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Telegram Last Seen Recently

Do you wonder what Last Seen Recently on Telegram means and want to read a comprehensive explanation about it?

If so, keep reading, as this article explains everything related to it.

What Exactly is Telegram Last Seen Recently?

In the realm of social media, the Telegram app has quickly become an exceptionally popular messaging program. And just pretty recently, the world discovered Telegram. In fact, this is a suitable option that can be used as a WhatsApp replacement.

When compared to WhatsApp, Telegram is clearly the more effective communication program due to its abundance of extra features. There are options for modifying and erasing Telegram messages with no traces being left behind. You can also prearrange chats at any time.

Besides, is it impossible to use Telegram without a phone number? Yes, with some tricky steps, you can make it work without a phone number. Let’s learn how to do it now.

Activity Status is Not Something Totally New!

However, in this article, we will focus on a single feature of Telegram called “Activity Status.” It’s very similar to other messaging apps, with a few key differences.

Assume that you have not been using Telegram for talking at all. If so, you may have considered some of its recent activity to be peculiar. The things we don’t comprehend may appear odd to us.

But the truth is that we don’t know enough about them. Are you still trying to figure out what Telegram’s “Last Seen Recently” status means? We’ve got the solutions to that scenario right here.

The Meaning of the Term “Last Seen Recently” 

This option in Telegram indicates that the user at the other end has disabled the Activity Status features. You will not be privy to the user’s precise activity level. The user may have been inactive for anywhere from a minute to two days.

You may have noticed a strange “Last Seen Recently” status while chatting with someone through Telegram.

The status will reveal the precise time since the last time the user opened the app (Telegram). The status “Last Seen Recently” can be best described as yet another Activity type in Telegram.

You may skip this section of the instructions if you just want to disable this “Last Seen” status. In addition, this site has further information if you wish to learn more on this subject.

As previously indicated, “Last Seen” will not be displayed by Telegram if the user has her Status turned off.

Last Seen Recently

There Are Slight Differences, Though!

It is true that the activity status function is visually identical. However, there are some key differences as well. When it comes to WhatsApp, for instance, the conditions are different. You won’t be able to view a WhatsApp user’s Last Seen if they have disabled the Activity Status feature.

However, you’ll find out whether the user is actively logged into the app and connected to the internet. The online status of the activity will now become active.

Let’s apply the same to Telegram now. Assume that person is online and exchanging texts with you in another conversation using Telegram. You will not get the “Online” status on Telegram.

Telegram Online

Telegram is Strict When It Comes to Users’ privacy

With Telegram’s Activity Status, users can feel even more secure in their personal lives. It’s possible to hide the Online Status in chat and still ignore individual messages.

However, the user will not be aware of your online status until you initiate communication with them. The “…typing” will function properly, too.

Telegram ...typing

When a user leaves your chat box, you’ll be able to see their “Last Seen Recently” feature again. “Last seen recently” doesn’t indicate whether or not the user has left the app.

The exact status, “Last Seen Recently,” would appear if the respective user has simply left your conversation. If a user disables Activity Status sharing, you will not be able to determine when they last opened Telegram.

If the target user’s “Last Active” time is not hidden, you can determine if they are currently online. Alternatively, the time and date of the app’s last use. So, you should remember that if you wonder what Telegram’s Last Seen Recently is.

Telegram Last Seen at...

So, It’s All About Privacy

Well, that’s about all there is to know about Telegram’s last seen feature recently. All the limitations that Telegram’s privacy settings impose have been discussed for your reference.

Read the comprehensive instructions below if you’re interested in learning how to set the “Last Seen” status in Telegram.

Steps to Change Last Seen Recently Status on Telegram

Have you skipped forward to this section without reading the introduction? If so, you can find additional information about the status “Last Seen Recently” on Telegram there.

Telegram’s “Last Seen Recently” status only appears whenever the app’s “Activity Status” option is restricted. If you’ve already done that, you can move on to the next section and follow the instructions there.

