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Speedify Review

Speedify is a U.S.-based service for VPN, which comes with great free plans. As you all know, there are other VPN services out there having enhanced paid options.

However, some people would definitely admire Speedify due to its incredible ease of usability. So, read this Speedify review and find out the truth yourself.

As stated above, Speedify is a VPN service from Philadelphia, PA. Connectify developed this incredible software that holds the networking software specialization. This company flaunts its connection quality, high security, and incredible speed.

Here, we will talk about Speedify’s features, usability, pricing, server locations, supported devices, security, speed, and customer support before coming up with the final verdict.

So, let’s start with a Speedify review with its unique characteristics, strengths, and weaknesses.

Speedify Review: Strengths and Weaknesses


  • Offers limited free plans
  • Killswitch is available
  • Fully optimized VPN for U.S. servers
  • Features channel bonding
  • Optimized VPN for smartphones
  • Easy and simple to use


  • Expensive
  • No option for live chat
  • Features just a few servers
  • Not great for gaming
  • Not available for Linux

Unique Characteristics of Speedify

Surprisingly, you will find no difference between Speedify’s free and unlimited versions when it comes to functionality. To avoid geo-blocks, this application works well. With Speedify, Netflix and Hulu work great, although the official website says that there is no guarantee for accessing these sites.

The amazing part about Speedify is that it features a killswitch. On turning on this switch, Speedify will immediately cut off the internet connection until you disable the VPN service. Hence, it makes sure that your personally restricted data will not be exposed.

Moreover, Speedify offers a unique function called channel bonding, which is quite incredible. Using these features, users can merge a few internet connections to increase speed. This feature is great for smartphones. Thus, you can enjoy the best out of the Wi-Fi and mobile service.

Speedify Features Channel Bonding

Just like channel bonding, users can even employ the redundant mode of Speedify. This mode employs two internet connections to offer great surfing behavior and a stable internet connection.

This impressive feature allows you to stay online when your internet source, like Wi-Fi, does not work properly. In that case, you can easily switch to another network to keep enjoying web browsing.

Speedify Pricing

Speedify features three unique plans. Apart from its free version, Speedify even offers Speedify for Teams and Speedify Unlimited. Both of these plans come with a money-back guarantee for 30 days. Unfortunately, there are no subscriptions from Speedify that last over a year.

With Speedify’s free version, you get a device having a bandwidth of 5GB a month. When you compare this plan to TunnelBear, it is quite excellent. However, Windscribe provides almost double the data that Speedify. The best part about Speedify is that it is available for iOS, Android, macOS, and Windows.

Speedify Unlimited offers unlimited bandwidth that spreads on a maximum of five devices. When you compare its monthly plans to CyberGhost, it is way cheaper, although the annual plans of several providers are cheaper.

Speedify’s paid version does not incorporate any new features. Here, you just get the increased bandwidth and increased amount of concurrent connections.

Here, users can even buy a devoted server at an additional cost of $120 a month or $900 a year. One can enjoy devoted servers on both team and individual plans. It is more sensible to go for this option with the former plans.

Essentially, team plans are individual plans but come with additional management features. Here, users enjoy team dashboards, analytics functions, and extended reporting. The best part is that the cost per individual does not modify on a team size basis. Thus, it does not matter if you have 50 or 15 members on your team; you still have to pay the same cost.

The pricing system of Speedify is great for those who have a devoted server to their monthly subscription. The more members who employ the devoted server, the less cost they need to pay. Hence, Speedify is not cheap as well as not expensive as compared to other providers.

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Speedify Usability

It is very simple to install Speedify. In this Speedify review, let’s learn how to use this VPN service. The steps for the same are listed below. Let’s take a look!

Steps to install and use Speedify

Step 1: Install Speedify

To use this application, you need to visit the official website of Speedify and tap on the tab ‘Download.’ Once the download process is over, launch the software, and voila! With Speedify, you do not have to make any kind of account.

Speedify Installation Website

After installing Speedify on your system or device, you can begin with the VPN service.

Install Speedify on Your Phone

Step 2: Visit ‘Settings’

From there, you can access two menus, which are for ‘Account‘ and ‘Settings.’ To access the menu ‘Settings,’ all you need to do is to press the gear tab.

Speedify Settings

Once done, you will come across the settings, where you can select an option from submenus like privacy, session, and servers.

Speedify Settings

Under the submenu ‘Servers,’ you can choose among the servers that you like to connect to. This software could enhance usability in your locality.

Speedify Servers

Under the submenu ‘Session,’ you will locate settings associated with stopping and starting Speedify. Here, you will find the significant settings clearly given and logically categorized.

Spedify Transport Mode

The last submenu, ‘Privacy,’ is quite interesting. Here, users can go for options like encryption, DBN leak fortification, and a killswitch.

Speedify Privacy Settings

Meanwhile, the menu ‘Account‘ deals with the account settings. In order to access this option, tap on another icon present below the gear tab.

Speedify Account Settings

From this tab, users can upgrade their accounts, log in, and even manage their social media account of Speedify.

Speedify Account

On every menu, you will come across the link ‘Get Help.’ These links are really helpful. When you tap on these links, you will get redirected to the appropriate FAQ section. Here, you will read every problem related to Spotify.

