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GoPro Helmet Mount

If you go for a bike ride over the mountains and want to shoot the journey, a GoPro helmet mount will be your best partner.

Most adventurous outdoor activities don’t let you shoot videos by holding the camera with your hands. It’s here that mounting cameras help that specifically aim at POV footage.

We dedicate this article to bringing you the ten best helmet mounts by go pro that will meet all your shoot needs and ensure the best recordings.

Which Can Be the Best Gopro Helmet Mount?

To help you make a better decision, let us give you the ten best options that you can choose from:

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1. GoPro Helmet Front + Side Mount

GoPro Helmet Front + Side Mount

This amazing mount is compatible with all GoPro cameras. It is made of polycarbonate material, which ensures amazing durability to it.

The best part to note about the mount is that it can get attached to the front portion of the helmet or at the side. It will be an investment worth it because it does what it says.

The closing of the helmet remains secured from falling off, no matter what. This is because the straps attach together with a hyper-sticking adhesive that keeps holding.

The plate is designed very carefully, which has the GoPro camera attached to it by a thumb screw and a mounting buckle that comes pre-set with the order.

You can adjust the helmet mount to the exact position you want. The swivel mount rotates in any direction so that you don’t miss out on any great shots.

There are only two drawbacks with this GoPro helmet mount- the permanent adhesive and the adhesive mount, which doesn’t sit well with certain other helmets.

2. GoPro Vented Helmet Strap

GoPro Vented Helmet Strap

Another unique product by GoPro will be your go-to option if you own a vented headgear. As the name suggests, these are straps that fit on vented helmets as they are compatible with very few types of camera mounts.

These straps settle the camera on top of the helmet. These are light in weight and small, which makes them easy to use. They work with all GoPro cameras.

The straps are made of fabric and do not compromise the comfort that you get with vented headgear as they weave in and out of the hole openings. They follow the one-size-fits-all principle and can be easily adjusted to fit just right.

You can also easily access the camera with these straps by pressing a toggle button that will release it straight into your hands.

There is no direct con with this GoPro helmet mount, just that the overall experience is too simple for any high expectations.

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3. GoPro Ball Joint Buckle

GoPro Ball Joint Buckle

One more item in the list of products by GoPro, which can embellish your gear bag, is this joint buckle that can fit anything from dash cams to helmets.

These are general purposes and can join almost any GoPro camera with the screw look. It’s highly versatile, for it can get attached to any surface, be it a bike, car, or other sports gear.

The best thing about the buckle is the swivel technology that allows it to rotate in any direction without requiring any change in the position or angle of the camera.

It also has got ball joints that are flexible enough to allow a level of maneuverability. A locking plug completes the deal as it locks the cam even more securely.

The flaw lies in the tension of the ball joints, which can’t be adjusted. You may have a little difficult time adjusting the rigid screws.

4. GoPro Flat + Curved Adhesive Mounts

GoPro Flat + Curved Adhesive Mounts

Yet another great product by GoPro will act as a package deal for you with the three mounts each for both the curved and flat surface; thus, you can use them for any kind of helmet that you have.

Not just that, you can latch them onto surfboards, quadcopters, boats, or any other item. Made of sturdy polycarbonate material, they fit well with every GoPro camera.

This GoPro helmet mount has a simple design and is easy to use on land and underwater. It implies that they are waterproof and can be used for any general purpose.

The camera mounts are attached to the helmet with the help of industry-strong adhesives that keep them in position no matter what you do.

You can stick them easily onto the surface by peeling them off and pressing them firmly. They are easily removable with heat blown over them, which makes them repealable.

5. Proshot Helmet Cam Mounting System

Proshot Helmet Cam Mounting system

This camera mount is a wholesome package of features built to give you a fantastic shooting experience. It offers a stable functioning with considerable technologies deemed much more durable when taken good care of. The helmet is made of good quality plastic that imparts toughness to it. It fits well with most GoPro cameras.

The camera settles at the chin, and the whole mount is strongly attached to the helmet with the help of velcro straps. They just snap to the place and also provide more stability to the camera footage by holding the camera in place. The footage quality remains high, with no vibrations hindering it.

A distinguishing feature of this GoPro helmet mount – is the red light that blinks to show the camera’s position. It just sounds basic but proves to be helpful by keeping you aware that the camera is located rightly. This way, you won’t lose it anywhere.

The only con with the mounting system is that the velcro straps are not adjustable, which might make the whole experience very inconvenient at times.

Pro Standard Super Visor Helmet Mount (Race Legal)

These racing helmets by the brand Pro Standard combine the best of technologies to give an amazing shooting experience. Made of plastic resin material, this helmet is highly durable and almost unbreakable.

It’s compatible with most GoPro cameras, and they mount under the visors that break away. It’s a multipurpose tool as it fits any kind of visor; they are peaked, flat, or curved.

The key element of the mount is its “low-profile,” which means that it is placed 7mm lower than the normal position of other mounts. The advantage is a unique shot perspective, less dirt entering the camera, and secure and stable footage. The high-quality adhesive securely holds the mount in place.

Another great thing about this product is that they are legally permitted by UCI for most of the major racing leagues like BMX, MTB, and ATV.

One drawback that can be ascertained here is that the overall durability remains untrustworthy. The camera is mounted on the flimsy helmet portion, which makes it vulnerable to falling.

7. Surewo Motorcycle Helmet Chin Mount

Surewo Motorcycle Helmet Chin Mount

This mount by the brand Surewo is another great product that will fit well on any helmet surface, be it curved or flat.

