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Fax Number Lookup

Did you ever wonder if it is possible to perform a fax number lookup? If yes, here’s an all-inclusive article for you to read and learn.

Even if you are a total novice, you will find these methods feasible because they are very easy.

Overview of Fax Machine

Overview of Fax Machine

The fax machine is common knowledge at this point. It’s considered to be a pioneering form of communicating that evolved among modern-day humans. Some time ago, faxes and fax numbers were at the core of communication and were routinely shared.

We may be far removed from those times, but fax machines can still be used frequently in many businesses. Interestingly, it is available in some homes throughout the world.

Faxes are still frequently employed in the legal system, the dissemination of government documents, and the medical field.

Electronically transmitting documents over a telephone line is the primary function of a fax machine. You may easily obtain a company’s fax number by visiting its website or calling the company directly.

Now, assume that you want to find your personal fax number easily. In that case, you can dial a personal mobile phone from a fax machine and check the caller ID.

Do you have a fax number, and are you concerned about tracing the sender of the fax? If so, a Reverse fax number lookup is your only option.

How to Perform a Fax Number Lookup on Any Business?

Now, we are about to find out how to perform a fax number lookup of a business.

There are several different methods to get it done, and mentioned below are the most effective ones.

Besides, if you wonder how to trace a TextNow number, mentioned below is a detailed description of methods to do a successful TextNow number lookup for you.

Solution 1: Look for the Fax Number on the Business’s Official Website  

When looking for a fax number for a company, the first place to look is the company’s website. If a fax number is not displayed on the website, further research is required.

To do so, visit the business’s website and navigate to the page called “Contact Us.” You’ll then be able to view all the different ways you can get in touch with the company.

After that, you can put those methods into practice. It’s true that not every company uses the same format or includes the same details on their official website.

However, the vast majority of them will include a fax number in addition to a contact number. That’s in addition to the email address and their social media profiles.

Solution 2: Do an Internet Search

If the respective fax number isn’t included on the company’s website, you might try doing an online search. To do so, just go to your preferred search engine. After that, type in the company’s name.

After typing in the company’s name, you must then insert the “fax number” immediately following the name. This will narrow down your search even more. You must now press the “enter” key.

After that, look through the returned search results to see whether another website has a fax number.

Well, the fax numbers of the desired website could be available on alternative websites. The online versions of phone books are another option for locating a fax number. Some online resources provide a list of fax lines for various businesses.

Solution 3: Contact the Respective Business and Ask for the Fax Number

One of the most obvious ways to do a fax number lookup is this old-school method. As per this method, you are supposed to call the respective company and ask for their fax number. You can simply call them and check if you can get their Fax number.

It is true that pretty much all business websites come with a dedicated “Contact Us” section. And most of those sites have a contact number so you can contact them for any queries.

On the other hand, some websites may even have mentioned their fax number directly. If the fax number is not there, just note down the contact number and call it. If they have a fax number, they will never hesitate to offer it to you.

What if They Don’t Have a Phone Number?

Assume that they don’t have a phone number mentioned in the “contact us” section. In that case, you might be able to find an email address to contact them. With this, you should simply drop them an email and ask for the fax number.

The truth, however, is that calling the respective company is the most convenient and quickest option. In fact, no one can guarantee that you will get a result through email. Even if they reply, it may take a considerable amount of time.

So, that’s how to perform a fax number lookup using different methods.

Also, let’s dive into this completed guide on the best reverse email lookup free services to find the most effective ways to uncover information behind any email address.

Is It Possible to See Who Owns a Given Fax Number?

Now that you know how to do a fax number lookup. Let’s learn the exact opposite of that.

In other words, let’s learn how to do a reverse number lookup easily and successfully. There are a couple of different methods to learn if you want to do it. So, here’s how to do it.

Solution 1: Track the Recent Faxes You Have Received

You need to locate a 10-digit contact number on that printed fax page that was sent to you. To do that, you should look at its bottom (or the top).

The following step requires you to examine the information presented on the digital display of the fax device. Then, you should go to the “recent faxes” option. 

Let’s assume that you wish to discover the fax number that you wish to trace. In that case, you will have to go through the newest faxes at this point.

Say, you’re going to take such a step. In that case, you should always make sure that you have the area code on hand as well. This will be of additional assistance to you in narrowing down your alternatives and finding the right path.

