How to Convert YouTube to OGG Effectively?

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This article will guide you if you are interested in learning how to convert YouTube to OGG.

We will explain several options you can use to convert YouTube to OGG, so keep reading.

What Exactly is OGG?

OGG is a unique, compressed file format containing audio content. This specific format is pretty similar to MP3 in a way. With that said, the overall quality of the OGG content is better if you compare it with MP3.

OGG files are known for their ability to comprise metadata as well. For instance, it can track the information of the artist. Many portable players and tools work well with these OGG files.

OGG files can be used for various purposes like storing sound, video, and even metadata files. Here are some best OGG File Players for your reference.

OGG is considered one of the best options for converting YouTube files. That is specifically because it lets you retain the quality of the audio, unlike many other formats.

OGG files may lose a slight amount of quality, but it is not that significant. So, in this article, we explain several tools. You can pick a reliable tool from this list and proceed with the conversion.

Tools You Can Use to Convert YouTube to OGG

In this section, let’s learn the best tools you can use to convert YouTube to OGG. There are several tools included in this list, so go ahead and read the information properly.

Besides, did you know that you can download and convert videos easily with this powerful YouTube to MP3 converter – And here is the detailed guide for you.

01. UniConverter

We have included UniConverter in this list due to various good reasons. It lets you convert YouTube to OGG with easy steps. You can use the same tool to convert various sources, including DVDs.

Apart from downloading videos from various sources, you can use the same tool to record videos. It also has a built-in tool to burn videos to DVDs. Moreover, it acts as a universal video player.

So, you can use this professional YouTube to MP4 converter tool to play any video with no issue.

Features of UniConverter

  • It can download videos easily from online streaming sources, including YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, etc.
  • UniConverter can convert any 2D video into a 3D output. You can use it to play it on a 3D-supported device. It also can convert YouTube to FLAC.
  • You can use the same file to merge or combine multiple video files.
  • It works as a screen recorder to record videos or still images.

How to download the audio content of a YouTube video using UniConverter?

Here’s how to convert YouTube to OGG using UniConverter. We assume you have already downloaded the YouTube video that should be converted.

  • Download and install UniConverter on your computer and launch it. Then, you should drag and drop the respective video file into the same window.
  • UniConverter is compatible with over 150 output formats. So you can choose the most suitable file format and proceed. You can also choose a specific folder to save the output file.
youtube to ogg using UniConverter
  • Now, you can press the button labeled “Start All” to proceed to the process’s completion. It’s that simple.
Convert youtube to ogg with UniConverter

02. VideoProc

VideoProc is another powerful converter that can convert YouTube to OGG without much trouble. This application is compatible with Mac as well as Windows. It lets you convert YouTube files to more than 300 formats apart from OGG.

In addition to that, it gives you the option of converting files easier thanks to the friendly user interface. You can use this tool even to convert an entire playlist on YouTube to OGG.

Also, you can see that it doesn’t degrade the quality of the video or audio content upon conversion. On top of that, it doesn’t consume many system resources when converting videos.

Converting YouTube to OGG using VideoProc

Let’s learn the process of converting YouTube to OGG with this tool.

  • First, download the software on the PC or Mac and install it. After that, you can choose the tool labeled downloader.
  • Now, choose the option called “Add Video.”
Add Videos to VideoProc
  • You can copy the URL of the respective video you intend to download. After that, click “Analyze” to check the available information. The process will not take that long. You can simply proceed with any format, even if OGG is not displayed. Then, click on the option called “Download Selected Videos.”
copy the URL of the respective video
  • Then, click on the button labeled “Download Now,” which will download the file.
Converting YouTube to OGG using VideoProc
  • As a result, you can get the respective video file on the PC. Then, go to the home page again to convert YouTube to OGG files.
  • Now, you can choose the button labeled “+Video,” which will let you add the downloaded file.
  • Now, you should go down the page and select the option labeled “OGG.” That is located in the section “Music.”
  • Then, it would help if you chose a path to save the output. Click the button labeled “Run.” And that will complete the process.
Convert youtube to ogg with VideoProc

03. CatchVideo

This is a good option specifically for those who don’t want to install the software. That is because this online tool works as a web-based app.

