How to Block Someone on YouTube With Ease?

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Are you among the many users who wonder how to block someone on YouTube? This article exposes the most convenient way to get it done without any trouble.

The methods we expose in this article are very simple, and you can practice them easily.

Why Would You Need to Learn How to Block Someone on YouTube?

Before we learn how to block someone on YouTube, let’s learn the reasons behind this requirement. In other words, let’s find out why someone would want to learn how to do it.

Well, maintaining a good YouTube channel has become quite a challenge today. There is immense competition among YouTubers to expand their audience.

One of the most impactful aspects behind the success of a YouTube channel is the comments it gets.

Your audience tends to leave various comments on your channel after watching the videos. The comments you get are a strong sign that your channel has become interactive. That is why users are responding to your content.

Some of those comments, needless to say, are impressive, and they are encouraging for you. The positive comments you get on the channel can become a huge motivation.

Some comments you see on your channel can be critical to a certain extent, but they are constructive. You can adjust your approach based on those critics and improve the experience for your audience.

Those who post constructive critics are an integral part of your audience. You can bring innovation and advancements to your YouTube channel by considering those comments positively.

However, the truth is that not all those comments are positive and constructive. Some users intend to ruin their mentality by posting various disastrous comments. The majority of those comments are posted to discourage users.

As long as you have not turned off the comments feature, anyone can comment on your videos. While it is a clear indication of giving the fullest freedom, it can eventually become a problem. That is specifically because not all users behave alike.

Some users will post hateful, annoying, harassing, or other comments. Also, some users tend to post spammy comments as well. Likewise, users have various annoying online presences.

Assume that you are maintaining a professional YouTube platform. Your audience is professional, and they are always looking for professional advice from other users. What happens to your audience if someone starts to post unwanted, vulgar, and stupid comments?

What if he or she starts to comment frequently? In that case, you have no option but to block that user so he or she cannot post comments. In other words, blocking is the only option to keep troublesome viewers away from your YouTube channel.

Blocking a user on your YouTube account is possible. So, the next sections of this article explain how to block someone on YouTube.

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How to Block Someone on YouTube?

In this section of our article, we explain how to block someone on YouTube. As a result of doing it, the blocked person will not be able to comment on your videos anymore. Also, he or she will not be able to see or share your videos.

In other words, it is a very handy move to keep annoying users away from a profile. With that said, let’s learn how to block someone on YouTube.

01. As the first step of the process, you should log into the respective Google account and proceed. That means you should log into the Google account, which is linked to the subjective YouTube channel.

How to block someone on YouTube

02. Now, you can go to the profile of the user you intend to block. In this case, you will have to click on the user’s name.

You don’t have to find a specific place to click on the username. Instead, just click on the username regardless of the place you see it, and that’s it.

It can be the comments section, a channel name, a video, a link, or anything else. Apart from that, you can even search for the respective video and click on them. Regardless of how you found it, just click on it.

03. Click on the option “About” on the profile channel.

"About" on the profile channel

04. Once you have reached the “About” section, you can see a “Flag Icon,”  Just click on the “Flag icon.”

click on the "Flag icon"

05. After that, you should select the “Block User” option.

select the "Block User" option

06. Once you have done that, you should select the option called “Submit” as well. Then, be sure to “Confirm” the action. As a result, you will be able to see that the user is blocked.

How to block someone on YouTube

Now that you have followed all those steps, there will be a question from YouTube once again. It will ask if you still want to block the respective user. If you are sure about it, you can proceed.

07. That’s it. Now that you have blocked the respective user, he cannot comment on the videos. Apart from that, he cannot even send you messages. However, you can always reverse the decision if you feel like forgiving him.

In other words, you can simply unblock him. To do that, you can follow the above steps once again. It’s that simple.

So you can maintain your channel without the annoyance of that user. If you have multiple users to block, you will have to repeat the above steps. Then, you should be able to get it done.

Besides, if you are experiencing problems like YouTube error 503, click to fix them now.

How to View Blocked Users on Youtube?

For various reasons, you will have to see a list of already blocked users on their profiles. If you have the same requirement, you must follow the simple process mentioned below.

First, you should log in to your YouTube account. Then, you should click on the avatar picture (your profile picture) on the YouTube channel. That will open a list of options in the form of a drop-down menu. Now, select the option called “YouTube Settings.”

After that, you should click on the option called “Inbox” and then click on the option called “Address Book.” Then, you should go to the “Blocked Users” option and click on it. That will show you a list of blocked users.

If you want to unblock the users, you can simply do it through this page. All you need is to select the respective username and the option labeled “Unblock.”

Even if you have blocked those users, you can still comment on their videos. You can even send those messages to them. You can do it until they block them due for some reason.

How to view blocked users

When Should You Block a User?

The decision is up to you. You can block any YouTube user without any trouble whenever you like. Those who abuse the freedom and message weirdly can be blocked at once.

However, if you consider those negative comments constructively, you can keep them unblocked.

Once you block those users, the users will not receive any notification about your action. However, he or she will not be able to comment on your videos or send messages.

Moderating the Comments

Moderating the comments is another handy way to prevent other users from commenting negatively, abusively, etc. You should turn on the “comments moderation” feature to make it happen.

You should go to your video channel and choose “Info and Settings.” It is located under the Edit drop-down menu. Now, go to “Advanced Settings” and select the “Allow Comments” option.

Then, go to “Approved” from the drop-down menu next to it. Now, the comments will appear on the channel only if you approve.

Moderating the comments

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Can a blocked user still see my content on YouTube?

No, when you block a user on YouTube, they won’t be able to see your videos, comments, or channel activity.

Can I report a user instead of blocking them?

Yes, if you believe a user’s behavior violates YouTube’s community guidelines, you can report them for review by YouTube’s moderation team.

How can I avoid receiving unwanted comments or messages on YouTube?

You can enable comment moderation, disable comments, or use YouTube’s “Restrict Mode” to filter out potentially inappropriate content.

Is blocking someone permanent?

Blocking someone on YouTube is not permanent. You can unblock a user at any time through your YouTube settings.

Can a blocked user see my previous comments or messages?

When you block a user on YouTube, their previous comments and messages will no longer be visible to you.


Blocking someone on YouTube can be a valuable tool to maintain a positive and safe environment for content creators and viewers alike.

By following the simple steps outlined in this article, you can effectively block users who engage in unwanted behavior. Remember to exercise caution and report any severe violations to YouTube’s moderation team.


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