Solution 2: Perform a Reverse Search for the Fax Number

Let’s assume that you’re unable to find the owner of a fax number using the first method. If so, there is a second reliable option. To do this, you will need to conduct a reverse fax number search via a specialized website.

Online phone books are a lot like traditional phone books. They provide easy access to a wide variety of useful information for their readers.

The term “reverse number lookup” refers to the process of using the contact information to find a user’s identity. It can be a company or a person.

This method is completely different from the more common practice of using the name to identify the number.

Online Telephone Directories Are Absolutely Handy

Searching the web for “phone directory” should return several results from which you may choose an online phone book. The best option here is to use a phone book that actively promotes reverse phone lookups.

Entering the fax number itself into directory sites is the initial step in this method. You should navigate straight to the tab called “Reverse Phone,” located on the directory’s webpage upon arrival.

You’ll need to select that menu item, type the fax number within the search bar, and hit “enter.” Then, a fax will be sent.  

The information related to that phone number, including the business address and name, will appear in a new window. If the organization already has a fax number, you should have no trouble obtaining that, either. So, that’s a very handy approach if you want to do a reverse fax number lookup.  

Running a Reverse Search for Fax Numbers

The first step is to obtain a fax number. The next step is to search online for reliable directories. There is no shortage of services that demand payment before you may use their search engine. They’ll charge you a fee for the data.

Always use caution, and be sure to check the site’s credibility before committing any personal information. There are numerous fraudulent sites around nowadays that can only grab the money and deliver bogus information to you. Provider-affiliated websites may provide this service at no cost to their visitors.

You’ll need to provide the respective fax number in a text field on the site that provides this service. Once you’ve entered the relevant information and clicked the search feature, the website will scour its database. This is done to find the corresponding contact.

There is a price to pay for details about yourself, such as your name. Numerous online resources exist for tracking down the respective owner of an unknown fax number. Below are two options that will surely meet your needs.

Option 01: Intelius


Intelius is a web-based tool that provides instant access to a database containing every landline number in the US. Complete details such as name, carrier info, email, family, and even address are available.

With that said, the users are required to pay the price between $0.99 and $4.99. You can get a free map of the city, but any additional details will cost you. Services such as these and more are available through the site.

For instance, it acquires property records, people, and emails. In addition to using the website, you can also download an app for your iPhone or Android device. So, those who like to do fax number lookups will find this tool to be very handy.

Option 02: Spokeo


Spokeo is another online database you may search to find information that is valuable for you. For instance, it finds who the user is and what public records are available about them.

This specific service provides the owner’s name, location history, address, and even the DoB. And it can be obtained for a cost of 0.95 USD to 1.95 USD.

The details of your transaction are kept secret. Fifty reverse phone lookups are included in a plan that costs between $39.95 and $49.95.

Another option is to use a website like WhitePages. Are you still unable to locate the identity of the owner after searching these resources? If so, you may need to call the service provider (for the fax service) directly.

In addition, if you want to know how to find out where someone works, we discuss various methods to do it easily via third party search tools, social media, etc.


  1. Can I perform a fax number lookup for free? While some methods offer free access to limited information, more comprehensive results may require paid services or subscriptions. Consider the value of the information you seek and choose a method accordingly.
  2. Is it legal to perform a fax number lookup? As long as you use the obtained information within legal and ethical boundaries, performing a fax number lookup is generally permissible. However, it’s crucial to respect privacy and comply with applicable laws and regulations.
  3. Are fax numbers still relevant in today’s digital age? Despite advancements in communication technology, fax numbers remain relevant in certain industries and professional settings. Many organizations still rely on fax for secure document transmission.
  4. Can I find personal fax numbers using these methods? While personal fax numbers might be harder to find than business fax numbers, some methods, such as social media platforms and professional networking sites, can provide insights into individuals’ contact details.
  5. What should I do if I cannot find the fax number I’m looking for? If your initial attempts are unsuccessful, consider reaching out to the entity directly or seeking professional assistance from investigators or specialized services.


After reading the above, you can realize how easy it is to perform a fax number lookup. You can do it effortlessly with a simple workaround and access to the right kind of tools.

With one of the above methods, you can locate fax numbers even if they belong to a total stranger.

Apart from fax number lookup, you can even do a reverse search. Such an approach becomes handy if you want to find more details associated with a given fax number.

The tools mentioned in the latter part of our article will help you do a reverse number lookup. Please let us know if you have other doubts about this specific matter.


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