In general, Speedify is very simple to use. Plus, the user interface looks concise, clear, and significantly structured. The tabs and other buttons are employed consistently and uniformly throughout the Speedify layout. Speedify even features a ‘mobile-first‘ option, which is visibly noticeable.

Supported Devices

The software can be employed on both mobile devices and desktops on a maximum of five devices. Speedify runs on macOS 10.10 or higher and Windows 7 or higher. However, this VPN client does not work on Linux.

The mobile application works perfectly with iOS 10 or higher and Android 5 or higher. If you are looking for something for Blackberry or Windows phones, you need to look for other providers.

The free plans of Speedify work only with a single device for each user. As stated earlier, users do not have to create an account to use Speedify. Thus, you can install this software on various devices. The only drawback is that users cannot synchronize their information and settings across several devices.

Server Locations

As of now, Speedify has over 170 VPN servers in 50 different areas. These servers are not enough as compared to other providers like ExpressVPN or NordVPN. Each of these providers enjoys over thousands of servers.

Speedify Server Locations

Speedify’s service is mostly determined in Europe over 25 different locations. However, Speedify operates in 15 locations in North America.

Apart from the United States, the other two locations are in Canada. In Asia, Speedify offers its services in six different locations. Some other areas include South America, Asia, Africa, and Europe.


When it comes to speed, nothing can beat Speedify. It is known for its impressive speed. However, this provider is not the only fastest VPN available out there. If you are not aware of the interesting fact regarding the download speed, then you should know that the VPN server is faster in the United States as compared to Italy. So, Speedify has optimized the U.S. centers significantly.

On the other hand, the European servers also have great upload speed. When we talk about streaming, Speedify makes things a bit difficult for its users. With a tunnel in a different corner of the world, Speedify’s download speed reduces by 90 percent. However, if you travel to North America and Europe, streaming would not be an issue for you.

Using Speedify, users can stream videos online as it offers a decent download rate. Meanwhile, the ping is really bad. Hence, you should not go for it if you prefer gaming.

Privacy & Security

The software employs several encryption methods as compared to other VPN providers. AES is the standard cipher that one uses over an SSL/TLS channel. If some hardware is not compatible with AES, then ChaCha is employed on those devices.

Google also makes use of this encryption method, which is even a typical security standard all over the tech universe. Both ChaCha and AES are considered safe. However, the former is a bit faster than the latter.

For its protocol security, this VPN provider employs another typical encryption DTLS. This encryption method is generally TLS over UDP. One cannot modify or set Speedify’s security protocol.

One thing that you all can change is its transport protocol, where you can choose one between TCP and UDP. Having said that, you should know that modifying the transport protocol is not going to help enhance security in any way.

This transport protocol defines just the data packages’ sequence, like how these data packages should look or how one can transport them to assemble into a response or request in the following protocol layer.

Generally, the layers over the transport layer feature a greater impact on system security. So, making use of TCP does not enhance the security of the application.

However, it helps you to cope with the deep inspection. It passes over DNS leak and WebRTC leak tests with no issues. Plus, it even hides the original IP address effectively.

When it comes to privacy, Speedify does not save any data on the servers like IP addresses or visited websites. The information that this provider stores are listed as follows:

  • Data transferred amount
  • Estimated location
  • The network location and time from which the original Speedify connection
  • Speedify connection duration

Most of these things are quite typical for a VPN to withhold. However, the location is quite concerning. The provider asserts that it stores data to offer better support and troubleshooting.

Customer Service

This VPN provider’s knowledge base is quite simple. Its FAQ section features two sections; where one is for mobile devices, and another one is for desktops.

Speedify Customer Service

The application structure is very clear in mobile and desktop areas. All the questions are arranged systematically. Hence, you can look for a particular issue very easily in no time.

Speedify Customer Service

Its customer service features great email support. So, you can easily contact their customer support through email or by submitting contact forms. You will get a response from their customer support team within an hour. So, its friendly and receptive service makes it a great application.

Customer Reviews and Testimonials

Here are a few excerpts from Speedify users’ reviews and testimonials:

  • “Speedify has revolutionized my internet experience. I can now stream HD videos without any buffering or interruptions.”
  • “I travel frequently, and Speedify has been a game-changer for me. It keeps me connected wherever I go, even in remote areas.”
  • “The speed improvement with Speedify is noticeable. It’s the perfect solution for anyone struggling with slow internet connections.”


  1. Is Speedify compatible with all devices? Yes, Speedify is compatible with Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android devices.
  2. Does Speedify slow down internet speed? Speedify aims to enhance internet speed by combining multiple connections. However, the actual improvement may vary based on the user’s location and available networks.
  3. Can Speedify bypass geo-restrictions? Yes, Speedify’s global network allows users to bypass geo-restrictions and access region-locked content.
  4. Is Speedify safe to use? Speedify prioritizes user security and employs robust encryption and security measures to protect user data.
  5. Are there any data limitations with Speedify? The free version of Speedify has limited data usage, while the paid plans offer unlimited data.

The Final Verdict

So, Speedify is quite impressive in several areas but barely above average than other VPN providers. Its incredible features, overall usability, and interface are quite admirable.

Plus, its free plans are good. Hence, this application is quite a typical VPN provider. However, its mobile-first approach and channel bonding make it stand out from other competitors.

Speedify comes with lots of incredible features and an excellent user interface. You get all these amazing things at a decent price range.

So, go for this VPN service and check out this amazing tool yourself after reading this Speedify review.


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