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Top YouTube Vloggers

The top YouTube vloggers are the king of content, and they know exactly what it takes to become the best YouTube bloggers.

They post videos regularly on YouTube, and the content ranges over a variety of categories. These videos are absolute quality productions and a reflection of the lives and careers of the vloggers making them.

We are going to list the most popular YouTube vloggers across different categories. Read on.

Criteria for Top YouTube Vloggers

Determining the top YouTube vloggers is a subjective task, as different creators cater to diverse audiences and niches. However, several factors contribute to their recognition and success.

These factors include subscriber count, video views, engagement metrics (such as likes, comments, and shares), content quality, consistency, and the ability to connect with their audience.

Top YouTube Vloggers – Fitness channels

These vlogging channels have content about daily fitness activities, including workouts, meals, and other health info.

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MattDoesFitness – Top YouTube Vlogger

YouTube video

Matt exhibits his love for family, food, and bodybuilding in his videos, exhibiting tough physical challenges, intensive training sessions, laughable cheat days, and much more.

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Natacha Océane – Top YouTube Vlogger

YouTube video

This glamorous sprinter and athlete share her experience of studying Biophysics and tips on workout and healthy eating with the 600k fans.

Stephanie Buttermore – Top YouTube Vlogger

YouTube video

Her channel has the best combination of videos of different categories like Vlogs, education, and fitness and gives the best information based on scientific facts.

Jeff Nippard – Top YouTube Vlogger

YouTube video

This bodybuilder and competitive powerlifter focuses on teaching drug-free weightlifting routines and other safe methods of building muscles and weight training.

Fitness Marshall – Top YouTube Vlogger

YouTube video

Run by Caleb, this channel includes tempo dancing workouts that are a great combination of dance and exercises, along with some popping music.

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Top YouTube Vloggers – Beauty Channels

These channels are about the highlights of the trends in the beauty world and beyond.

Huda Beauty

YouTube video

Run by Huda Kattan, this channel features the beauty brand’s Iraqi-American cultural inheritance and tips on the latest beauty trends.

Carli Bybel

YouTube video

Another gem among the top YouTube vloggers, Carli, can do everything, including fashion, hair, makeup, and engaging storyteller vlogs.


YouTube video

This channel of Nikkie de Jagger is a true beauty powerhouse that showcases the transformative power of makeup and has also featured many celebrities.


YouTube video

This channel is run by Mykie, who makes makeup videos for creating those horror and other special effects by incorporating her self-learned techniques.

Top YouTube Vloggers – Business channels

These channels have experienced business personnel sharing their experiences, mistakes, and inspirations to teach other people in the same field.

Marie Forleo

YouTube video

Named the thought leader of the coming generation, she inspires people with her ideas and tips to help people make money and achieve the desired lifestyle.

Jordan Platten

YouTube video

One of the best YouTube vloggers, he is a mentor, author, and speaker to a lot of global entrepreneurs who post weekly vlogs about pursuing a better lifestyle.

Neil Patel

YouTube video

He runs this YouTube channel, which focuses on the different aspects of marketing, a hard-learned lesson for him.

Mike Vestil

YouTube video

He calls himself the digital nomad as he travels around the world, like to South America, Europe, and Asia. He also possesses several online businesses and makes videos on the same.

Top YouTube Vloggers – Gaming channels

The gaming industry saw a boom in recent years, and so did the gaming channels on YouTube, where some of the top YouTube vloggers reviewed various games and let people play together.


YouTube video

Felix runs the channel where he plays a huge variety of games and has been doing so for the past nine years. The content is various and highly loved by over 102 million fans of his.


YouTube video

Anthony, a gaming YouTuber, runs this channel and posts videos about himself playing the games and reviewing them at the same time.


YouTube video

Yasmin is the channel owner who posts videos in the two series- Gaming Commentary and Let’s Play, and loves to play Minecraft.


YouTube video

Run by Tiffany Garcia, this channel includes gaming videos and content on DIYs and cooking. Sims, Minecraft, and Just Dance are some of the most featured games.


YouTube video

Turner Tenney runs the channel where he displays his exceptional Twitch streaming and Fortnite gaming techniques.

Top YouTube Vloggers – Family Channels

These are amazing channels for family entertainment from the best YouTube vloggers.

The ACE Family

YouTube video

It’s the channel of Austin and Catherine, who post vlogs of their mundane and special experiences with the children.

The LaBrant Fam – Top YouTube Vlogger

YouTube video

Their two daughters, Savannah and Cole are the main features of this channel, full of their fun activities.


YouTube video

Anna, Jonathan, children, and dogs make exciting videos to showcase their daily lives, which is nothing close to boring.

8 Passengers

It is a channel with the largest family among the top YouTube vloggers of this category, where they document their journey into settling as a family.

The Bafana Family

Run by Marv and Nikky, their family exhibits the experiences of special weddings or children’s first school days.

