How to Convert YouTube to FLAC Effortlessly

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Are you looking for a reliable, solid method to perform a YouTube to FLAC conversion? If that’s the case, you will find this article useful and resourceful. So, let’s go ahead and learn about YouTube FLAC conversion.

FLAC is indeed a pretty large file format. However, this specific file format assures the best quality when it comes to audio. Because of that, FLAC is a format that has received plenty of positive comments from individuals across the globe.

So, what if you have found a lovely music track on YouTube and want to convert it to FLAC? In other words, what if you want to perform a YouTube FLAC conversion?

You can get that YouTube track on your local storage with such an approach. This is exactly when you need a reliable way to convert YouTube to FLAC. A good YouTube FLAC converter can acquire the respective content from any streaming platform.

Also, it allows you to convert the downloaded file into any format you wish. We will explain how to change YouTube to FLAC using effective solutions here.

Part 1: What is the Best Tool to Convert YouTube to FLAC?

There is no shortage of tools to consider in the modern-day market. However, choosing the best YouTube FLAC converter is a pretty challenging task. Some applications just have fake claims and only end up collecting your information or installing malware on your system.

So, doing a lot of research is exceptionally important before choosing a product. But the good news is that we have researched for you and the below paragraph explains it.

With our research, we found a unique, powerful application called UniConverter. This special application is introduced by Wondershare, a well-known name in the software development industry.

Wondershare UniConverter is compatible with macOS and Windows platforms. The interface on both platforms is identical. The best thing is that this application works with over 1000 file formats, and that’s impressive.

Apart from working as a powerful YouTube to FLAC converter, UniConverter has various other features.

For instance, it comprises a DVD burner and a video editor. Also, it has a media compressor. This is the perfect solution if you want to convert YouTube to FLAC.

Features of UniConverter

  • This specific application can convert more than 1000 file formats. For instance, it works with AVI, FLAC, MOV, and MP4. It can convert YouTube to OGG as well.
  • This specific application lets you convert videos using perfectly optimized presets. Those presets are compatible with almost all the devices on the market.
  • It works 30 times faster than the ordinary converters available in the modern-day market.
  • It is a highly versatile tool that lets you edit and improve the quality of videos. You can crop, trim or even add watermarks to videos using this versatile tool.
  • It lets you burn any video to a DVD. That can be done using DVD templates that are also free with the software.
  • Using this application, you can download or even record videos from more than 10000 sources.
  • It comprises a superb toolbox with great versatility. You can create GIF images, VR, and record screens.
  • It is compatible with both Windows and macOS systems.

How to use UniConverter as a YouTube to FLAC Converting Tool

Let’s look at the steps you should follow to convert YouTube to FLAC. We assume you have already downloaded & installed Wondershare UniConverter on your computer.

  • First, you should open any browser of your preference and visit YouTube to proceed. Then, you are supposed to play the video that should be converted to FLAC. After that, you should copy the playing video URL through the YouTube page address bar.
  • Now, launch UniConverter on your computer. Then, go to the category called “Downloader.” It is located on the left-hand side. Just turn on the option “Download” and the “Convert Mode.” Those are located at the window. You can now go to the Audio Tab and select the option “FLAC.” After that, you are supposed to click on the preferred sound mode. Then, you should use the field labeled “File Location.”  That is exactly where the converted files will go.
convert youtube to FLAC Using Uniconverter
  • Now, please click on the “Paste URL.” It is found towards the top left corner. That will begin YouTube to FLAC download process. After completing the download process, you can launch it by clicking on the tab labeled “Finished.” Then, you will have to click “Open” so you can access the downloaded files there.
Convert YouTube to FLAC using UniConverter

Part 2: YouTube FLAC Conversion using

What if you don’t want to install any application on your PC to download YouTube to FLAC? What if you have a single job that doesn’t need a professional outcome?

If that’s the case, the best option is to convert YouTube to FLAC using an online tool. So, in this section of our article, we explain how to change YouTube to FLAC using an online tool.

