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Are you struggling to play OGG on Windows or Mac? Do you also face restrictions while playing OGG? If your answer is yes, then don’t worry.

This article will teach you how to become one of the best OGG file players on Mac and Windows.

Understanding OGG and Its Features

What is OGG?

OGG is a free, open container format maintained by the Xiph.Org Foundation. It allows users to store and stream high-quality digital multimedia. But what sets it apart from other formats?

Features of OGG

OGG files are known for their high-quality audio, often surpassing that of MP3s. They’re also smaller in size compared to many other audio file types, making them a popular choice for streaming. OGG also supports metadata, which means you can store information like track title, artist, and album right in the file.

How to Become an OGG Player?

Now that we know about OG. Let’s dive straight into the process of how to become an OGG player. We have a step-by-step process to play OGG on Mac and Windows.

Method 1: Try Xiph OGG QuickTime Component to Become an OGG Player on Mac.

  1. Go to the official website of Xiph Ogg and download the ‘Xiph Ogg QuickTime Component.’
  2. Now double-click on the .dmg option. 
  3. In .dmg, you will find the Xiph QT component file. Save that file in your ‘QuickTime Component Folder.’ To open the QuickTime folder, you first need to click the ‘User‘ option, then go to the library. In the library, you will find the QuickTime component option.
  4. After that, you need to navigate to the Ogg file in iTunes. If you don’t have this file, you need to add it to your iTunes library. 
  5. To add Ogg files to iTunes, open the iTunes application first, and click on ‘File Menu.’ Click on ‘Add to Library‘ and search for the Ogg file in your computer system. After that, tap on the ‘Choose‘ button to save the changes.
  6. Highlight the file of OGG and click the ‘Play‘ button. 

Plus, you can become an OGG player if you use Quicktime Player on your Mac after installing Xiph Ogg QuickTime Component.

Method 2: Use Free Media Player to Play OGG on Windows and macOS

Free Media Player is the most convenient way to play OGG on Windows and Mac. This software is compatible with all video and audio file formats.

The best part about the free media player is that it keeps the original quality of the audio and provides you with lossless audio quality. 

Furthermore, this player supports Dolby True HD audio and DTS-HD. In case you don’t know the process of how to access this media player to play OGG on Mac and Windows, then follow the following easy steps.

1: According to your computer system (Mac or Windows), download and install Free Media Player.

Free Media OGG File Player

2: After that, search for the ‘Open Files‘ option located on the main interface of the Free Media Player.

Alternatively, you can simply tap on the ‘File‘ located on the top menu and then navigate to ‘Open Files‘ to put the OGG file player. Now, you can very enjoy the audio of OGG on your Mac or Windows. 

Play OGG using Free Media OGG File Player

Top 10 OGG Players for Windows and macOS

1. Free Media Player (Windows and Mac)

Free Media Player for Mac

Free Media Player is an open-source media player application and is free of cost. It is available on OS X, Mac, and Linux. It has been 20 years since this multimedia player was released, and it is still popular among people.

Plus, the Media Player application is available in different languages, including English, Russian, Polish, Hungarian, and Spanish.

Furthermore, it supports almost all file formats, including FLV, MP4, A3GP, AVI, ALAC, OGG, AAC, DTS, etc.  

The most exciting thing about this media player is that it gives you one free OGG player to play OGG and different audio and video formats. 

2. VLC (Windows and Mac)

VLC OGG File Player

Another popular multimedia player, VLC Media Player or VLC, is an open-source application for OGG files player.

It helps you to open OGG files on different devices, including iPad, iPhone, Mac, Windows, and Linux. VLC uses the compression method to include streaming protocols, DVDs, and CDs.

In addition to opening OGG files, you can also convert other files into OGG. Also, it has an excellent audio recording feature. A very popular and efficient media player that allows you to play any OGG file player easily and quickly.

3. Miro (Originally Democracy Player or DTV)

Miro OGG File Player

Miro is another best audio, internet TV, and video application available on Windows, macOS, Linux, and FreeBSD.

It is compatible with both the formats of video and audio. This multimedia player enables you to download video or audio based on RSS channels.

