Best Printer for Printing Waterproof Labels 2023


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Best Printer for Printing Waterproof Labels

Are you looking for the best printer for printing waterproof labels? If that’s the case, you can consider this article to be exceptionally useful for you.

So, without further ado, let’s go ahead and learn about waterproof label printer options you can consider.

An Introduction to Waterproof Label Printer 

In this post, we’ll examine the finest waterproof label printer currently available. Let us begin by noting that practically all label printers qualify as waterproof options. How? The labels for printing, on the other hand, must be waterproof.

There is no shortage of varieties of label printer paper currently on the market. As a result, you must ensure that the printing sheets can withstand water spills.

To assist you, there are two sorts of stickers and labels. It all relies on the type and quality of printing paper you intend to use.

If you’re dealing with A4 papers for printer labels, a conventional printer is the way to go. If you use label rolls, however, you will need to invest in specialized label printers. However, selecting the appropriate paper is critical.

So, this article makes it easy for you to select a printer that will function with many materials. Let’s begin with the type of paper you’ll be printing labels or stickers on.

How to Choose the Best Printer for Printing Waterproof Labels 

Let’s learn the things you should follow in order to find the best printer for printing waterproof labels.

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● In the Case of Regular Printing

Label rolls will be more appropriate for a system that prints big volumes of high-quality labels pretty frequently.

A specialist label printer machine will be required for this task. These printers aren’t like regular printers in any way. They look and work exactly like a receipt printer, but the overall quality is far superior.

● Difference Between Color and Black & White Printing

Another factor to consider when choosing a printer for this purpose is whether or not you require color printing. You won’t need a color printer if your label is only going to be produced in black and white.

You’ll save a lot of money because you won’t have to worry about colored ink cartridges. In any case, when it comes to colored labels, you have no choice but to use a color printer.

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● The Overall Quality of the Output

If you’re printing labels, stickers, or other similar items, you’ll need a printer with good print quality. Make sure the print quality, as well as the ink quality, are both excellent before purchasing a printer.

Assume that you use the same printer for the purpose of label printing and other tasks as well. In that case, you will find the paper sizes that your printer supports.

● The Speed of a Label Printer

Another factor to consider while performing professional label printing is printing speed. Do you have to print large amounts of labels or stickers? If so, a sluggish printer is the last thing you want. 

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Let’s Take a Look at the Best Printer for Printing Waterproof Labels

Now, let’s address the “elephant in the room.” That means we are going to take a look at the best waterproof label printer products available.

We have included these products after lengthy research. So, just go through this list to find the best printer for printing waterproof labels.

01. Phomemo-M110

Phomemo-M110 waterproof label printer

Are you looking for a label printer that’s both portable and dependable? If so, go no further than the Phomemo M110 Label Maker. The output of this waterproof label printer comes with excellent quality because of the thermal printing process employed. Because this printer doesn’t use ink cartridges, it’s more environmentally friendly.

Battery-operated, this printer connects wirelessly to your Android or iOS smartphone or tablet. Using an app with a variety of label templates, the gadget can be used. Any of the accessible templates can be easily customized before printing. Do keep in mind that this waterproof label printer is compatible with a maximum paper width of 48 mm.

This printer’s OCR and scanning capabilities are fascinating aspects. A snapshot of text can be taken at first. Then, the software will identify the characters that can be used in your label template. In addition, it can read barcodes & QR codes. Labels can be printed with product information extracted from the codes.


  • Affordable
  • Highly portable and compact
  • No cartridges are used
  • QR & OCR compatibility
  • Wireless function
  • Customized templates for labels


  • Requires recharging
  • No color printing
  • It doesn’t support batch printing

02. Phomemo PM-246

Phomemo PM-246

Do you want the best printer for printing waterproof labels? If so, PM-246 is an ideal product for you. You can print 4′′ x 6′′ labels quickly and easily with this specific printer.

Similar to its smaller sibling, this is a thermal printer, and it can only print black-and-white labels. Using this printer, you don’t have to worry about ink refills. The only thing you have to do is input the paper and type in what you want to publish.

If you have a Mac or Windows computer, you can connect this printer to it via USB. As soon as it is installed, you will be able to use it immediately. Set up your PC with the files you’d like to print so they’re ready to go.

After that, you can print them off as you normally would. You’ll be able to get your labels produced quickly with a speed of 6 inches per second. In addition, the printer is capable of printing for over 12hrs at a time.

This printer’s Automatic Label Identification is one of its outstanding features. Allows the printer to recognize the labels being fed into the input. There is no need to waste any labels in the test print.

Therefore it proceeds with printing. As long as labels are produced often, wasted test prints save a lot of money in the long run.


  • It is a high-speed printer
  • No ink refills are required
  • Compact and portable
  • Constant operation for over 12 hours
  • Convenient to install
  • Automatic identification


  • Not compatible with Wi-Fi
  • Only black & white printing

03. HP DeskJet 2622

HP DeskJet 2622 waterproof label printer

High-quality waterproof labels will be the output of HP Deskjet 2622, an all-in-one printer. This printer, in contrast to those previously described, utilizes inkjet printing technology.

To print in color, the printer needs to be equipped with ink cartridges of that color. Getting waterproof printing paper is a must for printing water-resistant tags and stickers, as previously discussed.

