TextNow Number Lookup – How to Do It for Free?

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Did you end up reading this article as you want to try a free TextNow number lookup method?

Well, you are spot on as we explain the hands-on methods to accomplish this goal successfully. So, let’s go ahead and find out how to do it.

About TextNow

Have you been receiving unwanted calls or texts from a virtual mobile number lately? And would you like to learn if it is from TextNow?

Do you also want to know who is responsible for this action? Have no fear, for you have found the correct location to find out the solutions.

It is true that the number cannot be traced because TextNow is regarded as a good VoIP service.

However, the user can still be located with some workaround. Check out this post to learn the simple steps required to perform a TextNow lookup.

TextNow Number Lookup Free – Is It Even Possible?


TextNow, much like Google Voice, allows customers to get their own personal contact numbers. This specific number can be used for free Wi-Fi-based calls and texts. It’s compatible with not just mobile devices but also desktops and laptops.

It is usually quite challenging to trace VoIP numbers or determine who is using them. Assume that a number is being actively used.

If so, it will leave traces that can be traced in the same way that ordinary phone numbers do. This is specifically true if the owner has published it online or linked it to certain accounts.

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So, How Can You Look Up a TextNow Number?

In the following, we’ve compiled three tried-and-true strategies for tracing the rightful owner of an unknown TextNow number.

The first step is to utilize Google and other social networking search engines at no cost. That is the best way to try if you want to perform a TextNow number lookup free. If you’re still having no luck, try using a reverse phone lookup program designed for business.

That said, mentioned below is a detailed description of all those methods to do a successful TextNow number lookup.

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Solution 1: Use Google

First, let’s assume that the TextNow number you’re trying to locate has been listed online due to some reason.

If so, Google may be able to help you locate relevant web pages, sites, or profiles. To get only precise outcomes from a Google search, include quotation marks “” on either side of the number.

Google doesn’t promise that the data is correct, so you have to check each page by yourself. Anyway, this is a much simpler method to consider, so you may try this one first. It doesn’t cost you anything, so we recommend that you start with this solution before proceeding to others.

In addition, if you wonder how to find someone free of charge, don’t worry; here, we explain the most practical methods of finding someone online for you.

Solution 2: Perform a Social Media Search

When creating multiple social media profiles, many individuals tend to request a virtual phone number. If you can track down those profiles, you’ll be able to identify the owner of that number.

The search bars of popular social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn all provide this specific functionality.

It allows you to seek up users through their contact numbers. Look through the linked profile for further information.

Perform a Social Media Search

However, this specific trick works only if those users have registered their profiles using the phone number.

Or, such profiles can be searched if the contact details are made visible by the user through privacy settings.

So, you should go ahead and try this social media search as the second option. It may or may not deliver results at once, but it is a free method to try.

Solution 3: Use a Dedicated Phone Lookup System

You can easily discover who owns that TextNow numbers and dig into their background with the correct tool.

This means a specialized phone lookup software that compiles billions of telephone directories and other public records. Such tools come with very smart, powerful algorithms to ensure excellent results.

However, what you must know is that pretty much all of those tools are paid services. So, if you are looking for a TextNow number lookup free, these may not be the best.

On the other hand, they don’t cost much; some services charge only a nominal amount. Anyway, below are those options for your reference.

01. Intelius

If you need to look for someone by phone number, we recommend a service like Intelius. Information such as the name of the owner, location, age, and prospective relatives can be found with this tool.

In addition to that, it can find associated profiles and more, thanks to the smart algorithm it uses. Like using any other search engine, it’s really simple to operate. There is no rocket science behind it.

You can simply visit the official website of Intelius and key in the respective phone number. Then, all you need is to sit tight for this website to get the job done.


Once the scan is completed, you will be given a confidential, comprehensive report by Intelius. It comprises plenty of information, and what else can you ask for?

Intelius Phone Lookup

02. BeenVerified

Another legitimate company that offers reasonably priced access to various public records is called BeenVerified. It makes it possible to locate practically anyone quickly and easily with name, email ID, or phone number.

In addition to that, it can even find physical addresses, or VIN, by combining multiple sorts of search tools. So, BeenVerified is a powerful tool that helps you perform a successful TextNow number lookup.  


All you need is to input the respective TextNow number in the given field within the BeenVerified home page. You can use any web browser to achieve this. Then, BeenVerified will start the scan for you.

After identifying the number, you will be given a report with all the details. Once the payment is made, you can access that information easily.

BeenVerified Phone Lookup

03. Spokeo

Spokeo is a sophisticated people finder that provides users with access to billions of telephone directories.

In addition to that, it has access to white page entries that can be searched. The search for a previous phone number can be conducted on fixed lines or mobile calls.

In addition to that, it can search for numbers associated with VoIP services as well. To put it another way, it functions similarly to a private investigator. However, it does the same job significantly more quickly and at a lower cost.

To get started with a search, go to the main page of Spokeo and provide the TextNow number.


After locating a match, Spokeo will provide a detailed report. It includes the name of the owner (of the TextNow number) and other details.

Moreover, Spokeo keeps updating the data and notifying you about new information. So, if you want a very efficient method to look up a TextNow number, Spokeo is ideal.

Spokeo Phone Lookup

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What You Must Know About TextNow

Free phone calls and messages over WiFi are available with the most basic version of the TextNow app. The drawback is that a totally different phone number is given to you by TextNow.

You will get it when you install the program. Will this be a huge drawback? Definitely not. As a matter of fact, your calls are completely free.

Also, the TextNow application can only be used in the United States and Canada. You will need to choose a different app for free calls if you live outside of these locations.

That means you should choose one that’s compatible with your country’s regulations. However, the ability to receive unlimited calling and texting is appreciable. All your loved ones need to do to reach you is save your TextNow number and dial it.

Easily understood, right? So, what else can You ask TextNow to do? There’s quite a bit, in fact. It allows you to redirect calls, has voicemails, and even a transcript of your voicemails. That is in addition to its support for GIFs, Stickers, and Emojis.

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Is a TextNow number lookup always accurate? While a TextNow number lookup can provide valuable information, its accuracy may vary. It’s important to cross-reference the details from multiple sources for more reliable results.

2. Are there any free services for TextNow number lookup? Yes, there are free reverse phone lookup services that can provide information about TextNow numbers. However, they may have limitations in terms of available data or frequency of use.

3. Can I find the location of a TextNow number through a lookup? In some cases, a TextNow number lookup may provide information about the general location associated with the number. However, the level of accuracy may vary, especially for virtual phone numbers.

4. Can I perform a TextNow number lookup anonymously? Yes, you can perform a TextNow number lookup without revealing your identity. Online services and platforms typically keep your searches confidential.

5. Can I use a TextNow number lookup to trace harassing messages? Performing a TextNow number lookup can help you identify the source of harassing messages. However, it’s important to involve the appropriate authorities if you feel threatened or unsafe.


Above are the most practical options for our readers to use when conducting a reverse search for TextNow numbers. As you may know, TextNow might not always share any information about its users with you.

However, this specific service collects users’ data such as name, email ID, and even IP address.

That said, what if the calls from the unknown number caused you significant harm? What if they keep bothering you? In that case, the best option is to seek assistance from the appropriate legal authorities.

What’s your favorite TextNow number lookup tool? Please share your thoughts.


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