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For a lot of people list of the mechanical keyboard could be quite annoying. Therefore, it is the desire of every person to have a customized keyboard, especially when it comes to gaming.

These best membrane gaming keyboards usually have a flat surface. Instead of the traditional keyboard for registering a press, these keyboards use pressure pads. The keys are soft and tactile and do not make much noise.

The tactile pressure required is also less compared to the usual mechanical keyboards. Also, the overall response is better.

Therefore, if you are looking to assemble the best possible gaming desktop or have a new keyboard that would also work with the gaming laptop, the best membrane gaming keyboard is the first thing you should consider.

How Effective Is a Membrane Keyboard for Gaming?

Professional gamers usually go for a membrane keyboard since it provides excellent tactile feedback, among many other things. Best membrane keyboards come with three distinct, flexible layers.

The first surface for the topmost surface is the membrane layer. This layer is equipped with conductive tracers. Whenever a user presses a membrane key, the press is transferred to the second layer. This layer has a specific hole for each of the keys.

When this happens, the pressure keys or the pads allow the press to go all the way to the third layer via the second layer and activate the conductive tracers.

There is no doubt that membrane keyboards are the best non-mechanical gaming keyboards available in the market at present. Those who have not used a membrane keyword previously will find it far more comfortable and precise.

This keyboard is ideal for gaming purposes and any other task that requires a lot of key presses. In case you are interested in having the best membrane gaming keyboard,  whether it is for personal use or use in the office, you may consider checking out the given below options:

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1. Best Membrane Keyboard – Alloy Core RGB (Hyper X)

Best Membrane Gaming Keyboard - Alloy Core RGB (Hyper X)

This membrane gaming keyboard offers radiant, smooth, and dynamic lighting options. This highly comfortable keyboard is equipped with LED that can be customized per preference. These LEDs radiate stunning light, which is just perfect for a gamer.

Users can choose from six different lighting effects that further enhance the gaming experience. This keyboard is not only stylish but is a good balance of brilliance and budget. The logo of the hyper X is prominently featured and is equipped with a radiant light bar.

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Design and Function

The keyboard’s design is ergonomic, and if you accidentally spill any liquid over it, there is nothing to worry about. It is designed to withstand almost up to 120ml of liquid spill. It is worth noting that such facilities do not affect the keyboard’s performance.

The soft keys of the Alloy Core RGB Hyper X are quite responsive and comfortable. After all, the design has been done keeping in mind that tie legibility and reliability. The anti-ghosting feature is quite impressive too.

Durable and Portable

This can be an ideal choice for those looking to upgrade from a lackluster mechanical keyboard to something more comfortable. A soft press is more than enough to register and input. The resulting action is sufficient enough.

This keyboard is also much more lightweight than any of the other mechanical keyboards available. The plastic used in this keyboard is durable and reinforced, making this gadget portable and lightweight.

This keyboard is economically priced and also hosts a lock feature. Therefore, it is possible to lock the keyboard without putting the system on standby mode.

It has been considered one of the best membrane keyboards since it has multiple lighting options, the keys are responsive but quiet, and they are equipped with a braided cable. However, there are a few things that you need to check out.

The keyboard material is not of PBT type; rather, it is ABS. Many users have found identifying the caps lock, num lock, and game lock keys challenging. Lastly, there is no wrist rest.

2. Razer Ornata Expert

Razer Ornata Expert

This keyboard has got a combination of both membrane rubber domes and mechanical switches. As a result, it extends a premium-typing experience. People prefer the usual dome keyboard since they have comfortable cushioned keys (touch-type).

These do not deliver the correct ductility due to their mushy feel and poor actuation ability. The mid-height keys of this keyboard are short. Hence it takes less time to move a finger across. Therefore, users are spared from missing any keypress, and it helps to improve operational accuracy.


All the keys of this keyboard are soft cushioned. They are fully programmable, have macro recording ability, and the tactile click is quite efficient. The magnetic wrist rest is specifically designed to provide comfort and is available in a leatherette finish.

It can execute up to 10 commands instantly using the built-in ten key roll-overs anti-ghosting system.

Cost, Customization, and Design

The native device management software is also quite beneficial. It can automatically sync with the personalized light settings and allow customization of the keyboard textures based on permissible patterns.

As of date, the Razer Ornata Expert happens to be among the best membrane keyboards that can be bought by those who have a limited budget without having to miss any premium game.

The advantages include the ergonomic magnetic wrist rest and the variable lighting feedback. Another advantage is the short, mid-height keys. The disadvantages include a wider wrist rest, high base height,  noisy wrist pads and keys, and an inconsistent tactile touch.

