How to Fix the BOOTMGR Is Missing Error on the PC?

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BOOTMGR Is Missing

The BOOTMGR is missing is a quite common error message that occurs on the PC screens of so many users during the boot-up process.

If you are stuck in the same situation, don’t worry; we understand the annoyance, and this is why we are here with the best solutions to help your way out of this mess.

The solutions include easy and professional tips and can fix the error in Windows 7/8/10/11 in a jiffy.

Know About The Missing BOOTMGR Error

BOOTMGR Is Missing

Before we give you the fixes for this error, we must shed some light on the details related to this error. If you are in absolute urgency to fix this situation, then you can directly start by reading the solutions given below.

However, we suggest that it would be better to read about the explanation of this error first as it will help you in diagnosing the problem better and applying the right method towards fixing it.

PS: if you are bothered with errors like there was a problem resetting your PC, here are the top solutions for you.

Meaning of BOOTMGR

BOOTMGR, the full form of which is Windows Boot Manager, is a type of mini software that starts operating automatically upon the starting of the PC and helps in the loading of the operating system stored inside the hard drive.

When this software gets corrupted or goes missing, then the boot-up operation of the Windows crashes, and the error BOOTMGR is missing occurs.

The Reasons Behind the Situation of Missing BOOTMGR

  • In most cases, the error occurs due to the misconfiguration or corruption of the files of BOOTMGR.
  • The PC booting is set to happen with the help of any non-bootable device.
  • Some issues like bad sectors, corruption, or errors can trouble the hard drive and cause the error.
  • There can be multiple other reasons for the occurrence of the error, like outdated BIOS, hard drive, damaged or lose interface cables of the hard disk, and upgrade issues in the operating system.

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Some Quick Solutions for the Missing BOOTMGR Issue

If the cause behind the problem seems shallow to you, then you can go ahead with fixing it through some of the quick solutions that we are going to give below. If none works, you can move to the bigger methods.

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Method 1: Restarting the PC or Laptop

Don’t get deceived by the easiness of this solution into believing it won’t work at all. Sometimes rebooting is the simplest solution to various PC problems, and the BOOTMGR missing issue is no different. Simply restart the device, and the BOOTMGR may start functioning as usual.

Method 2: Deleting All the Removable Media

If you think that the BOOTMGR error isn’t appearing due to the inability of the operating system is booting up from any non-bootable device. You can confirm and resolve the issue by removing all the removable media from the main device.

This includes floppy disks, USB flash drives, and all the other types of unbootable disks.

Method 3: Resetting the Power Cables And All the Internal Data

In this method, you need to reset all the power cables and the SATA cables attached to the hard drives and PC and then re-connect them.

Method 4: Changing the Boot Order of BIOS

If none of the easy methods worked out in resolving the BOOTMGR missing issue, then the problem might be a little deeper, and it can be fixed with this method, which involves troubleshooting the BIOS interface.

This can be done by pressing a particular key during the Windows boots-up that differs for every PC model. However, if you don’t know the right key meant for your PC model, then you can search for it on the web.

With the knowledge of the right key and pressing it, the boot tab will open up. Here, check that the hard disk is selected as the first device in the BIOS for supporting the device boot. If it is not, then change those settings. Once done, finish off by restarting the PC.

Changing the boot order of BIOS to fix BOOTMGR Is Missing

Advanced Methods to Deal with the Missing BOOTMGR Issue

This section will list the complicated but effective solutions to the problem.

Method 1: Recreating or Copying the BCD File

Here are the steps-

  1. Insert the installation disk of Windows into the PC and then restart the PC through this disk. Now click over the option of Repair your computer.
Recreating or copying the BCD file to fix BOOTMGR Is Missing

2. Hit the button Troubleshoot and then select the option Advance options from the list. This will lead you to the Command Prompt. Enter the command “disk part” and then press the Enter button.

3. Now, run the Diskpart to set the partition ID. You need to assign it to a drive letter. For that, enter the following command followed by pressing Enter after every command:

Recreating or copying the BCD file

Once a message like “Disk 0 is now the selected disk” occurs on the screen, enter this command “list vol” followed by pressing Enter. The complete list of all the volumes will be displayed by Diskpart on the PC. Look out for the system volume on this list. For now, we assume that the system partition exists in Volume 2.