Besides, did you know that you can download and convert videos easily with this powerful YouTube to MP3 converter – And here is a detailed guide for you.

Use to Convert YouTube to FLAC is provided for free so that you can use it without hassle. It can be used to convert those files with ease. The best thing about this tool is that it doesn’t require any installation process.

You only need to visit that tool’s official website and enter the video’s location. Also, the same tool allows you to locate files from the cloud (like Dropbox or Google Drive).

Use to convert YouTube to FLAC 

Part 3: Converting YouTube FLAC using Handbrake

Don’t you want to pay for a YouTube to FLAC converting tool and avoid online solutions? If so, you are supposed to check this option out. Handbrake is a decent solution that comes as an open-source application.

It is compatible with all operating systems like Windows, Linux, and even macOS. Handbrake has a large range of features. Live video preview, adding subtitles, getting filters, etc., are some features to mention.

With this, users have two options: a preset or use customized settings. They have presets that are optimized for various devices.

Convert Youtube to FLAC with Handbrake

Part 4: More Ways to Perform a YouTube FLAC Conversion

Below are two other handy methods to convert YouTube files into FLAC format. Although they may not be as impressive as other methods, they can do a pretty decent job.

01. Ontiva

Ontiva is a web-based tool that can do the job of a YouTube FLAC converter. You don’t need to possess any technical skills to use this application. It has a very simple interface, and the conversion process is straightforward.

A great thing about this application is that it lets you convert any number of videos. If those videos don’t have copyrights, the conversion can be done.



  • You can experience a very convenient conversion process with it and choose any audio or video format.
  • It is compatible with all file formats.


  • You will see plenty of advertisements when you work on its page because of the hyperlinks.

02. Catchvideo

Catchvideo is another handy tool that comes with all the features on the main page of the respective website. So, there is no requirement for you to refresh and change the output format.

In addition to that, the same tool can select different audio formats. Moreover, you can change the parameters like sample rate and bitrate.



  • It has all those options included on the homepage itself.
  • This application lets you use a wide range of audio preferences.


  • This page is mainly dedicated to downloading or converting audio files.

Part 5: Different Converters Compared

Operating systemUnique optionsCompatible file formatsPrice
Wondershare UniConvertermacOS and WindowsConvert videos and audio. It can download videos. Works as a merger and an editor. DVD burning tool and compressing.  Over 1000 formatsAvailable with free and paid versions
Online-Convert.comCompatible with all the OSConverts videos, downloads, edits, merges, and compresses them.Many formatsFree
HandbrakeWindows, macOS, and LinuxCustomized settings or presets.Many formatsFree
OntivaWorks with all the operating systemsIt is a downloader and a converterPretty much all the generally used formatsFree
CatchVideoWorks with all the operating systemsIt works as a downloader and a converterPretty much all the generally used formatsFree

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can I convert any YouTube video to FLAC?
    • Yes, you can convert any YouTube video to FLAC as long as you have a reliable converter or software that supports this conversion.
  2. Will converting YouTube to FLAC improve the audio quality?
    • Converting YouTube to FLAC won’t magically improve the audio quality of the source video. However, it will preserve the original audio fidelity without any quality loss.
  3. Are there any risks associated with using online converters?
    • While reputable online converters prioritize user privacy and security, it’s always recommended to use caution and verify the credibility of the converter before providing any personal information.
  4. Can I play FLAC files on my smartphone or portable music player?
    • FLAC is supported by many smartphones and portable music players. However, it’s advisable to check the device’s specifications or use a compatible media player to ensure FLAC playback.
  5. Are there any alternative lossless audio formats besides FLAC?
    • Yes, other lossless audio formats include ALAC (Apple Lossless Audio Codec) and WAV (Waveform Audio File Format). However, FLAC is widely supported and preferred due to its efficient compression and metadata support.


So, those are the options you can try when you need to change YouTube to FLAC. You can choose an online tool or a more stable application based on your requirement. If you do have any questions about this matter, keep us posted.


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