3. Redragon K512 RGB Shiva

Best Membrane Gaming Keyboard - Redragon K512 RGB Shiva

This keyboard is ergonomically designed and, within a short time, has reached the top of gaming hardware. There are six  Programmable macros available, and the keys can be recorded with the help of an installed or additional application. The RGB backlight is quite dynamic and colorful.

There are six customizable modes available, along with seven pre-set lighting patterns that can be easily controlled through a zero lighting option. It is a feature that is not present in all keyboards.

With this keyboard, it is possible to work 26 anti-ghost keys, and it can be done quite fast and accurately. It is possible to skip, pause and play music right from the keyboard without stopping the game.

The media controls are such that it is possible to enjoy the game without any interruption. The ergonomic magnetic wrist-rest area can be detached. It provides adequate support and comfort to the wrist.

Cost and Functions

According to the quality testing of this keyboard, it is possible to go for 100 million keystrokes without any problem. The key caps are molded (dual-shot) and do not fade easily. Users can fix the Macro functions as per choice.

It gives the feel of a professional mechanical gaming keyboard. It is suitable for both gaming and office purposes. In spite of the feature pad and professional experience offered by this keyboard, it is extremely budget-friendly.

As such, it has become the best membrane gaming keyboard on the market. The only disadvantages of this keyboard include rubber-coated keys that make things oily and an uncomfortable wrist rest.

4. Razer Ornata Chroma

Razer Ornata Chroma

It is a modern gaming keyboard that helps to enjoy the best of both worlds –  membrane comfort along with mechanical surety. The tactile feel extended by the keyboard is the crust. The keys are extremely soft when you touch them. The membrane exchange is an experience that is a mix of comfort, swiftness, precision, and softness.


The membrane rubber dome over the keys gives a soft, cushioned feel. It also extends quick actuation for all keystrokes. The short height of the keys helps to reduce the time taken to complete an action. Therefore it is possible to move the fingers without missing any keystrokes freely.


This keyboard is packed with incredible lighting; almost 16.80  million customizable options. The in-game feature is quite interactive and provides an incredible game experience when the keyboard responds exactly to the user’s commands.

The ergonomic rest extends a hassle-free gaming experience. It is undoubtedly a top-of-the-line membrane keyboard and offers an above-average experience.

Although it offers many benefits like great performance and intuitive in-game effects, radiant RGB lighting, and works fine with Razer synapse II and III, there are a few limitations. The hybrid keys are not so useful, and the key gap is questionable.

5. Langtu Membrane Gaming Keyboard

Best Membrane Gaming Keyboard - Langtu Membrane Gaming Keyboard

This metal panel keyboard has been designed using brushed aluminum alloy and offers impressive durability. The other features include good aesthetics and spill resistance. The keystrokes are responsible enough and precise.

The overall performance is perfect for both giving and office work. The injection keycaps are dual-colored, thereby extending a crystal clear and uniform backlight. It is guaranteed that the ki letters will not fade away.

Brightness and Availability

It is available in seven distinct colors, and so it is referred to as the rainbow LED. Each key has a bright, radiant color that allows you to play games for work with the lights off. There is no visual difficulty, and rather it is soothing to the eyes. It is possible to adjust the brightness anytime.

The keycap has been arranged in a stair-step style to provide maximum comfort. It is easy for all the fingers to cover all the keys. The anti-ghosting technology provides 1twelve different forms of feedback. Overall operational flexibility is enhanced along with efficiency.

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  1. Q: Can a membrane gaming keyboard be used for professional typing tasks?
    • A: Absolutely! Membrane gaming keyboards are not limited to gaming. They can be used for any typing task, offering a comfortable and responsive experience.
  2. Q: Do membrane gaming keyboards have customizable lighting effects?
    • A: Yes, many membrane gaming keyboards come with customizable backlighting options, allowing you to personalize the lighting effects according to your preferences.
  3. Q: Are membrane keyboards suitable for fast-paced gaming?
    • A: Yes, membrane keyboards are suitable for fast-paced gaming. While mechanical keyboards are often preferred by professional gamers, membrane keyboards can still provide a responsive and accurate gaming experience.
  4. Q: Can I use a membrane gaming keyboard with a console?
    • A: Yes, membrane gaming keyboards are compatible with consoles, provided they have USB connectivity. They can be a great alternative to gaming controllers for certain game genres.
  5. Q: Are membrane gaming keyboards prone to ghosting?
    • A: Ghosting, the phenomenon where multiple keys are registered incorrectly, can occur with membrane keyboards. However, most modern membrane keyboards are designed to minimize or eliminate ghosting issues.


I hope you have an idea now regarding the best membrane gaming keyboards available on the market. If you are still wondering which is the best one, it depends.

Everything depends on what sort of game you play and what kind of other work you do using the keyboard. It is advised that you thoroughly check out any additional features before making the final purchase.


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