How to Fix the Waze Not Working Issue With Ease

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Waze is a well-known traffic application available out there. This application provides direction, traffic alerts, live traffic maps, and also roadblock alerts. It saves time, offers accurate direction, and even works well on various platforms.

However, as amazing as the application is, users might encounter errors like Waze GPS not working, Waze not working, not providing alerts, and not giving traffic reports.

So, there are some of the issues that you can face while using Waze. These issues could appear for diverse reasons. In this article, you will find various amazing solutions to fix the most common errors associated with Waze.

Part 1: Resolve ‘No GPS-Showing Approximate Location’

Why is your Waze not working? Why is it showing ‘No GPS-showing approximate location‘? If you are coming across this error on your phone screen, then you need to follow some simple steps, as listed below, for fixing the Waze GPS issue.

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Steps to fix Waze not working for iOS:

Users who have an iOS mobile device, follow the instructions given below:

1: Ensure that Location Service for Waze is enabled to ‘While Using the Application‘ or ‘Always.’

2: Visit ‘Settings‘ and then click on ‘General.’ Then, choose ‘Reset‘ and lastly, tap on ‘Reset Location & Privacy.’

Steps to fix Waze not working on Android:

For Android devices, go through the instructions listed below:

1: Under ‘Security & Location,’ choose ‘Location‘ and then switch on the ‘Use Location‘ tab.

2: Visit ‘App-Level Permissions‘ and ensure that the toggle for Waze is enabled.

3: Then, choose ‘Advanced‘ and navigate to ‘Google Location Accuracy.’ Now, switch on the ‘Improve Location Accuracy‘ option.

4: Lastly, visit ‘Scanning‘ and then switch on ‘Bluetooth Scanning‘ and ‘Wi-Fi Scanning.’

Part 2: Repair ‘Waze not working – Network Connection Problem’

If the Waze app shows no network connection on your iOS device, have a look at the solutions given below!

Solution 1: Restart the Device

If you come across ‘Waze not working,’ then the first thing that you should do is restart your smartphone. This simple procedure will help you in resolving minor issues on your device.

Solution 2: Clear Cache for Waze

If the above method does not work, try to clear the cache for Waze. For doing so, use the steps listed below.

Steps to fix Waze not working:

1: Ensure that the application is closed. After this, visit ‘Settings.’

2: Click ‘Apps‘ and then choose ‘Manage Apps.’ Here, wait for the applications to load. Once done, select ‘Waze‘ for opening it.

3: Next, select ‘Clear Data‘ and ‘Clear Cache‘ after that. Lastly, tap ‘OK‘ for confirming.

Clear Waze cache to fix Waze not Working

Now, relaunch the application and see if the error has been fixed or not.

Solution 3: Re-install the App after Deleting it

If you are still stuck with ‘Waze not working,’ you should delete the app and reinstall it. It is pretty easy to perform this task.

1: Press and hold the icon for Waze.

2: Next, the ‘Uninstall‘ tab will come up, choose it, and click on ‘Yes‘ after that.

3: Now, visit the App Store or Google Play Store for installing Waze again.

Reinstall Waze app to fix Waze Not Working Issue

Once you have installed the application successfully, relaunch the app. Enter your credentials for signing into the app. Next, the app will start restoring all your data.

Part 3: Fix Waze not working – Bluetooth Problem

People who face ‘Waze not working’ due to some Bluetooth problem find the solution here. Fix this annoying error with the help of the following solutions!

Solution 1: Set Bluetooth as Output

Using the steps below, you can set it as Output:

For iOS devices:

1: Click ‘Search‘ and after that, ‘Settings.’

2: Select ‘Voice & Sound‘ and click ‘Play Sound via.’

3: Now, select ‘Play as Bluetooth phone call.’

Fix the Waze Not Working Issue with Bluetooth Problem

If it does not work out, users can select ‘Play on phone speaker.’ If this option works, then there might be some problem with Bluetooth or your car’s CarPlay.

For Android devices:

1: Open Waze and visit ‘Settings.’

2: After that, choose ‘Sound and Voice‘, and next, click on ‘Advanced.’

3: Next, ensure that Bluetooth is set as Output.