If you want the best printer for printing waterproof labels, this specific product would be ideal. The quality of the ink is excellent, making it perfect for printing labels and stickers in a variety of colors. You can choose from a variety of label sizes. Then, print them as you wish.

Scanning, Copying, a digital control panel (LCD), wireless connectivity, etc., are included in this device. It also has cross-platform compatibility and an app to make things convenient.

In addition to being able to see the ink levels, the app will notify upon low-ink conditions. You can print from practically any place with a good internet connection if you connect it to Wi-Fi. Configure the device so you can scan a document.

After that, you can upload it into the cloud or send it to us via email. As a result, you might be able to access it wherever you are, at any time.

For black and white prints, the printing speed is 7.5 prints within a minute. On the other hand, when it comes to color, the printing speed is 5.5 prints per minute.


  • Versatile device
  • Excellent print quality
  • Wi-Fi and USB connection
  • Controller via an app
  • Supports many different platforms


  • It is more expensive than other printers
  • Refilling of ink is required
  • It is bigger than other models

04. Brother VC-500W

Brother VC-500W

The Brother VC-500W is a one-of-a-kind label printer that allows you to create high-quality labels, stickers, and color photographs. You may be wondering, “What makes a color printer so special?” Well, unless anything can be accomplished without the use of ink, there’s nothing exceptional.

It’s true that this printer doesn’t need any ink, but how? Astonishing Zero Ink technology is used. The ZINK paper contains all of the colors, and this printer will do the rest.

It can be used to create shipping labels, labels for papers, labels for products, decorative elements, and more. ZINC sheets of various widths can also be used to print labels.

Any of these devices, as well as Windows and Mac PCs, can be connected to the VC-500W. Label printing is a simple process once a link is established. To establish a wireless connection with all other compatible devices, this device makes use of Wi-Fi. So, if you want the best printer for printing waterproof labels, you may check this out.


  • Inkless printing (color)
  • Wi-Fi compatible
  • Compatible with Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android devices
  • Automatic paper cutter
  • Sleek and innovative design
  • Very silent performance


  • Not the best for heavy-duty printing work
  • Works with ZINK papers only

05. Canon PIXMA TR4520

Canon PIXMA TR4520 waterproof label printer

When it comes to value for money and high-quality printing, this printer is the greatest all-in-one wireless printer. You can use it to print labels and much more using its inkjet-based color printing technology.

In addition to printing, your Canon Pixma can also scan and copy. Being a waterproof label printer, you can use it with your smartphone or even a tablet. That is because it has a mobile app.

Printing from your PC is as simple as connecting the printer through a USB cable or Wi-Fi. In addition to that, you will be ready to print labels and documents in no time. Apple’s AirPrint is also supported.

This specific printer may automate printing jobs with the PIXMA T4520 Printer. As an additional perk, Alexa can be used to control this printer. It is as simple as telling Alexa to print something and watching it happen.

When it comes to the Canon app, there are numerous functions that can be performed with it. From your phone, you can easily print labels, documents, images, and other types of content.

Before and after editing, it contains an in-built photo editing capability. Because of that, you can use it to make collages, business cards, calendars, etc.


  • Wi-fi
  • Works with iOS, Android, Apple, and Windows
  • Copying & scanning
  • Compatible with mobile devices and Alexa


  • All colors come in one compartment


1. Can I print waterproof labels using any printer? While it is possible to print on waterproof labels using any printer, it is recommended to use printers specifically designed for waterproof label printing. These printers utilize advanced technology and inks that ensure durability and resistance to water.

2. Are waterproof labels suitable for outdoor applications? Yes, waterproof labels are highly suitable for outdoor applications as they are designed to withstand exposure to moisture, UV rays, and other harsh environmental conditions. They are commonly used for outdoor signage, product labeling, and equipment identification.

3. Can I use waterproof labels for food and beverage packaging? Absolutely! Waterproof labels are an excellent choice for food and beverage packaging. They are resistant to moisture and oils, ensuring that the labels remain intact and legible even in refrigerated or wet conditions.

4. How long do waterproof labels last? The longevity of waterproof labels depends on various factors such as the quality of the printer, ink used, label material, and exposure to external elements. In general, high-quality waterproof labels can last for many years without fading or deteriorating.

5. Can I design custom shapes and sizes for my waterproof labels? Yes, most printers for waterproof labels offer compatibility with various label materials and sizes, allowing you to create custom shapes and sizes according to your specific requirements. Check the printer’s specifications and supported label options for more information.


We looked at a wide range of printers in our search for the finest label printers for you. The printer you’re looking for should be clear to you by now. Focusing on your needs is the best way to clear up any lingering doubts. All-in-one printers like the Canon PIXMA are the best solution if your printing volume isn’t going to be excessive.

You may choose a thermal printer instead of an inject based on the volume and the functions you want. In other words, thermal printers offer pretty basic features but do the main job perfectly. In that case, the best printer for printing waterproof labels is thermal.

You can save money by using a thermal printer, especially if you don’t have much money. It’s important to remember, however, an inkjet printer provides the greatest all-in-one printer for a variety of printing tasks. That will be the go-to waterproof label printer if you expect versatility.


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