Top 10 GPX To KML Converters for Windows

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In this article, you are going to find all the information you will need to convert GPX to KML.

The internet is filled with software that promises to convert files from GPX To KML without any issue. But if you are planning to use these tools, it would be filled with ads and installation about software that you have to install to download the main software.

Sometimes it is hard to tell whether the legal document belongs to the original software or the software that comes in the ad. In here, you are going to find the best websites and software to convert files from GPX To KML without making you sit through plenty of ads.

GPX to KML | What is GPX?


Gpx file is made of routes, tracks, waypoints, and mostly GPS data. GPX files are designed to operate on GPS devices.

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GPX to KML | What is KML?


KML covers geographical data, which includes place markers, layers, paths, and polygons. This file is accessible from Google Maps, Google Earth, and other map websites.

In order to use the file on your GPS system, you have to convert the file first. The files you will download from google maps will get downloaded as KML or KMZ files, which won’t be compatible with GPS devices.

But with the help of these websites, you can easily convert GPX To KML without paying any money for it. Here is the list of website that promises to deliver just that free of cost.

Top Best GPX to KML Converter Software



The first website on the list is GPX2KML; as the name suggests, the main operation of the website is to convert GPX To KML easier. The website features nothing fancy, just a simple basic design with all the features placed on the main page.

All the details will be accessible to you from the first page; there is no need to navigate to a different set of menus to get to the converted page. On the central page, you will have three options.

  • One is to select the conversation method here. You have to choose ‘GPX To KML.’
  • Second, comes the file directory. Basically, you have to upload the file here once you have uploaded the file then move on to the next option.
  • On the third stage, you have to check on the ‘Options.’ Here you select waypoints, tracks, routes, and zip archives. Ignore the zip archive option unless you want to save the file for future, here is the tricky part that you should be aware of. When you select the waypoints, tracks, routes, make sure the original KML file has all the options enabled in the file. So when you convert the file, all these things will get inherited. After the conversion, the website will generate the link for you to download the KML file that can be viewed on the Google Maps, if you picked KML to GPX, then you are going to get GPX file that you can use on your GPS devices.

You can also see the conversion state that tells you everything you want to know about the file. You will also get an option to save your KML file on the server. To do that, you have to enter your email information.



MyGeoData is another website on the list that promises to GPX To KML converting without charging you any money. The conversation steps here includes three.

First, you need to upload your GPX file; then, you will have to select which layer want in your KML file. Some of the layers you can choose Track points, Route Points, Tracks, Routes, Waypoints. After the selection comes to the output of data., here you have to select the convert file name; in here, it would be in ‘KML.’

On the third step, you have to click on the ‘Convert Now‘ button. That’s it if you have followed all the steps written above, then you would have a perfect way to convert your GPX To KML file without any issue.



This website packs in a lot of functions that are related to GPS and maps. Here you can convert GPX To KML as in the simplest method as you can possibly find on any website. You just need to follow just two steps to make that happen.

First, you need to upload your GPX file then hit Create KML File. This will generate a KMZ file out of your GPX file. If this method doesn’t suit your taste, then here is another method you can try to have the same outcome without pasting any GPX file into the website.

What do you need to do is paste the GPS data in the form of HTML code to get the KML in return. Compare to the rest of the solution on this list, GPSVisualizer is the most efficient one.



KMLTools is another website that converts the GPX to KML for free. Unlike other websites on the list, this website features a unique tool that will help you generate a KML file.

Here you can just name your KML file and decide on what you want on the file; the weather is it tracks or tour. Here you also have the options to set a parameter for the tour.

There are three different ways you can achieve it,

  • First – By text, generating the KML data by XML code.
  • Second- By KML, to generate and download the KML file.
  • Host- here, you can host your KML file on the server.

GPS TrackMaker

GPS TrackMaker

If you are leaning more towards the software aspect to fix your problem. Then you can use GPS TrackMaker to convert GPX to KML without messing in random settings.

The software price is free. In order to do the conversion, you need to click on the file button on the toolbar, from here launch the option ‘Convert Files option’. It supports GTM, MAP, WPT, TRK, RTE, TXT, DBX files in its system.

Here you also have the option to edit the files before converting. Here you can modify waypoints, draw new waypoints, and creating new tools.

After you are done making changes, you can hit ‘Save File As‘ to save the new file. GPS TrackMaker is also capable of merging multiple GPX files together. So you can make one single KML file as an output.



RouteConverter is another free software that you can use to convert GPX to KML format. Here you also get the option to edit the GPX files beforehand.

This will give you plenty of time deciding the things that you want on the file. Things such as waypoints, coordinations, elevations. Here you can change the location of any waypoint using the map. And it also lets you delete the new points, creating newer ones to replace the older versions, reordering the points.

You also import data from other GPX file into the current one. RouteConverter supports TRK, CSV, RTE, LOG, ASC, and many more fie format in its system.



GPSBabel is an opensource software that does GPX to KML can follow the steps below to make the conversation:

  • First, you have selected the input format as GPX XML, then upload the GPX file.
  • Then in the translation options, you can add extra information on the file, such as waypoints, tracks, and routes. You can just check on them.
  • Then choose the preferred output method for the file.
  • At the file name section, you can name the file to spot it faster in the folder, amongst other files.
  • Then select the format as “Google Earth (Keyhole) Markup Language (KML)
  • That’s it, just hit ok, the software will start converting the file from GPX to KML in no time.

The software also supports other file types such as CSV, TXT, XML, LOG, TCX, WPT, TRK, RTE, and many more.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. Can I convert KML files back to GPX?

Yes, there are converters available that can convert KML files back to GPX format. Simply follow the same steps outlined in this guide, but select the KML file as the input and specify GPX as the output format.

Q2. Are GPX and KML the only file formats for storing geographic data?

No, there are other formats such as GeoJSON, Shapefile, and CSV that are also commonly used for storing geographic data. The choice of format depends on the specific requirements of your application or software.

Q3. Can I convert multiple GPX files to KML simultaneously?

Some converters offer batch conversion functionality, allowing you to convert multiple GPX files to KML in one go. Check the features and capabilities of the converter you are using to determine if batch conversion is supported.

Q4. Are there any free GPX to KML converters available?

Yes, several converters offer free conversion services. However, keep in mind that free converters may have limitations in terms of file size, conversion speed, or customization options. Consider your specific needs and evaluate the available options accordingly.

Q5. Can I convert GPX and KML files offline?

Yes, some converters offer offline versions that allow you to perform conversions without an internet connection. These offline converters can be beneficial when working in remote areas or in situations where internet access is limited.

Final Thoughts about Converting GPX to KML

Although there are many tools in the market that you can use to convert GPX to KML format, you should rather go for the cheapest and easier method to make the conversation without getting surrounded by a plethora of ads first.

So pick the one with the least amount of ads and for free. The market is filled with free GPX to KML software; it would be a good decision to use this software or websites for free.

If you find any of the software or website above appealing, then you can support the devs from fixing more bugs and issues with the software to run well.


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