Can You Listen to Spotify on a Plane Without Any Trouble?

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Can You Listen to Spotify on a Plane

Can you listen to Spotify on a plane without experiencing an issue? You certainly can!

In this article, we explain how to get it done with a couple of easy steps. So, let’s go ahead and read on.

Can You Listen to Spotify on a Plane?

Think of a situation in which you are required to take a long flight. You cannot necessarily travel for many long hours without any entertainment factor. You will face extreme boredom within an hour or so.

In that case, listening to some songs will be a great remedy. When it comes to listening to songs, we have several options today. Spotify is one of those options you can use for the purpose of listening to songs.

However, can you listen to Spotify on a plane? If not, will Spotify work when you are on a flight? Let’s find it out.

You may already know that you cannot expect Wi-Fi from every airline. Even with the ones that offer Wi-Fi, the services can be pretty costly, so that issue is there.

On the other hand, you already know an internet connection is compulsory to listen to Spotify’s free version. If not, you need a premium version. What could be the solution? If that’s the case, can you listen to Spotify on a plane?

Well, you are reading this article probably because you were searching for a way to play Spotify. In fact, you need to use Spotify while on an airplane. The good news is that you are already on the correct page to learn about it. The remainder of this article will explain it, so keep reading.

We will explain the best way to play Spotify on an airplane without necessarily accessing Wi-Fi. Also, this can be handy if you are a free Spotify who doesn’t have a premium account.

In addition to that, you will learn other alternatives you can consider when you are on an airplane.

Besides, you may find that you cannot listen to some songs on Spotify. In this article, we’ll discuss why Spotify is not playing songs and how you can fix it.

How Can You Listen to Spotify on a Plane?

There are many searches related to playing Spotify on an airplane without Wi-Fi connectivity. Basically, you have the question, “can you listen to Spotify on a plane?” haven’t you?

As per the general acceptance, you either need a Wi-Fi connection or a premium account. With a premium account, you will be able to download tracks that are found on Spotify.

Then, you can enjoy the same songs even if you don’t have an internet connection. So, if you don’t have an internet connection on the flight, you can easily listen to those songs. That’s a pretty great option, isn’t it?

can you listen to Spotify on a plane

PS: let’s figure out how to download / convert music from Spotify to MP3 and how to uninstall Spotify with ease.

First, let’s take a look at the steps to downloading songs as you wish and listening to them offline.

  • First, you should open the Spotify app and provide the credentials to log into your account.
  • Now, browse for audio content such as podcasts, songs, playlists, etc. Then, you should enable the download button, and that will enable you to download those songs.
  • Once you have done that, you can put your Spotify on the offline option and listen to those songs.

When it comes to a PC, you should click on the button that appears as three dots. It is located in the upper-right corner. Then, you can select the option called “File.” Once it’s done, you can click on the option called “Offline Mode.”

can you listen to Spotify on a plane via Offline Mode

If it is related to a mac, on the other hand, you should go to “Apple.” You can click on the option called “Spotify” after that and choose the option called “Offline Mode.”

can you listen to Spotify on a plane via Offline Mode on Mac

And if you are using a smartphone, you should choose the option called “Your Library.” Once you have done that, click on the option called “Settings.” Then, click on the option called “Playback.” After that, you can go to the option called “Offline Mode” to proceed, and that’s it.

can you listen to Spotify on a plane via Offline Mode on Mobile

If you have done that, you can go to the songs that are downloaded on “Spotify.” You can listen to those songs no matter whether you are on an airplane or comfortably seated at home.

Also, here, you can explore our detailed guide on tackling the Spotify keeps skipping songs issue. Learn about various solutions, settings adjustments, and an ultimate fix using DRmare Spotify Music Converter.

Using Spotify on a Plane without Wi-Fi

Once you have downloaded your favorite music or podcasts on Spotify, you can listen to them on a plane without Wi-Fi. Switch your mobile device to airplane mode to disable all wireless connections, including Wi-Fi and cellular data.

Open the Spotify app and access your downloaded content from the “Your Library” or “Downloads” section. You can now enjoy your music or podcasts without any trouble, as long as your device has enough battery life.

Tips for a seamless Spotify experience during a flight

To ensure a smooth and uninterrupted Spotify experience during your flight, consider the following tips:

  1. Fully charge your mobile device before the flight or bring a portable charger.
  2. Download your favorite content in advance and create playlists for easy navigation.
  3. Use headphones or earphones with noise-canceling capabilities to block out background noise.
  4. Adjust the audio quality settings on Spotify to optimize for offline listening and save storage space.
  5. Keep your device in airplane mode throughout the flight to conserve battery life.

