you will receive an invite link if they wish to watch the video.

Additionally, people with the link will not be able to share the URL as well with their own contacts and family, unlike an unlisted video.

If you do not want your latest YouTube video to go viral, you need to make it private. Thankfully, changing the status of your YouTube video is much easier than you think. Here are the steps to do so:

Step 1

Open YouTube Studio & then log in with the Google Account.

Step 2

Now, click the button Videos on the left.

Step 3

Once your Channel videos page opens, please click on the private video you wish to share. And then, the video will open for you to edit.

How to share a private YouTube video

Step 4

Please click on More on the top right of the video editing page.

How to share a private YouTube video

Step 5

After you click the three dots, there are three options displayed. Then select the last one, Share privately, in the list. The link will open in a new browser tab.

How to share a private YouTube video

Step 6

At last, please enter the email addresses you wish to share the private video with on the Share with others box. Email addresses must be separated by commas (,). After finishing, please click Save and go back to YouTube Studio.

How to share a private YouTube video

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How do you change the video settings you have already shared?

If you have shared a video previously that is public, you always have the option of changing the settings and limiting its visibility to a handful of people.

Public videos you publish will immediately become private videos that only you and the people with whom you have shared the link will be able to watch.

You first need to open the Video Manager and look for the video you wish to change. Then, you need to tap the Edit button, and a drop-down menu will open. Here, you must select Private and tap on Save Changes.

change the settings of the video that you have already shared

Of course, you always have the option to change the settings again and convert your private video into a public one.

All you need to do is repeat the abovementioned steps and tap on ‘Public’ instead of ‘Private.’ This is how to share a private YouTube video.

change the settings of the video that you have already shared

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2. What Are the YouTube Video Limitations?

The YouTube video cannot be shared once again, and the invited people will be able to see the video after clicking on the URL.

Also, the contacts to whom you send the private invite link need to have their own YouTube account; they need to be signed in if they wish to view your video. Once you learn how to share a private YouTube video, you must keep the limitations in mind.

3. How Do You Share Unlisted Videos on YouTube?

YouTube offers you another option for privacy – marking your video as unlisted. Unlisted videos are not included in the Google search engine results, and only people who possess the link will be able to watch the video on YouTube.

To view unlisted videos, the person does not need to have a Google account; with the help of the link only, the video can be viewed. This also means that the person viewing the video can share the link with anyone they like.

You need to forward the URL to anyone you want to share an unlisted video. While this is much easier than sharing private YouTube videos, it is also not so private.

Advantages of Sharing Private YouTube Videos

Sharing private YouTube videos offers several benefits:

  • Enhanced Privacy: Private videos ensure that only selected individuals can view the content, maintaining a high level of privacy.
  • Controlled Access: You have full control over who can watch your videos, allowing you to share sensitive or confidential information securely.
  • Ease of Use: Sharing private YouTube videos is a convenient method as it leverages the familiar YouTube platform without requiring additional tools or software.

Best Practices for Sharing Private YouTube Videos

To make the most of sharing private YouTube videos, consider the following best practices:

Tip 1: Keep the Video Unlisted

If you want to share the video with a larger group but still maintain privacy, you can choose the “Unlisted” option instead of “Private.” Unlisted videos can be accessed through a direct link, but they won’t appear in search results or on your channel.

Tip 2: Use Strong Passwords

For added security, you can set a password for your private YouTube video. This way, only individuals who know the password can view the video, even if they have the link.

Tip 3: Regularly Review Access Permissions

Periodically review and manage the access permissions of your private videos. Remove access for individuals who no longer need to view the content to ensure confidentiality.


Sharing private YouTube videos allows you to control who can watch your content and maintain a higher level of privacy. By following the steps outlined in this article, you can easily share your videos with specific individuals or groups while keeping them hidden from public view.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Can I share a private YouTube video with multiple people?
    • Yes, you can invite multiple recipients by entering their email addresses in the “Invite people” section.
  2. Can the recipients download my private YouTube video?
    • No, recipients cannot download private YouTube videos. They can only watch the video within the YouTube platform.
  3. Can I change a private YouTube video to public later?
    • Yes, you can change the privacy settings of your video at any time. Simply access YouTube Studio, select the video, and adjust the visibility settings.
  4. How long can I keep a YouTube video private?
    • You can keep a video private for an indefinite period. There is no time limit imposed on the privacy settings of YouTube videos.
  5. What happens if I accidentally share the video with the wrong email address?
    • If you accidentally share the video with the wrong email address, you can remove their access by accessing the permissions settings of the video in YouTube Studio.

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