Why Does My WiFi Keep Turning Off and On?

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Why Does My WiFi Keep Turning Off

Why does my WiFi keep turning off? Is this something that is continuously bugging you?

There could be many reasons why this issue occurs. It is quite annoying when you are working on something important, and your WiFi keeps switching off and on.

So, why this problem occurs? Learn here why your WiFi keeps turning off and on. Also, find out how you can resolve this issue.

Part 1: Reasons Why Your WiFi Keeps Turning Off and On

There is not a single reason why your WiFi keeps turning off and on. It is a bit more complicated than that.

One of the common reasons for this intermittent issue can be that your device’s Power Mode Setting is preserving the battery by switching off WiFi.

Several modes turn off WiFi automatically when they sense you are not using WiFi. Examine and try to redo settings for resolving this issue.

Also, antivirus software also features such as power management settings. You can even ask someone else who employs the same WiFi network if they are facing the same issue. If you access multiple networks, check if you face the same problem on your smartphone regardless of the WiFi network.

If you could find answers to such questions, it will help you in determining whether the issue is with your Android device or the WiFi network.

Plus, check if this issue started happening after something has changed, like a change in any settings or installation of any apps.

Now, you know the answer to “why does my WiFi keep turning off?” Next, check out different methods to resolve this recurring issue.

PS: if you are experiencing issues like iPhone WiFi not working, here are the top solutions.

Part 2: Why Does My WiFi Keep Turning Off and On? – Fix This Issue

So, why does my WiFi keep turning off and on? You know the reasons why this issue occurs. Now, let’s have a look at different solutions to get rid of this annoying issue.

Besides, let’s figure out how to find WiFi passwords on iPhones.

Solution 1: Keep On the WiFiThroughout Sleep

Perhaps, this is the most common reason behind “why does my WiFi keep turning off.” Today, many smartphones come up with a function that saves the phone battery by turning off WiFi when in indolent mode.

Based on their phone manufacturers, users can look for this feature under the section ‘WiFi Sleep’, ‘WiFi Timer,’ or something similar to this.

To fix “why does my WiFi keep turning off,” follow the instructions below:

Step #1: Visit ‘Settings‘ and then open ‘WiFi.’ Click on the tab ‘Action‘ or ‘More.’

Step #2: Open the ‘Advanced‘ tab and click on the ‘WiFi Timer‘ option.

Keep On the WiFiThroughout Sleep

Step #3: Now, check if you have selected any timer. If yes, switch it to ‘Off.’

Step #4: Next, visit ‘Settings‘ and then ‘Location.’ Select ‘Menu Scanning‘ and then choose ‘WiFi scanning.’

Keep On the WiFiThroughout Sleep

Step #5: Restart your device and see if the “why does my WiFi keep turning off” has been resolved.

Solution 2: Turn the Connection Optimizer Off

Samsung phones have a feature called Connection Optimizer that enhances the experience by switching between data and WiFi automatically based on a better internet connection.

This feature can be located under diverse names on different devices. However, this feature could make you think, “why does my WiFi keep turning off?”

To switch off this feature, follow the steps below:

Step #1: Visit ‘Settings‘ and choose ‘More Networks.’

Step #2: Click on ‘Mobile Networks‘ and then select ‘Connection Optimizer.’

Turn the Connection Optimizer Off

Step #3: Switch it off and start your device again.

Solution 3: Turn Off Battery Saver

Why does my WiFi keep turning off? This could happen in some devices that are more aggressive when it comes to saving battery than others.

Huawei and HTC do not allow extreme power drainers to drain the device battery. Several power savers switch off WiFi automatically when you do not use it.

If the battery-saving feature is enabled on your device, then disable it using the following steps:

Step #1: Visit ‘Settings‘ and open ‘Battery.’

Step #2: Switch the ‘Power Saving Mode‘ by disabling the toggle beside it.

Turn Off Battery Saver

Step #3: Start your device and switch on your WiFi.

Now, check if you are still experiencing the “why does my WiFi keep turning off” issue. If yes, move on to the next solution.

Solution 4: Disable the High Accuracy of GPS Location

Smartphones are capable of functioning with various modes while employing GPS. If the GPS settings are kept to the ‘High Accuracy’ mode, then the device will employ WiFi for triangulating and improving the accuracy of your location.

So, this could sometimes make you wonder, “why does my WiFi keep turning off?”

If so, ensure that the location services do not use WiFi by following the instructions below:

Step #1: Open ‘Settings‘ and select ‘Security & Privacy“. Choose the ‘Location Services‘ tab. Please note that the location could be different depending on the manufacturer.

Step #2: Now, check which mode this feature uses. Also, remember that Battery Saving features employ WiFi besides the High Accuracy Location.

Step #3: Ensure that you have selected ‘GPS Only.’ Start your smartphone again.

Disable the High Accuracy GPS Location to Fix Why Does My WiFi Keep Turning Off and On

Solution 5: Clear Settings Data

On Android devices, the ‘Settings’ application holds different data types, from changes made on adding fresh WiFi connections to paired Bluetooth devices.

Clearing the Settings’ data can help in eliminating issues like “why does my WiFi keep turning off.”

So, you can try the following steps:

Step #1: Open ‘Settings‘ and select ‘App Manager.’

Step #2: Modify the application filter to select ‘ALL‘ apps comprising system applications.

Step #3: Keep scrolling down and find the ‘Settings‘ application.

