How to Check Mouse DPI on Windows PC With Ease

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Have you ever wondered how to check mouse DPI? The mouse’s DPI (Dots per inch) determines how fast the mouse is when users scroll.

The DPI value of a mouse shows its sensitivity. Here, the term ‘DPI’ stands for dots per inch.

What Is A Good Mouse DPI?

So, a mouse with a high DPI could move the pointer on the screen further than a mouse with a low DPI value when you move both of these mouse options the same distance.

A sensitive mouse will work great for gaming because the cursor or crosshair reacts to smaller movements of your mouse. This is not something ideal in all cases.

Today, many mouse options come with buttons, which let gamers switch DPI while they play. Based on what users like to use the mouse for, they may choose a mouse with low DPI or high DPI.

Generally, gamers opt for a mouse having high DPI because of the quick sensitivity they need. So, it becomes important for users to check and change their mouse DPI.

There are different methods for checking the mouse’s DPI in an easier manner. Definitely, one of these methods will be going to work for all. So, let’s jump right in without further ado!

Different Ways to Check Mouse DPI on Computer

Here are some different ways that you can use to check the DPI value of your mouse:

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Method 1: Examine the Product’s Box or Description

This solution does not always work, but you can check it out yourself before moving on to other methods to check the mouse DPI mentioned below.

Here, what users need to perform is to examine the product box for information regarding DPI, whether it is mentioned there or not.

The most obvious thing to do is to search for the model online. They can examine the product’s description page on the manufacturer’s website.

Unless your mouse is unbranded, there is a good chance that you will come across a spec sheet listing the DPI value. Usually, this list shows the highest DPI value on offer compared to the range your mouse supports.

For instance, if you check out the mouse on sites like Amazon, then check the DPI information present on that product page.

Examine the Product's Box or Description

Also, the mouse can have an adjustable DPI starting from 600 and going up to 3600.

Examine the Product's Box or Description

So, do not ask how to check mouse DPI anymore! Try out this method. However, this one does not work for many but give it a try.

Looking for the DPI information for well-known brands like Corsair or Logitech is easy. Otherwise, it is best to move on to the following method to check mouse DPI.

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Method 2: How to Check Mouse DPI Using Microsoft Paint Tool

It is so simple to find the mouse DIP with the help of this method. Read here how to know the DPI of your mouse in this way.

Let’s see how this method of how to check mouse DPI works.

Firstly, users need to have a ruler handy and mark points separated by a 1-inch (or 2.54 cm) distance.

They can perform that on any surface on which you will place the place or the mouse pad. You can use a pencil on the table to mark the distance.

Next, you need to disable the pointer precision on the system.

To do so, you have to follow the instructions below:

  • Enter and look for the Mouse tab on your Windows PC.
  • From there, choose Mouse Settings.
Mouse Settings
  • Next, select Additional mouse options.
select Additional mouse options
Enhance Pointer Precision
  • Tap on the Apply option and hit OK.

Once you have switched the pointer precision off, open the Paint tool on the computer. Ensure that the option of Zoom in the right corner is 100 percent.

Check Mouse DPI Using Microsoft Paint Tool

1: Initially, you need to tap on the tool ‘Pencil’ in Microsoft Paint.

2: Now, move the mouse so that the icon ‘Pencil’ is set on the left side of the working space before it disappears. Here, it will read as 0 pixels, which you can see at the bottom left of Microsoft Paint.

While carrying out this process, you will come across a number, such as 0,200px. Ensure that you examine the first number is set to 0, as this is what you have to use.

The second dimension refers to vertical height. Here, you will see that it keeps on increasing while scrolling down. This is not something that you need to check.

It is time to use the two points you marked on your table, paper, or mouse pad.

3: Next, try placing the mouse on the very first mark on your table, mouse pad, or paper. Also, if you like, you can place the mouse directly on a ruler at the 0″ mark. Ensure that the pencil icon is on the 0-pixel point on Microsoft Paint.

When the mouse is on the first part or at the zero and your pencil icon is at the screen’s leftmost corner before it vanishes, this is the zero pixel point.

4: After that, left-tap on the mouse and draw a line until you go to the second mark, which is a 1-inch mark on the pad, table, or paper.

For drawing a line, employ these two marks on the paper, mouse pad, or table until you come across the 1-inch mark as measured using a ruler. Please note that you should not use the 1-pixel mark in Microsoft Paint.

Check Mouse DPI Using Microsoft Paint Tool

Tap on the Pencil icon again and repeat this process many times. After that, you will find different readings and an average for getting the mouse DPI.