Benefits of using Spotify for in-flight entertainment

Using Spotify for in-flight entertainment offers several advantages:

  1. Personalized content: You have control over the music and podcasts you want to listen to, ensuring a tailored and enjoyable experience.
  2. Offline listening: Spotify’s offline feature allows you to enjoy your favorite content even when there is no internet connection available.
  3. Wide variety of options: Spotify provides access to a vast library of music and podcasts, giving you plenty of choices to suit your preferences.
  4. Continuous playback: With downloaded content, you don’t have to worry about interruptions due to network connectivity issues.

The legality of using Spotify on a plane

Listening to downloaded content on Spotify during a flight is generally considered legal for personal use. However, it’s essential to comply with the airline’s rules and regulations regarding electronic devices.

Make sure to follow any instructions provided by the cabin crew and refrain from using your mobile device during critical phases of the flight, such as takeoff and landing.

Other Music Apps That Can Be Used on Airplane

Well, you know that it is possible to use Spotify on an airplane even if you don’t have Wi-Fi. Also, you know how to use it without accessing a premium account.

However, Spotify is not the only option for listening to music when you are on an airplane. In fact, there are several other options to use in place of Spotify. Mentioned below are those options to consider.

01. Apple Music

Apple Music

Apple Music is considered to be one of the most popular tools that offer music streaming. They always offer downloads from their catalog. As a result, you will be able to listen to those songs even if you are offline.

But this specific tool requires a subscription to use it. Thankfully, this tool is available for both Android and iOS devices.

02. Groove Music

Groove Music

Groove Music is the music app provided by Microsoft. This specific app has downloadable music (the ones that are purchased). If you have purchased music through other devices, you can access them without internet access.

Just like with Spotify, you can have Groove Music come with a subscription plan. With that, you will be able to use selected songs without any issues at all. This option is compatible with both iOS and Android apart from Windows.

03. Google Play Music

Google Play Music

As the next option, we mention Google Play Music. This app is so convenient, and it can play music even with a very weak internet connection.

On top of that, it comes with a music manager tool to download music for offline use. You can use this tool on both iOS and Android devices.

04. LiveOne


LiveOne is yet another great option for those who want to listen to various radio stations. You can either pick Plus or Premium plan if you want to download segments broadcasted on radio stations. It is compatible with all mobile platforms and Windows.

05. Gaana


Gaana is a well-known app that can play music even when there is no internet connection. However, this app is designed specifically for those who are in India. Many users say that this app is exceptional in terms of performance and appearance.

If you go for a Gaana Plus plan, you can access unlimited downloads of the best quality. Also, one subscription plan allows you to download songs on five different devices without an issue. Gaana is compatible with both iOS and Android platforms.

So, that’s the list of five tools you can use to listen to music without an internet connection. Those who had the question, “can you listen to Spotify on a plane” will have a solid answer. You can go ahead and try the options mentioned above and play music offline.


1. Can I use Spotify on a plane without Wi-Fi? Yes, you can listen to Spotify on a plane without Wi-Fi by downloading your favorite content in advance and accessing it in offline mode.

2. Do I need a premium subscription to download music on Spotify? Yes, offline listening is a feature available to Spotify Premium subscribers. Free users can only stream content with an active internet connection.

3. Can I use Spotify during takeoff and landing? It’s generally advised to follow the airline’s instructions regarding electronic device usage. During critical phases of the flight, such as takeoff and landing, it’s recommended to turn off all electronic devices.

4. How much storage space do I need to download songs on Spotify? The storage space required depends on the number of songs, albums, playlists, or podcasts you choose to download. Spotify allows you to manage your downloaded content and delete items when needed.

5. Can I listen to Spotify on other devices besides mobile phones? Yes, you can listen to Spotify on other devices such as tablets and computers. The process of downloading content for offline listening may vary slightly depending on the device you are using.

The Bottom Line

As we have mentioned, there is no shortage of options to try if you want to play Spotify offline. Can you listen to Spotify on a plane? Certainly, you can. All you need is to go through the steps that were mentioned in the article.

Apart from that, we explained five superb alternatives to use instead of Spotify when you are flying. So, just go ahead and try the above steps to make your journey a more exciting and joyful one.


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