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Ever wondered what voice changer Tiko uses? Well, you are not alone at all. Many other users want to learn about Tiko voice changer apps and use them for many purposes.

So, to answer this question, we created this article for you explaining the techniques Tiko uses. So, keep reading and learn what they are.

Who is Tiko?

In a nutshell, Tiko is YouTuber based in America. He records his Fortnite videos using a clownfish voices changer. Tiko’s voice changer has garnered a lot of traction among Fortnite players.

He gets together with his online fish identity and has gained much attention for obvious reasons. When playing Fortnite or Discord, many users willfully install Tikos voice changer using numerous applications.

Clownfish Tiko Voice Changer App 

Well, here’s the secret. Tiko uses Clownfish voice changer as his voice changer app. So, if you wondered what voice changer Tiko uses, that should be the answer. Using this Tiko voice changer app is pretty easy.

You should download the app and set it up according to the instructions. You can follow the instructions below and see if you can use that beautiful clownfish effect.

Use Clownfish as the Tiko Voice Changer App 

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01. Perform a Google search for Clownfish

To start, you should type “clownfish voices changer” into Google. If you want to use a clownfish voice changer, you must type “clownfish.”

02. Download the App

Open the respective link. After that, scroll down until the Download version heading is visible. After you have achieved your desired results with the Clownfish app, this should be done. Choose between 32- and 64-bit versions, then download it to your computer.

03. Configure the Voice Changing App

It will appear on the desktop as soon as the application has been downloaded. If you don’t already have it, add that to the sidebar.

Select “Settings” from the context menu to access the application’s settings by right-clicking the icon. You’ll see the option “turn on” at the top of the settings if the program has been turned off.

Next, select the “hear microphone” option to hear how the app impacts your voice.

The final step is to click the button called ‘Setup‘ after completing the previous steps. You will see a list that shows the available microphones on your computer screen.

Remove the mic you presently have by selecting it and ensuring it reads “remove.” You’ll have to reinstall the microphone if you remove it by clicking the button called remove. To avoid any issues, this specific removal and reinstalling process is done

Configure the voice changing app

04. Configure the Pitch

You’ll need to adjust the pitch to match your voice volume if you want it to seem more natural. To adjust the pitch, select ‘Set voices changer‘ from the main menu and make the necessary adjustments.

Tiko uses a pitch between 3.40 and 3.60 most of the time. However, you have complete control over how it sounds.

05. Make it More Realistic

To sound similar to a real person, alter your voice. Your audience will offer a much more realistic experience because the voice changer masked defects and difficulties.

06. Turn It On

That’s it. You can simply switch on that voice changer, and that should work.

Also, if you are looking for the top voice changer for Fortnite, you should check out this guide.

Doing a Tiko Voice Changer with Voicemod

Tiko’s squeaky voice can be mimicked with Voicemod, a popular voice changer many people use. Detailed guidelines for this specific method are here; let’s get started.

Doing a Tiko Voice Changer with Voicemod

01. Search for It Through Google

If you want to download this Voice Changer, you should perform a Google search first. Be sure that you use the keyword

02. Start Downloading

You should also note that this application works on Windows PCs with 64-bit processors. However, the good news is that they are the majority of new PCs on the market today. To download this app, click the button labeled “download” above.

03. Get the App Installed

This application will be on the desktop after downloading and installation. Once you’ve chosen a language and where you expect the software to be installed, press the Install button. Afterward, you can reboot your PC or check out the application first.

Get the App Installed

04. Define the Input (mic) and Output (Speaker)

Once the Voicemod is installed, you can open it. Then, you should configure the settings. That means you should define the output and input devices.

05. Browse for Different Types of Voices

The Voicemod is available in both a free and a paid edition. New voices are added daily for the unlimited voice version, and it is possible to explore them all.

Additionally, its pro version includes many additional features, such as a soundboard with changeable voices. Also, it has a comprehensive voice box.

06. Change the Setting

Now, you can change the configurations of your Voicemod. Those settings should be configured to match the requirement you might have.

Change the Setting

07. Choose to Go with that Squeaky Tiko Voice

You can find many alternative squeaky high-pitched sounds in this Voicemod tool. Those voices can be tried and matched with your original voice. If you want a squeaky high-pitched voice with this Tiko voice changer, you can choose the baby voice option.

08. Change the Voice

Do you intend to use more of a realistic effect? If yes, just alter the voice to make it louder.

09. Synchronize Voicemod

Assume that you’ve selected a voice type and activated your voice changer in Fortnite or Discord’s input settings if you have chosen Voicemod’s virtual audio assistance from input settings. Now, you can use it in the program. You’re ready to go once you’ve saved the settings.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about the Tiko voice changer app.

Well, Tiko uses a clownfish voice changer to get that unique Tiko voice changer. That is according to specified sources and his tutorial about voice changing.

Using a voice changer, he creates an online fish character and a squeaky, childlike voice. That application was also described in a lesson he posted on the YouTube platform in early 2020 after receiving numerous requests. So, now you know what voice changer Tiko uses.

This is not the case, as Voicemod is considered a completely safe and secure video/audio editing application. To avoid illicit and cracked copies of this Voicemod tool, you must get it from the official website. Choose the Voicemod’s Virtual Audio.

After that, click on its Red Cross to quarantine any infected files. Uninstalling the drivers should be your first step. Restart the PC to proceed.

Jayden is an American YouTuber known as Tiko. His voice changer is popular in the gaming and YouTube communities. Squeaky voice changers are used to record and transmit Fortnite videos. His official channel is named “More Tiko.”  

Voicemod is perfect for Fortnite and Discord. It’s an external application that links your mic to Fortnite’s audio input and works at the system level. Additionally, this app has several additional functions that aren’t available in other options.


So, that’s all about the Tiko voice changer app and its functions. We explained a couple of additional features as well in this article.

So, if you wondered what voice changer Tiko uses, the above information will be so handy. Please let us know if you have any other questions related to this matter.


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