Also, this is a better option for those who frequently don’t have heavy-duty download jobs. Even though this is a lightweight online tool, it does offer excellent-quality videos and audio.

Below is how to perform YouTube to OGG conversion with this online tool without much trouble.

  • First, you should go to the CatchVideo official website.
  • Then, copy the link to the respective video. Paste the same in the blank space provided on the web page.
  • Now, you can define the output format as OGG. Also, you can set several other parameters.
  • Click on the option called “Convert” to finish the process.

04. Anything2MP3

Anything2MP3 is a free tool that can be used to convert YouTube to OGG. It can convert video files with ease. On top of that, it is compatible with various other formats like AAC, WMA, etc., apart from MP3.

It also allows you to change the bitrates based on your preference. The interface is so simple, and the user can drag the video and drop it into the interface.

Also, you should note that the video should already be saved on your PC to perform this. So, mentioned below is how to convert YouTube to OGG. Also, you should note that there are various ads displayed on it.

  • First, visit the respective YouTube video that should be downloaded and copy its link.
  • Then, paste it into the dedicated box.
  • Then, click on the option called “Download from URL.”
  • Now, you can select the output format (this should be OGG).
  • You can even choose the bitrate.
  • After that, please choose “Convert File.”

05. YouTube-OGG

YouTube-OGG is another YouTube-to-OGG converter that works online. Although it works pretty unstable manner, you can use it, at least for random tasks.

This specific tool is compatible with over 2000 video sources. Also, you can see several output formats as well. It is compatible with AIFF, M4A, etc., apart from OGG.

Although this option doesn’t allow you to change extended parameters, it sometimes becomes handy.

Use YouTube-OGG

  • First, you should copy and paste the respective YouTube link into the dedicated space. Then, click on the option called “Continue.”
  • It would help if you chose “OGG” as the output file format.
  • Click on the option called “Download.”

06. VideoMP3Convert

You can use VideoMP3Convert to convert various online videos into different formats successfully. This specific option will let you download videos with some distractions as well. That is because it displays many ads during the conversion process.

Even with those distractions, it is being used by various users. Also, it doesn’t need any registration process from users. The compatibility level is impressive. All in all, the process is so simple.

Conversion process

  • First, you should copy the link to the respective video.
  • Then, it would be best to paste the same URL in the VideoMP3Convert window to proceed.
  • Now, you should click on the “OGG” option from the list of available formats.
  • The process is almost completed, so you can click on the option “Convert” to proceed.
  • The conversion process will take a minute or two. Just click on the option called “Download” and click on the option “Save Link.” That will save the respective file on the local disk.


1. Can I convert YouTube videos to OGG format for free?

Yes, there are free online converters and software available that allow you to convert YouTube videos to OGG format without any cost.

2. Are there any limitations on the length of YouTube videos that can be converted to OGG?

Most converters have restrictions on the length of the video that can be converted. These limitations vary across different platforms, so it’s advisable to check the specific converter’s guidelines.

3. Can I convert YouTube videos to OGG format on mobile devices?

Yes, some online converters have mobile-friendly websites that allow you to convert YouTube videos to OGG format directly on your mobile device’s browser.

4. Is OGG format compatible with all media players?

While OGG is widely supported, some older or more limited media players may have trouble playing OGG files. However, most modern media players and popular software applications support the OGG format.

5. Can I convert YouTube videos to other audio formats besides OGG?

Yes, many converters offer a wide range of output formats, including popular audio formats like MP3, AAC, and WAV. You can choose the format that best suits your needs.


You can consider those options if you want to convert YouTube files. In this case, you can choose a good tool from the six options mentioned above.

We can see that tools like UniConverter are more stable than online tools. However, you may choose an online tool to convert YouTube to OGG if you have a random job.


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