  • As the first step, you should open Telegram. Then, you should proceed to follow the onscreen instructions. In fact, the steps for mobile and PC are similar. All you need is to proceed with the given steps carefully.
  • Once the app is opened, you should open “Profile.” Just click on the hamburger (three parallel lines) located at the top of your screen to access that. If not, you can even swipe the screen to the right from the left to access it. After that, you should click on “Settings” to proceed.
Telegram Profiles Settings
  • Now, on your “Settings” page, you should select “Privacy & Security” to proceed. After that, you should click on the option called “Last Seen and Online” to proceed.
Privacy & Security Settings
  • As the next step, you should select the icon labeled “Nobody.” After that, you should tap on the “tick” icon located toward the top of the screen.
Nobody can see your Last Seen time
  • Well, you should determine whether you want your contact lists’ users to see the Activity Status. If so, it is possible to select “My Contacts” without selecting the option called “Nobody.”
My Contacts can see your Last Seen time

That’s basically it. With that, you can restrict who can see Telegram last seen recently. All you need is to change some settings in “Last Seen and Online” found in “Privacy Settings.”

There are several other Activity Status options if you really want to use them. Below are those options for your reference.

What is the Meaning of the Status Called “Last Seen”?

Here we’ve mentioned some of the many Telegram statuses available. And “last seen” can be the most widely used of these.

I think that most of you can probably guess what I’m trying to say. Telegram users can see their last time online in the app by looking at their Activity Status.

Meaning of the Status Called "Last Seen"

If a user hasn’t disabled Last Seen and Online in Privacy settings, anyone can view the option “last seen.” Find additional Activity Statuses as well as their descriptions below.

Status: Last Seen Long Time Ago

The ‘Last Seen Long Time Ago’ status is an additional option. This status called “Last Seen Long Time Ago” in the contact list could have occurred due to various reasons.

Status: Last Seen Long Time Ago

The first possible cause is the users at the other end have limited activity status. As a result, you might be aware if you’ve been following along since the beginning of the article.

It’s true that this limitation of their activity status function still provides some insight into the activities to others. However, it’s not as detailed as before.

And assume that you get the “long time ago” message rather than “seen recently” If so, you can rest assured that the other person has not logged into Telegram in over a month.

An additional factor contributes to the presence of “long time ago” in the contact list. So, it seems that the user has blocked you. As a result, the activity status won’t shift either.

Status: Last Seen Within a Month

The status “within a month” is another option. Well, “Less than a month” status stands for “less than one month” of activities.

The precise duration will be communicated to you shortly. Assume that a Telegram user hasn’t logged in for over 7 days but not exceeding 30 days.

If the user has their device’s activity status set to “limited,” the message “within a month” will display.

Status: Last Seen Within a Month

Have you jumped ahead to this section of the guide without reading the introduction? If so, we recommend going back and reading it first.

The explanation for the sudden emergence of “Last Seen Recently” will be revealed there. In fact, this status indicates that the respective user has limited his activity status. 

Status: Last Seen Within a Week

The Telegram activity status “Last Seen Within a Week” is another prevalent one. It is pretty similar to the status that we discussed in the previous section. 

Status: Last Seen Within a Week

We aren’t sure why the status does not include the current time and date like it does with others. What if a user has set the privacy status to “Public” and stays inactive for 3 days or less? If so, the status called last seen recently will appear.

In addition to that, you will start to see newer activity statuses. You can see a “Last Seen Within a Week” notification if the user stays seven days without becoming active.

So, in a nutshell, the length of inactivity is the distinguishing feature among the various states.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Can I turn off ‘Last Seen Recently’ on Telegram?

Yes, you certainly can! Telegram provides you with options to customize your privacy settings.

2. What’s the duration of ‘Last Seen Recently’?

‘Last Seen Recently’ could mean the user was online anywhere from a moment ago to up to 2-3 days. It’s intentionally vague to maintain privacy.

3. Can I know the exact time a user was last seen on Telegram?

Only if the user chooses to show it. Otherwise, you’ll only see ‘Last Seen Recently’.

4. Does ‘Last Seen Recently’ mean the user is ignoring me?

Not necessarily. It just means they have opted for privacy settings that don’t display the exact time they were online.

5. Can ‘Last Seen Recently’ appear for users who have deleted their account?

No, once a user deletes their account, you can’t see any online status for them.

6. Does ‘Last Seen Recently’ affect my Telegram experience?

It doesn’t affect the functionality of Telegram, but it can impact the way you interact with your contacts.


Readers who wonder about Telegram last seen recently can get a clear idea by reading the above content.

That said, there is a way to see the exact time a specific user has been online on Telegram. You can do it by opening the chat of that user.

In addition to that, you will be able to check the activity status in your contact list. All you need is to open the contact list and select “add new chat.”

If you have other concerns about Telegram usage, please let us know. We will address all those questions in a future article.


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