Apple Mouse Not Working? Have Magic Mac Mouse Problems?

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Magic Mac Mouse Problem

No wonder an Apple Magic Mouse has enough charm that it does not fail to attract new users. Since Apple launched the second version of its Magic Mouse, it has been considered one of the best mice to date.

The Magic Mouse comes with so many features in its latest version, like a Bluetooth pairing system, rechargeable battery, and undoubtedly a better look and performance. Certainly, no one can resist not buying this wonder for their Mac or Windows PC.

Unfortunately, some people face troubleshooting of Apple Mouse not working and other Magic Mac mouse problems while trying to pair their Magic Mouse to their Mac or Windows PC for the first time.

The issue of Apple Mouse not working can arise with Magic Mac Mouse and its latest version, Magic Mouse 2. The problem remains the same between these two. Read further below to know the exact issues and their respective solutions that I have answered in this article.

If you happen to have Magic Mouse, but it does not work on your system, then look for some of the issues mentioned in this article and resolve them. It is not something uncommon as many people face some Mac mouse problems while connecting their magic mouse to their system.

It can be possible that it might be working on Mac but not on Windows PC. So, you can check for issues with Mac or Windows separately. Look out for Mac mouse problems!

Part 1: Mac Mouse Problems on macOS

If you are facing Mac mouse problems on Mac OS, then look for the apt issues. Once you know the exact problem, you can easily resolve them thereafter. So, know your Mac mouse problem from the below options.

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Problem 1: How to Pair up

Most people get confused over how to pair their magic mouse with their computer. If you have not paired them correctly, it will not work for sure.

To connect your mouse for the first time, you have to follow certain instructions as given below:

YouTube video

Step 1: Turn on Bluetooth

In the very first step, you have to turn on Bluetooth on your Mac. You can do this by clicking on the Bluetooth icon present with other options on the top of your screen. If you cannot see this option, go to “System Preferences” of your system and, from there, to “‘Bluetooth.”

Step 2: Turn on Bluetooth

Now, you have to turn on Bluetooth on your magic mouse. For this, you have to go to the bottom of your mouse and switch on the button for Bluetooth. After turning it on, you will see a green color light blinking on top of it.

Step 3: Pair Them up

After this, click the option “Set up your device” and look for your magic mouse option. Click on it and tap “Continue.” Now, your mouse is connected to your system.

Problem 2: Refuse to Pair up

Sometimes, you would not be able to pair or connect your mouse with your Mac. You can solve this Mac mouse problem by following specific tips.

Firstly, you must ensure you have turned on your Magic Mouse. Then, look for your computer’s Bluetooth option, whether it is turned on or not.

Next, you can try moving your mouse or clicking buttons to wake it up. It works most of the time. If not, you can try restarting your Mac and then pairing them up.

If you are still unable to pair them up, your mouse battery might be low. Charge it for some time, replace the batteries if you use the traditional Magic Mouse, and then try again.

Problem 3: The Scrolling Feature is Not Working

This Mac mouse problem is quite annoying where one finger scroll of the mouse does not work. In this Mac mouse problem, you might be able to move the cursor perfectly but could not use its scrolling feature. You could not scroll left, right, up, or down using one finger.

The problem is your OS X Yosemite that contains some bugs related to Bluetooth, Apple Mail, and Wi-Fi. You can check what OS version you are using by clicking on the Apple logo present in the left corner and then choosing the option “About This Mac.”

Mac mouse problem -  Scrolling feature not working

You can solve this problem by upgrading the OS version on your Mac.

Problem 4: Keeps on Freezing or Disconnecting

The most common reason behind this Mac mouse problem is the low battery of the Magic Mouse. If your mouse battery is low, then you might face this issue.

The problem would not occur again. You can look out for other solutions for this problem if charging is not your concern.

You can try disconnecting other peripherals and moving your Magic Mouse closer to your system for stronger and better signals. And you can try disconnecting your mouse and then pair it again with your Mac by renaming it.

If nothing works, you can reset NVRAM. To know how to do it, click on this support post from Apple.

Problem 5: Mouse Preferences Setup

In order to add other features like adding more gestures, increasing tracking speed, enabling right-clicking, etc. then, you have to go to Mouse Preferences for all this. In this tab, you can customize your mouse as per your choice.

Open Mouse Preference
Fix Mac mouse problem with Preferences Setup

To do this, you have to click on the icon of Bluetooth from the menu bar. Then, move on to the name of your mouse and click the option “Mouse Preferences.” You can customize your mouse from the pop-up window.

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Part 2: Apple Mouse Not Working on Windows

If you are facing a problem of Apple Mouse not working while using Magic Mouse on Windows PC, then you can look for AN exact problem and try to resolve it afterward. Here are some of Windows’s most common Apple Mouse problems.

Problem 1: How to Pair up

To make this mouse work, it is quite important to pair it with your computer correctly. Follow the steps below to pair your mouse with your system for the first time.

Step 1: Turn on Bluetooth

Firstly, you have to turn on the Bluetooth of your Windows PC. For this, click on the icon of the Bluetooth present on the bottom taskbar and then select the option “Add a Bluetooth Device.”

Add a Bluetooth Device

Step 2: Pair your Magic Mouse

Now, pair your mouse with your system by searching for its name. Before that, make sure to switch on your mouse by sliding the button present on its bottom.

Mac mouse problem on Windows

After successfully pairing up, you will be able to use your Magic Mouse.

Problem 2: The scrolling Feature is Not Working

To solve this Apple Mouse not working issue, you have to install some drivers on your Windows PC. In case you have installed Windows on your Mac from BootCamp, then you can download Boot Camp Support Software that Apple offers.

After installing drivers, the scrolling feature of the mouse will start to work.

YouTube video

Problem 3: Mouse Properties Setup

To modify the settings of your Magic Mouse, like enabling right-click, changing its pointer speed, etc., go to “Settings” under the Bluetooth option.

After that, click on the option “Additional mouse options.” Make changes as per your choice in the pop-up window and click “O.K.” to save changes.

Additional mouse options
Mouse Properties


  1. Q: Can I use an Apple Mouse with a Windows computer?
    • A: Yes, Apple Mice are compatible with Windows computers. However, you may need to download additional drivers or software for full functionality.
  2. Q: Why is my Apple Mouse cursor moving erratically?
    • A: The erratic cursor movement can be caused by a dirty or malfunctioning sensor. Try cleaning the mouse or replacing the batteries.
  3. Q: Can I use a wired Apple Mouse without a USB port?
    • A: If your computer doesn’t have a USB port, you can use a USB-C to USB adapter to connect a wired Apple Mouse.
  4. Q: How often should I clean my Apple Mouse?
    • A: It’s recommended to clean your Apple Mouse every few months or whenever you notice a decline in performance.
  5. Q: Does Apple offer a warranty for their mice?
    • A: Yes, Apple provides a limited warranty for their mice. Check the specific warranty terms for your device on the Apple website.


Thus, in these ways, you can solve Mac mouse problems on your Mac or Apple Mouse not working issues on Windows.

Users commonly face these issues when pairing their Magic Mouse to their system for the first time. You need to find the exact problem, and then you can solve them through the solutions prescribed above in this article.

These issues and their respective solutions regarding Magic Mouse usage on Mac or Windows PC would help pair your mouse and solve other related issues, like Apple Mouse not working.

You can easily overcome these solutions and share them with others if your friend or anyone else is facing troubleshooting with Magic Mouse.


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