Top 10 Free PimEyes Alternative in 2023

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Possibly, you ended up reading this article as you are curious about the best PimEyes alternative.

Well, you will not be disappointed as this article reveals the best tools you can use instead of Pimeyes.

Why Do You Want a Free PimEyes Alternative?

As you may already know, PimEyes works as a reverse image searcher. It also works as a facial recognition tool. In general, PimEyes has decent functionality, and it meets expectations pretty much all the time.

The problem, however, is that PimEyes is not completely free. Even if they offer a search function for free, some of the results are hidden. So, to get information with unrestricted access, you are supposed to go for a premium membership.

To avoid paid subscriptions and still get a reverse image search done, individuals are looking for a PimEyes alternative. So, in this article, we are going to reveal the best options, and you can select one.

Besides, let’s figure out how to do a Snapchat username lookup to know the real name, contact info, or details about a person using their Snapchat username.

10 Best Free PimEyes Alternative

01. FindClone


FindClone can be considered a pretty good option for those who are looking for a Pimeyes-free alternative. This is a Russian website that works based on facial recognition.

The good thing about this tool is that it offers a free trial version as well. However, the catch is that this tool works only with the platform called VKontakte (a social networking site).

It is true that VKontakte is not as popular as other leading social media platforms like Facebook. However, you can still make some use of this tool specifically because it is a free tool.

This website is not limited to Russia; users from Kazakhstan, Armenia, Kyrgyzstan, Ukraine, Latvia, Belarus, etc., use it.

You can use this tool to see if someone misused your profile image to create a fake account. To create an account on FindClone, you should use a mobile number. So, this is a very good alternative to Pimeyes.

02. Search4faces


Search4faces is another powerful tool you can use as a good Pimeyes-free alternative. It’s too in Russian, and you can use it to search for similar images based on a given picture. The good news is that this tool allows you to search from sources like Clubhouse, Instagram, TikTok, etc.

In fact, there are a couple of differences associated with Search4Faces compared to PimEyes. Compared to PimEyes, Search4Faces comes with a more intelligent algorithm. Thanks to this technology, you can expect better results, so false positives are eliminated.

In addition to that, Search4faces is open and honest about the population represented in every database. It boasts of having more than 1.1 billion results in its largest database, VKontakte.

However, there are only about 7 million hits on Instagram. The collecting time, or the period when the images in that database got scanned, is also disclosed by Search4faces. Therefore, if an Instagram profile was formed after the data collection process, it may not appear in their results.

It Has a Very Impressive Filtering System

One of the best things we found about Search4Faces is its handy filtering system. In fact, it filters results based on parameters like age, city, country, and even gender.

Such a feature is not found in PimEyes. Also, when you upload an image, you can crop it. However, the feature is not working perfectly on mobile devices.

Generally speaking, this is a decent Pimeyes alternative, even though it is not perfect. This application is offered for free. Also, it doesn’t offer any search limits, and that’s good news for users across the globe.

In addition to that, this tool doesn’t prompt you to create a user account. So, there’s less trouble with this tool.

03. EagleEye


In contrast to Pimeye, EagleEye is completely free. Also, its source code is accessible on GitHub. Simple is exactly what it fulfills. You upload a photo to this tool.

Then, it searches for that person’s Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter posts. You will not have to spend time searching through porn websites. That’s because Pimeye doesn’t concentrate on anything other than the aforementioned three social networking sites. 

All you require is a picture, and the application will display all URLs with matching ones. It is true that this tool is open source. Also, it employs facial recognition technology.

However, this tool demands good technical knowledge from users. That can be a disadvantage for those who are looking for user-friendly software.

In fact, this tool wants you to use a computer that runs on a Linux X server. So, if you are unfamiliar with Linux OS and have no programming skills, EagleEye isn’t for you.

04. PicTriev


Find lookalikes using PicTriev, a face recognition matching tool. It’s completely free and doesn’t want you to create an account, in contrast to PimEyes. If you want to see any celebrities who may resemble you, PicTriev can be more helpful than PimEyes.

Simply submit your photo, and PicTriev would analyze it and present you with comparable pictures of famous people. You will receive a value called “similarity score” on each image.

You can use the same tool to find out the names of celebrities through their pictures. To check this, you can upload a picture of a celebrity and see how many accurate results it returns.

Another interesting thing associated with PicTriev is that it analyses the masculinity or feminity of the uploaded features. Taking one more step forward, it analyses the estimated age as well.