Many files format are compatible with Miro, including MOV, MP3, AVI, MP4, OGG, M4A, and many more. Plus, it offers you the feature to convert between two video formats. Regardless of its amazing feature, the last update of Miro was in 2013.



MPC-HC is a lightweight, open-source multimedia player for 32-bit and 64-bit Windows. Even though its interface and mechanism may look simple, it provides every feature that modern multimedia players offer.

Plus, it is available in almost 30 languages, including Polish, Hebrew, English, etc. MPC-HC can also play codecs for DVD, 3GP, MP2, MP3, MP4, and many other formats.

5. Xion Audio Player

Xion Audio Player

Xion Audio Player is a light and open-source multimedia player. It is compatible with various audio formats, including an OGG file player. 

Plus, it has a powerful skinning mechanism that allows you to have animation support. It supports many audio file formats, including MP3, OGG, FLAC, WMA, and many more.

6. KMPlayer


KMPlayer is another beautiful and well-known multimedia player available on Windows. It also supports iOS and Android devices.

It allows you to open multiple files, including DVD, AAC, OGM, VCD, etc. Furthermore, it enables you to record videos and audio and capture screenshots.

So, if you want a modern multimedia player, KMPlayer provides the best service. The only disadvantage of KMPlayer is that it is only available on Windows.

7. 5KPlayer (Windows and Mac)


5KPlayer is one of the most dynamic OGG players in the market, which is not only compatible with multimedia players. Plus, it supports Spex, Themora, and Vorbis formats.

8. Free OGG Player (Windows)

Free OGG File Player

Once you subscribe to one free OGG file player, it provides you access to many OGG videos and audio and listens to music. The only downside about this media player is that it is only available on Windows.

9. Media Player Lite (Windows)

Media Player Lite

If you are a Windows user, you can easily access the OGG player without any major issues. You can play it on, plus you don’t have to use codecs.

10. Elmedia Player (Mac)

Elmedia Player

It has a simple interface, so Elmedia Player is one of the easiest and quickest to open OGG players and start playing without going through long steps. 

How Can I Play OGG Online?

The popular online OGG player is jPlayer. This online platform is open-source and free and created on JavaScript. It allows your web page to connect with cross-platform video and audio.

With the help of the jPlayer plugin, you can play OGG online. The process might look complicated. However, you can get a step-by-step process to use the jPlayer plugin and play OGG online.

OGG File Player Online - jPlayer

How can I play OGG on iOS or Android?

You have two options to play OGG on Android or iOS. First, you can either convert audio files into the format that OGG supports. Second, find an OGG player that helps you to play OGG on Android or iPhone.

With the help of the UniConverter, you can easily convert the OGG file into MP3, as well as convert YouTube to OGG with ease. Following are the features of UniConverter.

  • Save online audio and AVI video from famous sites like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, TED, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Vevo, Yahoo, etc.
  • Convert video format to MP3, AVI, FLAC, RMVB, and many other audios or video formats.
  • It is compatible with 4KUHD/1080p HD video conversions and downloads.
  • This software offers you amazing editing features. You can merge/rotate/crop/clip, adjust the output effects, and add a watermark.
  • Add more video and audio effects, including 3D, and increase its quality.
  • It also gives you a free hand over the track change in the video. You can easily remove the old track with a new one.
  • You can add text, watermarks, and images to the video clips. Plus, it allows you to change the text’s font, size, and color.   

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. What is an OGG file? An OGG file is a free, open container format that can store high-quality digital multimedia.
  2. How can I play an OGG file? You can play an OGG file using an OGG player such as VLC Media Player, Media Player Classic, or Foobar2000.
  3. Can I convert OGG files to another format? Yes, you can use online converters or software solutions to convert OGG files to other formats.
  4. What should I do if my OGG file doesn’t open? If your OGG file doesn’t open, ensure that you have the right software installed. If the file still doesn’t open, it could be corrupt.
  5. What should I do if my OGG file sounds poor? If your OGG file sounds poor, try using a different player or check your speaker settings.


In this article, we have covered every topic that will help you to become an OGG player. Also, we have included different multimedia players that support the OGG file format.

We will recommend you read this full article to know in-depth about this topic. If you have questions regarding OGG files, comment below and let us know.


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