Recreating or copying the BCD file

4. Now, proceed with setting up the partition ID; enter these commands followed by pressing Enter every time:

Recreating or copying the BCD file

5. Now, you will be assigning the drive letter by entering these commands followed by pressing Enter every time:

Recreating or copying the BCD file

6. Enter this command “bcdboot C:\Windows /s G:” followed by pressing Enter button. You can also try the following commands in place of the earlier one:

Recreating or copying the BCD file

7. Enter the command ‘exit.’ Finally, restart the PC.

The computer may boot up easily now and start functioning in a normal way.

Method 2: Fixing the Corrupted MBR

If the BOOTMGR missing issue is occurring on your PC, one possible reason for this could be the corrupted MBR or Master Boot Record. In this case, the problem can be fixed by attempting to re-building the MBR of the PC.

Now for that, you will need the help of any third-party software, and none can do the job better than EaseUS free partition software. This software is compatible with most Windows OS, including 10, and can be easily downloaded in just a few clicks.

Let us now see the method of using it:

1. Begin downloading the EaseUS Partition Master software on a different PC, but with the same system, your original PC runs upon. Launch the software now.

2. Click the option of WinPE creator and choose to create the bootable disk in a USB drive. You can select the options of DVD/CD for the same.

3. Hit the option Proceed.

EaseUS Partition Master WinPE creator

4. Now connect the prepared bootable device to the problematic PC.

5. While rebooting the PC, hit Del. Select CD-ROM Drive or Removable Devices for booting up the PC. This will set EaseUS Partition Master in process automatically.

6. Hit a right-click on the damaged MBR disk. Select the option of the Rebuild MBR.

EaseUS Partition Master Rebuild MBR

7. Click on the right MBR type of the current OS and hit OK.

Fixing the corrupted MBR

8. Click the button Execute 1 Operation and then select Apply.

Click the button Execute 1 Operation

This will cause the PC to start booting up normally again.

Method 3: Using the Startup Repair

This is a feature available in the Windows Recovery Environment and can be used to fix the BOOTMGR missing error. Let’s see the steps for this solution:

  1. Insert the installation disc of Windows in the PC and turn it on.
  2. Upon the appearance of the “Press any key to boot from CD or DVD” message, hit any key.
  3. Choose the input method, currency, time, and language, and then click on the button Next.
  4. Choose to Repair your computer.
  5. In the dialog box of System Recovery Options, click on the right drive option related to the Windows Installation of your PC. Hit Next.
  6. Now select the option Repair your computer.
  7. Choose the OS that you wish to repair. Hit Next.
  8. Now, click on the option of Startup Repair.

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Method 4: Performing a System Restore

To fix the missing BOOTMGR issue, you can carry out this method with the help of a backup image. Here is how to do it:

  1. The initial steps are the same as the method above. Once you reach the dialog box of System Recovery Options, select the option System Restore this time.
  2. Follow the instructions on the screen for the system restore wizard. Click on the right restore point.
  3. Hit the option Finish lastly for a full system restore.


  1. Q: What does the “BOOTMGR Is Missing” error mean? A: The “BOOTMGR Is Missing” error indicates that the Boot Manager, responsible for loading the operating system, is not found or accessible.
  2. Q: Can I fix the “BOOTMGR Is Missing” error without reinstalling Windows? A: Yes, you can try several troubleshooting steps before resorting to reinstalling Windows. Restarting your computer, checking for bootable media, rebuilding the BCD, and performing startup repair are some options to consider.
  3. Q: Why did the “BOOTMGR Is Missing” error occur in the first place? A: The error can occur due to various reasons, including corrupt boot files, incorrect boot device settings, issues with the hard drive, or faulty hardware connections.
  4. Q: Is it possible to recover data from a computer experiencing the “BOOTMGR Is Missing” error? A: If you have access to another computer, you can connect the affected hard drive to it and attempt to recover your data. Alternatively, you can use data recovery software or consult a professional data recovery service.
  5. Q: How can I prevent the “BOOTMGR Is Missing” error from happening again? A: To minimize the chances of encountering this error, ensure your computer is properly maintained by regularly updating your operating system, running antivirus scans, and backing up your important files.


So now you have seen all the reasons and fixes for the BOOTMGR missing error, and we hope you will be able to troubleshoot the PC with our help.

If nothing works out, you might have to go with the harder options like replacing the PC hard drive or a complete Windows Installation.


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