So, do you want to check if you look older or younger than your actual age? Then this is a useful tool you can use.

05. Betaface


Betaface is another tool that works as a Pimeyes-free alternative. Betaface, as opposed to PimEyes, allows you to create a custom library of faces.

You can use this library to browse through to find matches. You can build a unique database, name each face, and then do searches in it as necessary. Assume that you work for a law enforcement authority or own a private security company. In either case, this tool could be helpful during investigations. 

For instance, you could make a database of solely prospective suspects if there were several suspected individuals. When you submit security camera images, you can check to see if they match a suspect in your database.

Upload Many Faces for Better Results

As per Betaface, you are supposed to upload three or more faces of each individual for better results. They also offer a free demo, so you can put this tool to the test.

In addition to that, there are a couple of free databases included in the demo version. You can use those databases to perform a search. Each of those databases comes with plenty of faces, so you can test it by uploading a picture.

It also has another free database with more than 3.5m faces extracted from Wikipedia. This is also another useful tool you can use to search for potential matches. As you know, Wikipedia is a massive database that has the details of many individuals beyond celebrities.

Customized Searches for Better Results

You can even alter a search whenever you run it so you will get more precise results. To change the level of precision, for instance, you may decide to use 22 facial points just. If not, you can even go for 101 advanced facial points.

You can instruct the program to compare sophisticated geometric or color parameters. For instance, you can consider the color of the skin and haircut instead of just facial points.

However, it may result in a slower search process. You can decide whether to include or omit explicit content.

Also, you can instruct the application to categorize pictures according to things like age, smile, gender, and more. Finally, there’s a checkbox to have the tool merely show the most precise matches.

06. Pixsy


You can use Pixsy in place of PimEyes as a reliable tool for photo identification tool. This platform is designed to function on a smart face recognition algorithm. Thanks to the efficiency of Pixsy’s algorithm, you can get accurate results very quickly.

You can easily upload images to its system and check for results. Also, the photos you upload will not be shared with third parties. Basically, this is a totally free service you can use even if you are not a professional photographer.

The goal of this tool is to return results based on reverse image search. It is mainly focused on image theft. So, you can use this tool to find out if your images are being used without your consent.

Pixy offers an email tracking tool as well. It is offered, however, with their paid plans. Once the notices are sent, you will be able to do a follow-up as well.

If another user has stolen an image from you, Pixy will help you out and search for it. Then, you will be able to take necessary legal action against it.

07. Lookuq


Here’s another reverse image search engine that comes with advanced AI technology. It allows you to find similar images through an advanced search process. This application allows you to search for similar images and share them.

Regardless of your profession, Lookuq is going to be an excellent choice for you. For instance, students, travelers, or businesspersons can make use of this application for the good. You can easily look for potential topics and find similar types of images with the most recent information.

This specific application allows you to find many different things, including places, people, etc. All you need is to take a picture using your camera and perform searches.

Once you have done that, the powerful search algorithm will execute a search process. It will deliver results with similar types of photos.

08. Social Catfish

Social Catfish

Here’s another powerful Pimeyes-free alternative you can use as a reverse image search. One of the main characteristics of this tool is its user-friendliness. You can use it to find plenty of lost images on the internet without necessarily compromising their safety.

The most dependable and secure program currently accessible has been created utilizing cutting-edge technology. With Social Catfish, users can anonymously exchange their photographs, making it hard to identify the source of the images.

You can trust this easy-to-use tool that will safeguard your privacy and prevent unauthorized individuals from using your photographs. Basically, it’s a web-based tool that assists users in tracking and learning more about one another.

09. SauceNAO

Here’s another handy option for those who are looking for a Pimeyes-free alternative. This works simply by analyzing all the pixels in an image. This allows you to find many other similar images.

Users are able to upload images directly to this search engine. Also, SauceNAO allows users to enter URLs into the dedicated search box. Whenever a match is found, you can directly access such information.

The powerful search engine can scan through all the social media platforms to deliver precise results.


The final option listed in this article is This tool can be used to search for anime images simply by uploading screenshots. You can do it through the search tab located in the interface.  

This tool is a combination of high-end technologies. Thanks to this technology, you can find the original anime simply through a screenshot.


That’s our list of options for those who are looking for a good PimEyes alternative. Do you know better alternatives to PimEyes? If so, please share your thoughts with us.