How to Fix the Error 0x80070032 on Windows

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Windows 10 attracts users in large numbers because of its amazing GUI and prominent features. Although there’s no doubt when it comes to its popularity; however, it is not the best version of Windows.

This version comes with various flaws, such as error 0x80070032, which are worth noting by Microsoft. Microsoft claims that Windows 10 will revolutionize the Operating System world.

However, most users are unable to take this. This is because users experience problems with Windows 10 in some way or another.

What Is Error 0x80070032? How Does It Happen?

After you install Windows 10, the PIN sometimes stops working, showing an error 0x80070032. If it occurs, you cannot log in to Windows using your PIN passcode and don’t know what to do. Keep on reading further.

Windows 10 OS comes with a feature called Windows Hello for the sake of protection. It is an access control and biometric identity which enables logging into Windows through fingerprint, facial recognition, iris, or PIN passcode.

Unfortunately, Hello is not available for Windows 10 users. Older devices, which do not have the necessary hardware elements, like iris or fingerprint scanners, have to buy biometric USB iris/fingerprint scanners or forget about Windows Hello.

Normally, iris, facial, or fingerprint recognition login is accompanied by PIN passcodes. This is the most protected way to sign in to Windows 10 as a PIN passcode is simpler to memorize, while the facial contours, fingerprint, or iris of the user are very hard to counterfeit.

On Windows Hello, users come across problems like PIN passwords or fingerprints that would not work. The most common login error is the PIN 0x80070032 error. Most users claim that this issue occurred after they installed Windows 10 Fall Creators Update when compromised fingerprint or PIN login.

The most common issue with Windows 10 is “Apps won’t sync in Windows 10“, which shows up along with the error 0x80070032 code.

It even flashes a message which says, “We can’t sync at the moment. But you may find more info about this error code at”

The most affected application by this error code is Windows 10 Mail application. As per records, users cannot synchronize their accounts using the Mail application as this app turns non-operational. Here, you will get to learn how to resolve this issue.

Microsoft has investigated the error 0x80070032, but they have not announced the official approval of this bug or its patch. There are various reasons why your PIN stops working while flashing the error 0x80070032.

It shows up on your computer screen as “Something went wrong. Try again later. Error code: 0x80070032.” So, look at various solutions to eliminate this annoying error code.


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Reasons Why the Error Code 0x80070032 Occurs

Microsoft servers are the main reason for initiating this issue with the Mail application. Here, the accounts of users do not sync with servers properly.

Besides, here is the full review of Unsecapp.exe for the WMI Client Application for your reference.

Remove the NGC Folder’s Content to Eliminate 0x80070032

If you cannot log into Windows 10 using your PIN, try signing into your account and removing the NGC folder’s content.

Before you do that, you need to take the folder’s ownership. To perform this action, go through the instructions listed below.

Steps to get rid of the error 0x80070032:

  • 1: First, you must log into Windows 10 with your password.
  • 2: Tap Windows + X keys and choose ‘File Explorer.’
  • 3: Now, go to C:\Windows\ServiceProfiles\LocalService\AppData\Local\Microsoft.
  • 4: Next, right-tap on the folder NGC and choose ‘Properties.’
  • 5: Navigate to the tab ‘Security,’ select ‘Advanced,’ and then look for the section ‘Owner.’
Remove the NGC Folder's Content to Eliminate 0x80070032
  • 6: Tap on the link ‘Change‘ and type in the user or administrator and object names.
  • 7: Choose ‘Check Names‘ and hit ‘O.K.’
  • 8: Check against the option ‘Replace Owner on subcontainers and Objects,’ After this, select ‘Apply‘ and press O.K. to save the changes.
  • 9: Next, see if you can access this NGC folder. Mark all the stored files in the folder if you can and remove those files.
  • 10: Tap Windows + I keys to open Settings.
  • 11: Now, open the ‘Account Settings‘ tab and choose ‘Sign-in Options.’
  • 12: Select ‘Add a PIN‘ by following the on-screen instructions to set a PIN.

Resolve the 0x80070032 Error Using ‘I Forgot My PIN.’

Another method to eliminate the error 0x80070032 is by choosing the option ‘I forgot my PIN.’ To perform this action, you have to follow the following procedure.