Top YouTube Vloggers – Celebrity YouTube vloggers

These channels are very popular among users as they let them know closely about their favorite celebrities turned top YouTube vloggers.

Will Smith

YouTube video

He is the perfectionist icon who doesn’t need an introduction. He posts about his work, family, and life in the vlogs, which are full of humor.

Shay Mitchelle

YouTube video

Having starred in Pretty Little Liars, she posts videos of her beauty routines and other daily life activities and events.

Victoria Beckham

YouTube video

She is the ultimate name in the fashion world that fame cannot forget. She gives backstage tips on casting, fashion shows, and video shoots.

Adam Savage

YouTube video

He is a creator who works with special effects, fabrication, and other elements to design and produce interesting videos that are very insightful.

Kylie Jenner

YouTube video

This billionaire is the youngest among the best YouTube vloggers who are self-made and gives a peek into her life in the videos.

Top YouTube Vloggers – Food channels

These channels feature videos on a variety of content that ranges from recipe demonstrations to restaurant reviews.

Gordon Ramsey

YouTube video

He is a very popular chef who exhibits his culinary skills and talent in weekly vlogs on YouTube.

Caitlin Shoemaker

YouTube video

She is a queen of cooking vegan food and creates lip-smacking dishes for all sorts of events.

Binging with Babish

YouTube video

The good thing about these videos is that they focus more on the process, and there are different playlists with categories of meals, recipes, etc.

Laura in the Kitchen

YouTube video

This channel has videos about the culinary experiences and cooking experiencing tips of the host Laura.

Simnett Nutrition

YouTube video

Run by Derek, the videos have tips on cooking vegan food, plant-based diet, and nutritious food that have factual backing.

Top YouTube Vloggers – Tech channels

The top tech YouTube vloggers get everything from reviewing the latest gadgets to giving tips on tech ventures.

Linus tech tips

YouTube video

Linus runs four channels for his tech vlogs, which have entertaining and informative videos on product reviews and other tech devices.

Marques Brownlee

YouTube video

He is a huge fan of almost all consumer devices with a special love for screens; it is rare to find any screen device that goes un-reviewed by Marques.

Jenna Ezarik

YouTube video

Being the first female tech vlogger, she makes unique app review videos that come under the various categories of family, candy, travel, and gaming.


YouTube video

Run by Arun, the channel has videos about physical products and software reviews with easily comprehendible language and tone.


YouTube video

This is one of the most versatile tech channels that involves videos on tech, food, gaming, and travel.

Top YouTube Vloggers – Travel channels

These channels from the best YouTube vloggers act as the perfect medium for activating the viewers’ wanderlust.

FunForLouis – Top YouTube Vlogger

YouTube video

Louis travels around the world and posts the funny moment of his travelogues in the videos.

Jenelle Eliana – Top YouTube Vlogger

YouTube video

These outstanding vloggers posts about her major adventures, a company of snakes, and the van life.

Max & Lee – Top YouTube Vlogger

YouTube video

This couple journeys around in a customized sprinter van and documents the entire journey in their videos.

Eamon & Bec

YouTube video

This power couple loves going around in their van and traveling to spread the message of positivity, a vegan lifestyle, and a green environment.

Homemade Wanderlust

YouTube video

Dixie documents some of the most adventurous hikes she has taken as a pro hiker and filmmaker, too, on international hiking.

Top YouTube Vloggers – Animal channels

The videos on these channels document the lives of men with animals.

Brian Barcyzk

YouTube video

He has many pet reptiles and other pets and exhibits life aspects like diets and enclosures.

Zak George’s Dog Training Revolution

YouTube video

The channel has dog training tips related to everything about their routine.

Paul Cuffaro

YouTube video

He is passionate about water animals, and you can see a lot of fish and other aquatic animals on his channel.


  1. Q: How do YouTube vloggers make money? A: YouTube vloggers can earn money through ads, sponsorships, merchandise sales, and brand collaborations.
  2. Q: Are YouTube vloggers considered celebrities? A: While YouTube vloggers have gained significant fame and recognition, the term “celebrity” can be subjective. They have a dedicated fan base and influence in the digital sphere.
  3. Q: Can anyone become a successful YouTube vlogger? A: With dedication, creativity, and persistence, anyone can pursue a career as a YouTube vlogger. However, success depends on various factors such as content quality, audience engagement, and consistency.
  4. Q: Do YouTube vloggers need expensive equipment? A: While high-quality equipment can enhance the production value of videos, many successful vloggers started with minimal resources. Content and storytelling are often more important than the equipment used.
  5. Q: How do YouTube vloggers engage with their audience? A: YouTube vloggers engage with their audience through comments, live chats, social media platforms, and meet-and-greet events. They prioritize building a community and fostering interaction.

Conclusion on Top YouTube Vloggers

The list of top YouTube vloggers is not over, and some other noteworthy names are Hannah Hart, Josh Peck, Casey Neistat, David Dobrick, and many others.

Add these to your subscription list to continue enjoying a regular dosage of entertainment every day.


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