How to Delete Bookmarks on iPhone & Delete Bookmarks on iPad

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Learning how to delete bookmarks on iPhone and bookmarks on iPad is easy, with several simple steps you can follow without going through so much hassle.

With the convenience of their users in mind, many iOS devices today are packed with numerous high-end features. For example, if you would like to use your device to check online and save time simultaneously, all you need to do is to make the most out of the bookmarks feature on your iPhone.

This is a much easier and seamless way to gain access to those high-traffic sites with a mere tap of your finger. All you need to do is to bookmark a specific page and then pay it a visit, with no need for you to type in the whole URL.

Everyone is aware of the extra features that you can get from bookmarks. When you often import data from other browsers, or you love to bookmark pages all this time, you must know how to manage them well.

Through this comprehensive tutorial, you will get to know how to delete bookmarks on your iPhone and how to delete bookmarks on the iPad through the following several methods.

Also, you will find several amazing tips for managing your bookmarks on your device. So, what are the things you can do?

#1: How to Delete Bookmarks on iPhone & iPad Directly from Safari

If you want to go old fashion in removing bookmarks from your iPhone or iPad, this is something that you can do with ease. Safari, which happens to be the default browser on iOS devices, offers users a way to manually removing of bookmarks.

Just take note that you will need to manually remove each bookmark one by one, which might consume most of your precious time.

But still, this provides a foolproof method of getting rid of any unwanted bookmark. To know how to delete bookmarks on iPhone or iPad, below are the steps you should follow:

1. To get started, launch your Safari browser, then search for a bookmark option. Click on the bookmark icon to get a list of all pages you bookmarked in the past.

2. After that, you will see a long list of your bookmarks. Just click on the Edit link at the bottom of the list to reveal an option for deleting it.

Delete Bookmarks on iPhone from Safari

3. To remove a specific bookmark, you can click on the Delete icon, a red icon with the minus sign, to remove it. If you like, you can also leave a swipe on any bookmark you like to remove, then click on the Delete option.

And just like that, you’re done! Using this technique, you can choose the bookmarks you like to keep and get rid of those you no longer need.

#2: How to Clear Bookmarks on iPad & iPhone Using dr.fone

If manually deleting your iPhone and iPad bookmarks is not your thing, there’s no need to worry as there is another great option available, which is none other than the dr.fone – iOS Data Eraser.

With just a single click, you can now say goodbye to all the unwanted data on your device. In addition, as these data will be deleted for good, you do not need to worry about any leftover data if you plan to sell or give your device to someone else.

This can help protect your identity and choose the type of data you like to delete. More often than not, before they sell their devices, users worry that they will end up forwarding or revealing their data to other people.

With the help of the iOS Private Data Eraser, these worries are eliminated. This is compatible with almost all iOS versions and offers foolproof results at all times.

Know how to delete bookmarks on iPad & iPhone in a permanent way with these simple steps:

1. Download Dr.fone directly from its official website, then install this on your iOS device. Once you’re ready, connect your device to the system and launch the app at the welcome screen. Aside from the options provided, enter “Data Eraser” and click “Erase Private Data” for you to continue.

Get dr.fone – Data Eraser (iOS)


2. Once your device is connected, the application will automatically detect this. Click the button with the “Start Scan” text to proceed in the process.

3. Wait for a few minutes as the app starts scanning your iPad or iPhone and displays all private data it can extract. You may also get to know the progress from the on-screen indicator. Your data will be separated into various categories.

4. After that, once the entire process of scanning is completed or done, you may simply choose the data you want to get rid of. You may either handpick data you want to remove or delete the whole category.

To know how to delete bookmarks from your iPhone, you only have to check the category of Safari Bookmark for you to delete every item.

After choosing it, click a button to erase the data from the device. You will then get a pop-up message for you to confirm your option. You should only type “delete” as your keyword and click the button to erase or delete the selected data.

Delete Bookmarks on iPad

5. It will initiate the entire process of deleting the respective from your device. Just wait for the whole process to be completed. See to it that you do not disconnect your device during this step.

Clean iPhone Bookmarks

6. As soon as the data are deleted, you’ll receive a congratulatory message. And you may disconnect your device and utilize this as per your requirements.

Delete Bookmarks on iPhone with dr.fone

Try dr.fone – Data Eraser (iOS)

#3: Other Helpful Tips to Manage Your Bookmarks on iPad or iPhone

Now that you know how to delete bookmarks from your iPhone or iPad, you may take the next level by managing each of your bookmarks on your device.

By managing the bookmarks on an iPad or iPhone, you can quickly save time and utilize this feature in many ways.

There are some tips that will help you make the most out of this wonderful feature, and these include the following:

1. More often than not, many users want to place most of the accessed websites at the top of their list. You can quickly re-arrange your bookmark order on your iPhone without experiencing any inconvenience.

All you have to do is to open the bookmarks as well as tap the Edit option. After that, consider dragging and dropping the bookmarked pages as per your wishes when setting your preferred position.

2. While saving bookmarks, your device might sometimes give a confusing or wrong name to the page. You may rename bookmark pages easily to make them easy and clear to understand.

On the Edit-Bookmark page, you only have to tap on the bookmark you want to rename to open another page.

Here, just provide a new name and consider going back. Your bookmarks will be renamed and saved automatically without the need for you to consume too much time and effort.

3. To manage your bookmarks on your iPad or iPhone, you can quickly organize them in various folders if you want to.

You only need to tap on the Add bookmark folder option to make a new folder. Also, to put respective bookmarks in your preferred folder, the only thing to do is just by going to the Edit bookmark page.

Then, choose it. You will find a list of different folders, like Favorites, under the option on Location. Tap any of your preferred folders where you like to add your bookmark, and you can be assured that you will stay organized all the time.

Manage Bookmark on iPhone

Knowing how to delete bookmarks on an iPad and how to delete bookmarks on iPhone will help you make the most of this unique feature on your iPhone or iPad.

Aside from that, always consider those tips mentioned above to experience ease and save your precious time while you’re accessing the Internet. You may also use professional tools to remove some of your bookmarks.

If you are experiencing some problems, check the steps you performed and ensure you’re doing them properly.