For instance, if you get readings like 684 px, 662 px, 671 px, and 679 px, then the DPI of your mouse is 674, which you get from the average of the readings.

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Method 3: How to Check Mouse DPI Using DPI Analyzer Online

If you still cannot find the DPI of your mouse, then employ online DPI analyzers to approximate the value.

There are some DPI analyzer tools online which assist you in detecting the DPI (Dots per inch) of your mouse really fast. One such reliable tool is the Mouse Sensitivity tool.

To use this tool, users must first navigate to the mouse settings of Windows.

To do so, go to Control Panel and choose ‘Hardware and Sound.’ You must look for the ‘Mouse’ tab within this tab. Next, you need to tap on the tab ‘Pointer Options.’

Then, unmark the ‘Enhance Pointer Precision’ option because this acceleration renders the complete measurement meaningless.

Enhance Pointer Precision

So, if users have installed a mouse driver tool, they need to ensure that the pointer acceleration is also disabled on those tools.

1: To use this tool, you must navigate the official page by clicking on Before you do so, double-check other limitations and requirements of using this tool.

2: Next, type in the target distance as “1” if you do not know the DPI of your mouse and set the units as “Inches.” Do not change any other setting.

Or make your pointer go to the right from the screen’s left side by moving the mouse after measuring the rough distance.

You can use the ruler because you need to enter some distance in the ‘Target Distance’ box on the site.

How to Check Mouse DPI Using DPI Analyzer Online

Also, users cannot put a value into the Configured DPI box as they do not know the mouse DPI.

3: You will come across a red crosshair within the settings.

How to Check Mouse DPI Using DPI Analyzer Online

4: Next, place the mouse again at the mark ‘zero inches’ on your ruler, white paper, table, or mouse pad.

5: Tap on the red crosshair and hold onto it. Move the mouse on the right of the ruler, white paper, table, or mouse pad until you attain the 1-inch mark or the target distance specified in the beginning. Do not go too fast, as you need to get an accurate idea.

How to Check Mouse DPI Using DPI Analyzer Online

Also, ensure that the pointer does not reach the monitor’s edge. It does not matter whether the pointer gets past the browser window’s edge; moving your mouse once the cursor has reached the display’s edge will result in an incorrect measurement.

Once users leave the button, they will come across a figure against ‘Actual DPI.’ So, this reading tells the approximate value of your mouse DPI is presently set.

Method 4: How to Check Mouse DPI Using the DPI Settings Tool

Users can even check the mouse DPI by getting an appropriate software or tool from the manufacturer’s website.

In fact, when the DPI of your mouse is adjustable, use this process to change the DPI to the exact one you really want for yourself.

Some well-known mouse brands, such as Razer, Bloody, or Logitech, come with dedicated tools. These tools enable users to change and control the DPI of a mouse for real.

You can get the software for the Logitech mouse for Mac and Windows PC on the Logitech G hub.

When you download such software, you enjoy more options than the in-built Windows ones, such as changing what all the tabs perform and selecting the DPI settings.

On installing the mouse drivers, you receive a standalone application. One can run this application to get all the options and settings.

You can download the Mouse and Keyboard Center application from its official website using Windows and not the other brands.


Here are some questions that can come to your mind regarding how to check mouse DPI:

DPI refers to Dots per inch. This measure is to find out how sensitive the mouse is.

The answer depends on what you need the mouse for. For instance, gamers will usually need a mouse with a higher DPI for fast scrolling and quick sensitivity.

When the mouse’s DPI is higher, it moves farther while you move the mouse through a specific distance.

The mouse with a higher DPI reacts more and is sensitive to small movements. If the mouse has 1600 DPI, then the mouse moves by 1600 pixels while moving the mouse by an inch.

If gamers like to play gaming options that need a fast response, such as shooting games, then they have to search for a mouse with a DPI of about 1600.

There are various methods to know the DPI reading of your mouse. This guide explained some of the best methods to carry out this task.

Surely, one method or the other will help you to know the mouse DPI effectively.

The Bottom Line

So, the bottom line is that if the DPI is higher, your mouse reacts more to small movements. For instance, if the DPI of your mouse is 1600, then the mouse moves 1600 pixels for each inch that you move it.

Now, get a mouse with the DPI measure that you actually need. This is something that you need to consider while buying it.

Also, it would not be difficult to check and test the DPI of your mouse with this guide. If you are still struggling with how to check mouse DPI, you can ask your queries in the comment section!


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