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Spotify Collaborative Playlist

Spotify collaborative playlist is a feature that helps you to share your Spotify music with friends. You and your friends (with whom you have shared the list) can manage the collaborative playlist easily.

Well, how to create a Spotify collaborative playlist? What can you and your friends do about it? Let’s sort it out.

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How to Create a Spotify Collaborative Playlist?

Based on your device, there are different methods to follow to create a Spotify collaborative playlist. Listed below are those methods depending on the device you use.

1) For desktops

To turn on Spotify collaborative playlist on a desktop, you first right-click on the left panel. If you use a Mac, you must perform a Ctrl + Click. Then, when the popup menu appears, you should select the “Collaborative Playlist” option.

However, if you need to share a playlist already playing, click on the menu icon. This will appear in the form of three dots. Then, you should select the option labeled “Collaborative Playlist.”

Spotify collaborative playlist for desktops

2) For mobile devices

Launch Spotify on the mobile device and then go to the “Your Library” option. Then, go to “Playlist” and tap on the menu icon in the top right-hand corner. Then, you should click “Make Collaborative,” and that’s it.

Spotify collaborative playlist for mobile

You can then share the playlist, and they will be notified. When a friend clicks on the link, the playlist will be opened on Spotify itself. Your friends will then be able to modify the playlist and share it with the other parties if necessary.

More About Spotify Collaborative Playlist

The collaborative playlist feature of Spotify allows you to customize the playlist you share. That means your friends can add or remove items to the playlist you have already created. The feature of Spotify’s collaborative playlist was introduced in 2008.

This feature became popular from the beginning. Since then, this feature has been upgraded with various new options, and now it has become a sophisticated option. As of today, for instance, you can even check who added which song to the playlist you have created.

Adding or deleting tracks to the collaborative playlist you create is pretty simple for your friends. To add a track to the playlist, you can drag and drop a song. To delete a track from a collaborative playlist, all you have to do is to hit the delete key.

The changes every person makes on the playlist will be displayed on the interface. Everyone on the shared list can see all those changes, and that’s a very handy improvement.

More importantly, everyone can see who added or removed which song from the collaborative list.

If you are the person who owns the collaborative list, you have the ability to manage the collaboration feature. That means it lets you turn off the collaboration feature and keep it to yourself whenever it is necessary. Such a feature can become handy if you feel that things go out of control with your collaborative playlist.

In a way, the collaborative playlist has various similarities to Wikipedia. That is because both options are available for editing and upgrading by users. When users click on the link and access a collaborative playlist, they can add items as they wish.

However, as the playlist owner, you should be careful when sharing the topic. That means the friends with whom you share the playlist must agree with you to maintain the expected quality. The added audio must relate to the topic of the playlist. The quality and standard of the playlist must be maintained.

Otherwise, you will be responsible for the overall content of the playlist. However, Spotify collaborative playlists today ensure that the names of the editors are displayed. So, it is not difficult to identify those accountable for the playlists.

In certain cases, some of the friends can play the role of pranksters. They can intervene in your much-loved playlist with something funny or different. For instance, how about placing a hard-rock track in a playlist dedicated to relaxation music?

But, again, the names of those who are accountable for the edit will easily be tracked because the name of that person will be displayed.

Interestingly, Spotify doesn’t offer the feature of restricting the privileges of the users with whom the playlist is shared. That means users can add any track as long as the playlist is collaborative.

However, Spotify doesn’t allow random strangers to access collaborative playlists. As long as you don’t share it with a person, he or she cannot customize it. Also, Spotify doesn’t allow you to publish collaborative playlists on public Spotify profiles.

In this case, you can maintain control of those who can access the link. Well, after all, it is you who should decide whether the added friends are trustworthy and responsible. You should decide if you should publicize the profile and let friends customize it.

The link to the Spotify collaborative playlist can be shared over blogs, social media platforms, etc. Otherwise, you can keep the playlist for yourself and maintain its quality precisely how you want.

Nevertheless, if the web address of the playlist you have created reaches a friend, he can edit it. Those who have access to the playlist can even delete the tracks listed down.

So, we strongly advise you to create a backup of the collaborative list you have already created. So, if someone does something bad on your playlist, you have the master playlist.

To make a backup of the collaborative playlist, follow the steps mentioned below.

  • Select all the tracks on the Spotify collaborative playlist. To do this, click on one track and press Ctrl+A on Windows; If you have a Mac, press Command + A instead.
  • Then, drag all the tracks at once into a new playlist, so you have the master copy.

How to Make a Collaborative Playlist on Spotify?

It doesn’t take that long to create a collaborative playlist on Spotify. Here’s how to do it.

  • Once the playlist is created, you can right-click on the title (located in the sidebar).
  • Then, go to the option “Collaborative Playlist” that appears on the popup menu.
  • Now, the music tone will appear in green instead of white.
  • Share the playlist with the ones you prefer. Before you do this, however, please note that anyone with the link can edit the items.

However, if you don’t feel safe with the collaborative option, you should turn it off. Right-click on the playlist located in the sidebar. Click on the Collaborative Playlist once again to uncheck the option.

Now, the music note will go white, and your Spotify collaborative playlist isn’t collaborative anymore.


Creating and sharing a Spotify collaborative playlist with friends can transform your music listening experience. It allows a shared musical journey and fosters connections. So go ahead, create a collaborative playlist today, and experience the joy of shared music.


  1. Can I limit who can add songs to my collaborative playlist?
    • No, anyone with the playlist link can add songs.
  2. Can I restore deleted songs from the collaborative playlist?
    • Unfortunately, once a song is deleted from the playlist, it cannot be restored unless added again.
  3. Is there a limit to how many songs can be added to a collaborative playlist?
    • A Spotify playlist can contain up to 10,000 songs.
  4. Can non-Spotify users access my collaborative playlist?
    • Non-Spotify users can view the playlist, but they need a Spotify account to listen or contribute.
  5. Is the collaborative playlist feature free?
    • Yes, it’s available to both free and premium Spotify users.

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