Airdrop Stuck on Waiting – 6 Fixes to Try

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Airdrop Stuck on Waiting

The last thing you want is to find your Airdrop stuck on waiting before sharing some important files.

However, you shouldn’t get frustrated after seeing such an error; there are easy ways to solve it.

In this article, we explain the feasible solutions to address this issue.

Why is Airdrop Stuck on Waiting?

Before taking a look at the solutions, let’s go ahead and learn the possible reasons behind this issue.

In many cases, your Airdrop is stuck on waiting due to software glitches. In fact, software glitches can cause various issues in your iPhone, and AirDrop malfunctions are just one of them.

● Outdated iOS

Many individuals experience this issue due to outdated iOS as well. Some of them say that their AirDrop started working soon after updating the iOS version.

● Incorrect Settings

In some cases, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth might not be turned on when you try to use Airdrop. This may prevent AirDrop from working properly.

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So, How to Fix This Issue on an iPhone or a Mac?

Now that you know the reasons why Airdrop is stuck on waiting, here’s what you should do to fix it.

01. Turn on Your AirDrop Restriction

If your AirDrop restriction is turned off, that can be one of the most common reasons for malfunctions. With that said, the good news is that this can be fixed easily if you can enable it back.

Mentioned below is how to enable it.

  • First, you should go to the option called “Settings” and select “Screen Time” to proceed. Then, you should go to “Content & Privacy Restrictions.” After that, go to “Allowed Apps.” Then, you should turn the toggle button on for “AirDrop.”
Turn on Your AirDrop Restriction

02. Check the Settings

As mentioned before, the wrong settings on your device can prevent AirDrop from functioning properly. So, it is required to check the settings and make sure that they are correct. Mentioned below is how to do it.

Enable Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Once Again

In order to function, AirDrop has to be in the range of a wireless network and have Bluetooth enabled. Then, you can turn Wi-Fi and Bluetooth off and back on your Mac and iOS devices. Afterward, try the AirDrop again after a brief pause.

You must ensure that both devices are placed close by. Also, they must be placed within the coverage area of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi networks.

Check the Discovery Settings

There are three different levels associated with AirDrop. Namely, Contacts Only, Receiving Off, and Everyone. Let us assume that you intend to airdrop using a Mac or an iPhone. If it is stuck, go ahead and set this to “Everyone” for iOS and macOS.

  • If you set it to “contacts only”: the files are sent and received via individuals already in contacts.
  • If you set it to “Everyone”: you will be able to share files with any individual.

Check the Personal Hotspot Feature and Disable It

If your Airdrop is stuck on waiting, it could be due to an enabled personal hotspot on your device. You are supposed to disable this using the Control Center, so it will work as usual.

Check the Personal Hotspot Feature and Disable It

If the “Do Not Disturb” Feature is Enabled, Disable It

You should check if you have the Do Not Disturb Mode activated on your iOS device or Mac. If so, Airdrop might experience some issues. So, all you need is to disable this DND Mode to proceed.

  • If you are using an iPhone or an iPad, go to its Control Center and disable it.
  • If you use a Mac, you can select the notifications icon located in the top-right area. Then, turn the DND Mode off.
Disable Do Not Disturb

03. Reset Your network

If there are any issues related to your Wi-Fi connection, it is suggested to reset the network settings. To do this, you should go to “Settings” and select “General.” Then, go to “Reset” and select “Reset Network Settings.”

Reset Your network

04. Log Out of iCloud and Log In Again

If nothing has worked so far, you should try this method too. You can sign out of your iCloud account and sign in again. This method will refresh your account settings and fix potential errors. This will fix the “Airdrop stuck on waiting” error.

  • Go to “Settings” and click on your name. Then, tap on the option called “Sign Out.”
  • Now, you should enter the password of your Apple ID, and that will confirm the action. Then, tap on “Turn Off.”
  • Then, you should go back to “Settings” and sign in using your iCloud credentials again.

05. Perform a Restart

Your device can get stuck if you use it for some time. This can be a reason for your Airdrop being stuck on waiting. With that said, to overcome this issue, you can simply restart your Mac or iPhone.

● If You Use iPhone 6 or Older Models

Press the button called “Sleep/Wake” along with the Home button to see the Apple logo.

● If You Use iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus

Press Sleep/Wake and Volume – buttons to see the Apple Logo.

● For iPhone 8, X, or Newer Models

Press the Volume + and Volume – buttons at the same time. Then, you should hold its Side button so you can see the Apple Logo.

Perform a hard restart on the device

● If You Are Using a Mac

You should click the Apple menu located on top of the screen. Then, you should tap on “Restart” to proceed.

Perform a Restart on macOS

06. Update Your System

In some cases, there are many software updates that cause various issues. However, the good news is that those errors can be fixed with some simple methods. The best approach is to update your iOS or macOS.

First, you should go to “Settings” and select “General.” Then, select the option called “Software Update.” After that, you should check if you can see a newer iOS version there.

Update Your iOS System

For macOS: Click on its Apple icon and go to “System Preferences.” If not, you should click on “About This Mac.” Then, go to “Software Update” and select “Update Now.”

Update Your macOS

This should work if your Airdrop is stuck on waiting.

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It is possible to experience some errors once in a while when you use AirDrop. Also, there are a couple of reasons for such an error to occur with AirDrop.

If you ever come across your Airdrop stuck on waiting, just try one of the above solutions mentioned above.

Do you know any other methods to get this issue fixed? If so, please share your knowledge in the comments section, so other readers will find it useful.


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