Steps to eliminate the error 0x80070032:

  • 1: Tap Windows + I keys to open Settings on your system.
  • 2: Select the section ‘Accounts‘ and then choose ‘Sign-in options.’
  • 3: Find the ‘PIN‘ tab and tap on ‘I forgot my PIN.’
I Forgot My Pin
  • 4: Tap on ‘Continue‘ to confirm your action.
  • 5: Now, you need to type in a new PIN. Once you have entered the passcode, press O.K.
  • 6: You could be asked to type your Microsoft account passcode. In that case, change the account type from Microsoft to Local and try all the steps again.

Resolve the Error 0x80070032 Through PIN Recreation

This is another effective way to get rid of the error code 0x80070032. It is performed by recreating the PIN.

By the way, if you are facing an issue with ERR_CERT_DATE_INVALID, click to read more.

Steps to get rid of the error 0x80070032:

  • 1: Tap Windows + I keys to open Settings.
  • 2: Go to the section ‘Accounts‘ and then ‘Sign-in Options.’
  • 3: Navigate to the PIN section and choose ‘Remove.’
Resolve the Error 0x80070032 Through PIN Recreation
  • 4: Tap on ‘Remove‘ to confirm your action.
  • 5: Type in your account’s password and hit O.K.
  • 6: Once done, tap on ‘Add‘ and enter a new PIN.
  • 7: Tap O.K. to save it and see if the issue persists or not;

Solutions for Fixing the Error 0x80070032 on Mail

Here are various fixes that can assist you in resolving the issue with the Mail application on Windows 10 systems.

Method 1: Switch to Microsoft from a Local Account

This method is great for resolving the error code problem on Windows. Follow the instructions to get rid of this annoying Error.

1: Firstly, you have to switch from Microsoft to a local account. To do so, visit ‘Settings‘ with the help of Cortana. Within the ‘Settings‘ tab, look for ‘Accounts‘ to open the settings associated with the user accounts.

Windows Account Settings

2: Next, you have to choose ‘Sign in with a local account‘ instead, which you will find under the account’s right-pane window. After that, enter the password of the present Microsoft account. Tap on ‘Next‘ to create a new local account.

Switch to Microsoft from a Local Account

3: Type in the local account’s details, such as username and passcode. Next, tap on the tab ‘Next‘ again. In the next tab, you will see a button branded as ‘Sign out and finish.’ Select this button to sign out of your Microsoft account.

Sign out and finish

4: Next, repeat the steps. Visit ‘Settings‘ and choose ‘Accounts.’ Then, select ‘Sign in‘ with a Microsoft account instead. Type in the local account’s password, along with the username and password of the Microsoft account, for signing in again. See if you could check Mail by syncing the account.

Sign in with a Microsoft account instead

Method 2: Reinstall Mail

Try this one out if the primary method cannot offer you a proper fix to the error code problem. Here, you have to reinstall Mail to fix the syncing problem. To perform this action, follow some simple steps listed below.

1: Visit PowerShell from the search results once you have searched for it. Right-tap on this tab and choose ‘Run as Administrator.’ Please note that opening this tab as an administrator is significant, or you will face an error.

Run PowerShell

2: Within the PowerShell tab, type the command.

Paste this command inside Powershell

Once you have executed this command, close PowerShell and install the Mail application again from Windows Store.

After you have installed this application, run the same, and check whether the error 0x80070032 has been resolved.

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Q1: Can I ignore Error 0x80070032?

A1: Ignoring the error could lead to more serious system issues over time. It’s recommended to resolve it as soon as possible.

Q2: Is error 0x80070032 a virus?

A2: No, it’s a system error, not a virus. However, some viruses might cause similar errors.

Q3: Can I prevent error 0x80070032?

A3: Regular system updates and checks can help prevent this error.

Q4: What if the methods mentioned don’t work?

A4: If the issue persists, consider contacting Windows support or a professional technician.

Q5: Does error 0x80070032 affect all Windows versions?

A5: This error can occur in different versions of Windows, although the causes might vary.


Here, we have tried our best to offer the best solutions to fix this annoying error code 0x80070032. Users can fix this issue using the solutions mentioned here.

Automatic software is best if you do not like to struggle with repair techniques. There are lots of repair tools available online for fixing Windows-related errors.

So, choose the best one and eliminate your issue. However, it is recommended to use the above-listed methods to fix the Error.


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