Step #4: Click on the app and begin deleting the cache.

Step #5: Choose ‘Clear Data‘ and then restart the phone.

Clear Settings Data to Fix Why Does My WiFi Keep Turning Off and On

Now, re-enter the WiFi password. Now, check if you still have to wonder, “why does my WiFi keep turning off?”

Solution 6: Eliminate the Application of Conflict

When nothing resolves the “why does my WiFi keep turning off” issue, it could be an application conflict. Usually, this issue happens on devices traded by carriers that provide elevated privileges and certain applications.

Popular WiFi killers like ‘Textra‘ force people to get MMS from mobile data solely. This makes your device switch to the mobile data automatically and turns back the WiFi on all the time when you get an MMS.

Other potential culprits can be malware or an antivirus scanner. Even the phone version of McAfee is known for identifying false indulgences on the WiFi network. Plus, it forcefully stops your WiFi connection. WiFi Fixer and Bitmoji are other apps that users claim as WiFi killers.

So, it is best to uninstall these applications if the “why does my WiFi keep turning off” issue has appeared recently.

Solution 7: Uninstall or Update Google Home Launcher

Sometimes, “why does my WiFi keep turning off” could happen due to Google Home Launcher.

This launcher unexpectedly drops the WiFi network on many devices running its stock version. Users can resolve this issue by uninstalling or updating Google Home.

Solution 8: Restrict the Permissions of Bloatware

Android is quite strict when it comes to giving permissions to applications, especially older versions. It is seen that the only applications that are permitted to cause glitches are bloatware shaving distinguished permissions.

Such applications include T-Mobile, Verison, or other apps that are completely reinforced by the network carrier.

However, the issue is that one cannot uninstall these applications without root access. Here, the best part is that you cannot grant them permissions that may cause damage. However, it is possible to do so only on devices featuring Android 6 or higher.

To do so, follow the instructions:

Step #1: Open ‘Settings‘ and select ‘Connections.’ From there, choose ‘Location‘ and click on ‘Improve accuracy.’

Step #2: Enable the ‘WiFi Scanning‘ option and then visit the ‘Location‘ tab again.

Step #3: Keep scrolling to find ‘Recent Location Requests‘ and then select the bloatware. Choose ‘Permissions‘.

Step #4: From there, disable the permission related to Location.

Restrict the Permissions of Bloatware

Step #5: Repeat the same process with all permissions and go to other bloat wares if you find any.

Step #6: Start the smartphone again and check if the “why does my WiFi keep turning off” issue is still there.

Solution 9: Ensure that the VPN Is Not Interfering

IPSEC, the foundation for various NAT and VPNs, is popular for causing various problems on Android. When you use a VPN client, if you find out, “why does my WiFi keep turning off,” then disable it. Several routers find issues dealing with the gateway and end up disconnecting the WiFi connection.

Another way that you can use to check this is by connecting to the VPN site using a 4G or 3G connection. If your internet is stable with a mobile data package and unstable with WiFi, then there is a problem between your router and the VPN site you are using.

Also, let’s learn more about why is phone WiFi slow and how to fix it with ease.

Solution 10: Perform a Factory Reset

In case users are still dealing with the “why does my WiFi keep turning off” issue, then they can try other things too.

If this problem is associated with a virus or glitch, then there is a possibility that you can bring back your WiFi’s functionality after performing a factory reset.

To perform this action, follow the instructions given below:

Step #1: Open ‘Settings‘ and then click on ‘Advanced Settings.’

Step #2: Select ‘Backup and reset‘ and check if backups are allowed on your smartphone. If there is no backup, then you should create one.

Step #3: Choose ‘Reset Phone.’ Now, wait for this procedure to end.

Perform a Factory Reset  to Fix Why Does My WiFi Keep Turning Off and On

Step #4: Now, wait for the device to start again, and then see if the “why does my WiFi keep turning off” issue has been resolved.

Please remember that performing a factory reset will delete all your personal data that is not on the SD card. So, it is highly recommended to create a backup before you perform this action.


  1. Why does my WiFi keep disconnecting and reconnecting on my Android phone? WiFi disconnections on Android phones can be caused by software glitches, network congestion, interference from other devices, power-saving mode, or router issues.
  2. How can I fix my Android’s WiFi connectivity issues? Some troubleshooting steps to fix WiFi connectivity issues on Android include restarting the device, forgetting and reconnecting to the WiFi network, disabling power saving mode, checking router settings, updating software and firmware, and resetting network settings.
  3. Will resetting network settings erase my data? Yes, resetting network settings will erase saved WiFi networks, Bluetooth connections, and VPN settings. It is recommended to back up any important data before performing a network reset.
  4. Can a faulty router cause WiFi connectivity problems on Android? Yes, a faulty router with outdated firmware, misconfigured settings, or hardware malfunctions can cause WiFi connectivity problems on Android devices.
  5. Why does my WiFi work fine on other devices but not on my Android? WiFi compatibility issues, software bugs, or incorrect settings on your Android device may be the reasons why the WiFi works fine on other devices but not on your Android.


Now, there is no need to worry about, “why does my WiFi keep turning off?” In the first place, you should find out the reason why this problem is happening. Once found, try out some of the effective solutions to get rid of this issue.

Also, you can try these methods one by one to eliminate this annoying issue so that you can enjoy a stable WiFi connection.


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