This is the TRP of this product, as it comes with sticky pads that work well for any type of surface and are also waterproof. You just need to pick the right adhesive or any helmet you use for any activity.

The mount rests on the chin portion, which makes it easy to set anytime. The 4 joints on the mount are adjustable and connected through a screw. Each joint can rotate at 180 degrees to give you the right shot. A free tie-off kit comes with the package.

The only con is that it is made of plastic material, which is low on durability if given heavy duty. The sticky pads also start peeling away after some time. They work with all the cameras by GoPro.

8. Surewo Aluminium Ball Joint

Surewo Aluminium Ball Joint

As the name suggests itself, the TRP of this helmet mount by Surewo is the sturdy material it is made of. With the help of precision CNC machining, they cast aluminum alloy into the helmet, which makes it highly rigid. The product is high in durability, and you don’t have to fear deformation no matter what activity you indulge in.

In addition to the security of the helmet is made by the sandblasted surface, which is also given anti-cathode oxidized treatment to make it corrosion-free. It is highly versatile as it can serve multiple activities by getting fixated on bards, cars, bikes, helmets, etc.

The ball joints make the mount easy to use and efficient with the tight screws that hold it tightly in place. The swivel mount allows the camera to rotate 360 degrees for a comprehensive shooting experience. You get a multi-angle perspective to get amazing footage.

9. Telesin GoPro Helmet Chin Mount

Telesin GoPro Helmet Chin Mount

The best among the full-face GoPro helmet mount promises the best combination of simple functions and advanced features. Designed to make the camera sit on the chin portion, the helmet is made of PVC plastic, rubber, and polyester, which increases its durability factor manifolds.

The build is simple; it has got adjustable straps that can serve any kind of usage, from recording while skydiving or cycling.

However, it gets advanced with the addition of the J-hooks that aim at keeping the mount stable so that the footage doesn’t get any vibrations. It also comes with a quick-release mechanism that lets you check the camera recording at any time. The mount lets every GoPro camera fit in nicely.

The drawback is that the visor doesn’t close fully, and the wind may keep whipping at your face. You will need earplugs and goggles to reduce the noise and debris impact.

10. Full Face Helmet Chin Mount for GoPro

Full Face Helmet Chin Mount

This camera mount can settle down well on any full-face helmet where it sits on the chin portion. It works well with all the GoPro cameras, and you can easily access the camera on the mounted device.

The mount has been engineered from the best combination of aircraft-grade aluminum, nylon web, injection-molded plastic, and a mini cell foam. All these materials make the product highly durable.

The chin positioning of the camera gives the advantage of unique filming perspectives and angles for stable POV footage. The video would seem to be shot from an eye angle, making it more lively. You can easily attach or detach the mount and latch it with any outer mic placed inside the helmet.

Tips for Getting the Best Footage with a Helmet Mount

To capture the best footage with your GoPro helmet mount, consider the following tips:

1. Adjusting the Camera Angle

Experiment with different camera angles to find the one that best captures the action and provides the desired perspective. Tilt the camera slightly up or down to achieve the optimal framing.

2. Using Image Stabilization

If your GoPro camera has image stabilization features, enable them to reduce shakiness in your footage. This will result in smoother and more professional-looking videos.

3. Checking Mount Stability

Before starting your activity, ensure that the helmet mount and camera are securely attached. Give the camera a gentle shake to verify its stability. This step is crucial to avoid unexpected detachment during your adventure.

Comparison of GoPro Helmet Mounts

When selecting a GoPro helmet mount, consider the following factors for comparison:

1. Mount Compatibility

Check the mount’s compatibility with your specific GoPro camera model to ensure a proper fit and attachment.

2. Mount Adjustability

Consider the mount’s adjustability features, such as the ability to change the camera angle or rotate the mount, to achieve the desired framing.

3. Mount Durability

Look for mounts made from high-quality materials that can withstand rugged conditions. A durable mount will provide long-lasting performance and protect your GoPro camera.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Can I use a GoPro helmet mount for other action cameras?

Most GoPro helmet mounts are specifically designed for GoPro cameras. However, some mounts may be compatible with other action camera brands. Always check the product specifications or consult with the manufacturer to ensure compatibility.

2. Is it easy to remove the mount from the helmet?

Removing the mount from your helmet depends on the specific mount design. Some mounts use adhesive pads, while others may have straps or buckles. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for proper removal to avoid any damage to your helmet or the mount itself.

3. Are there any safety concerns with using a helmet mount?

When using a helmet mount, it’s essential to ensure that it doesn’t compromise the safety or functionality of your helmet. Avoid obstructing vents, visors, or other essential helmet features. Additionally, regularly inspect the mount and attachment to ensure they remain secure during use.

4. Can I use a helmet mount for non-helmet activities?

While helmet mounts are primarily designed for helmet use, they can also be adapted for certain non-helmet activities. However, it’s important to ensure that the mount is securely attached and doesn’t interfere with your safety or performance during the activity.

5. Can I attach additional accessories to a helmet mount?

Some helmet mounts have accessory attachment points, allowing you to add extra features like lights or microphones. Check the specifications of your specific mount to see if it supports additional accessories. Ensure that any accessories you attach do not compromise the stability or safety of the mount and helmet.


Make your way through these best products to get that one perfect GoPro helmet mount that will do the job just right for you.

All of these ensure great results, and you can make a great pick by focusing on the essential aspects which we have mentioned.

If you don’t want to lose your memory, get yourself one of these camera mounts before you go on the next trip!


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