Now, close the application and run the app once again. Examine if the problem has been solved or not on your mobile device.

Solution 2: Update the Application

To fix the ‘Waze not working’ error, you can see any update present for Waze. On finding one, you need to update your application.

1: Open App Store or the Google Play Store.

2: Look for Waze and open the application.

If you see an update present, you will see a tab saying ‘Update.’ Next, you have to download and install Waze. Now, check if the Bluetooth issue still persists or not.

Solution 3: Disable Battery/Power Saver

Nowadays, most smartphones come with a power-saving feature. If you switch on this feature, you get increased battery life. However, in this particular mode, Bluetooth stops working. So, pull down the App Drawer and see if the power-saving mode is enabled. Switch this mode off if you want Bluetooth to work.

Part 4: Eliminate Waze not working – Sound Issue

If you come across the ‘Waze not working – sound issue,’ the following tricks and tips will help you fix the error immediately.

Solution 1: Change or Check the Volume

Users have to turn the volume up both on their mobile devices and Waze.

1: Open Waze and visit ‘Settings.’ Next, regulate the slider present beside the App Volume tab.

2: Ensure that your phone is not in silent mode. After this, visit ‘Settings‘ and then select ‘Sounds & Haptics.’ Switch on the ‘Change with Buttons‘ option and employ the slider or tabs for turning the volume up.

Solution 2: Switch on Voice Navigation

Users have to ensure that the option ‘Voice Navigation‘ is switched on in the Waze application.

1: Launch Waze and click on the Search tab to open the menu.

2: Visit Settings and ‘Voice & Sound‘ from there. Under the ‘Voice Directions‘ tab, set the sounds on.

Solution 3: Examine Sound Output

It is always better to check the output if the above-mentioned methods do not work. For doing so, follow the steps as below:

1: Open the Waze app and look for ‘Settings.’

2: Click ‘Voice & Sound‘ and select the option ‘Play on Phone Speaker.’

Next, close Waze and launch the app again. Check if your Waze sound works fine now.

Part 5: Get Rid of Waze not working – No Traffic Reports

If you face ‘Waze not working,’ where it does not show traffic reports, then go through the following methods to resolve the problem.

Solution 1: Clear Cache for Waze

Again, clearing the cache for Waze could be effective even in this state. To know about the steps, you could refer back to ‘Part 2‘ in this article.

Solution 2: Switch on Traffic Jams and Traffic Layer

In this section, you need to switch on the Traffic Jams and Traffic Layer features of this application. It is quite possible for Waze not to update traffic reports as these features are deactivated. So, you need to switch on these features. Let’s know below how to fix ‘Waze not working’:

1: Launch Waze and open the Search tab for opening its menu.

2: Click on the Settings tab present at the left corner.

3: Select ‘Map Display‘ and choose ‘Reports‘ present under the ‘View on Map‘ tab.

4: Finally, ensure that the Traffic Jam and Traffic Layer tabs are activated.

Next, you have to close the Waze application and launch the same again.

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Steps to fix Waze not working on iOS devices:

Now, let’s have a look at how to fix iOS-related issues using Tenorshare ReiBoot. It is very simple to repair your iPhone against errors like ‘Waze not working’ if they result from any iOS issue.

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Tenorshare ReiBoot

Step 3: Now, users will be redirected to the download page of the firmware package. Here, they have to tap on the tab ‘Browse‘ and choose a path. After that, select ‘Download‘ for proceeding.

Repair Waze Not Working via Tenorshare ReiBoot

Step 4: It is going to take some time to download the firmware. Once the download process gets completed, you have to tap on ‘Start Repair‘ and start the recovery process.

Fix the Waze Not Working Issue with Tenorshare ReiBoot

So, these were the steps to fix iOS-related issues like ‘Waze not working.’ Using this method, users can repair the iOS system from all the recurring problems most efficiently.

So, why is your Waze not working? To be honest, there is no particular answer to the question. This application could stop running for various possible reasons. However, no matter what the reason could be, we have listed all the necessary solutions that you can opt for overcoming the situation. If you are searching for a program for repairing the iOS system, go with Tenorshare ReiBoot.

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