Samsung Android InCallUI – Everything You Need to Know

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In the smartphone market, Samsung has become the leading champion.

Samsung decided to launch a custom interface for its smartphones in late 2018.

The idea was to provide a customizable display over the conventional Android layout.

Samsung named its custom skin, OneUI. OneUI brings a few special features to the table. One of them is Samsung Android Incallui.

In this article, we will explain what Android InCallUI implies. We will also address any concerns related to its usage and its impact on your regular smartphone activity.

What Is The Meaning Of InCallUI?

Samsung Android InCallUI means “Samsung Android in-call user interface.” It’s a call window with various features like the ability to terminate a call, put someone on hold, mute the caller, and include an additional caller to get a conference call.

Whenever you contact anyone on your smartphone, the Samsung Android InCallUI will always show on display.

Android InCallUI assists the device in identifying and presenting the contact you are dialing on display.

It can assist you in acquiring the user data of the caller. For this, InCallUI makes use of the personal data available in the contacts list.

If the caller is not available in your stored contacts, it can also work with apps such as Truecaller to provide you with the appropriate information.  

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What Is Samsung Android InCallUI Used For?

The Android InCallUI offers a rich package that includes a call screen that displays the caller’s digits and allows you to receive, hang up, or mute the caller.

Whenever you dial any number, your device will use the Samsung Android InCallUI functions to give you the alternative of terminating, disabling, and leaving the caller.

What Features Does Android Incallui Provide

Be used to turning off the display whenever you take a phone call:

Let’s say the screen is ON when you are receiving or placing a call. This will make it difficult for you to communicate as your skin will remain in contact with the display of your device. Physical contact with the skin can trigger actions you do not wish to enable.

So, When you are talking, the InCallUI will close the display to facilitate a smooth conversation.

However, the screen will switch on once again once you finish your conversation. This is to ensure that you can conveniently resume the activity that you were doing before engaging in a call.

You can add more callers to the conversation if you wish.

It also provides the feature of recording the entire conversation that you’re making with the caller.

When you place your smartphone on your ears, it will also lock the display to ensure your ears do not trigger any unnecessary tasks.

Note: Samsung Android InCallUI also allows you to put a call on hold, use the home button to perform additional operations, save a contact in the in-built records, and leave a note all at the same time while making or getting a call.

What is InCallUI App on Android Phones?

Incallui is a mobile application that allows you to accept phone calls. It helps in recognizing who is contacting you using an illustrated display.

The app can also assist you in making a phone call and showing a variety of intelligent methods to help your tasks more efficiently.

It lets you set the sound volume according to your wish. You can use the notepad from the menu. Plus, you can capture or mute the caller using this application.

Many users, while talking over a call, accidentally push a button on their touchscreen whenever their skin comes in contact with the device’s display.

InCallUI can help you with this as it lets you talk on the phone without worrying about accidentally opening another application whenever the smartphone display comes into contact with your skin.

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How to Disable Android InCallUI?

There is no provision in your phone that allows you to terminate the functioning of InCallUI.

The most you can do is to pause the functioning of InCallUI temporarily and keep the Android InCallUI hidden. 

Even if you try to disable the InCallUI service completely, it will continue to operate in the background of your system.

The software is enabled anytime whenever you connect with someone over the call. To get rid of Incallui momentarily, you can follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • Launch the app drawer and visit the settings
  • Next, tap on the applications option.
Apps Settings
  • Select All Applications or App Info from the drop-down menu.
Show System Apps
  • Check for option.
  • Select it from the list of system apps and click on it.
  • Pick every item and delete all of the items present in it.
How to Disable Android Incallui

The below-mentioned items should show up on your display once you successfully make Android InCallUI hidden:

  • Terminate the connection
  • Record the conversation
  • Put the caller on hold
  • Mute the call
  • Add another person from the contact list to the call.

Can I Remove InCallUI Service from Samsung?

As of now, Samsung does not provide any provision for its users to remove the InCallUI service from their devices.

One possible explanation can be the necessity of the service.

If InCallUI is not present on the phone, the device will not be able to make or receive calls, as the basic call interface will be missing.

Hence, the InCallUI service is essential to sustain the calling feature.

How to Resolve Android InCallUI Not Working?

According to many users, the caller ID will occasionally display a few issues and does not function properly because of that.

If you find any glitch or an error while using InCallUI on your smartphone, try the following steps to resolve it:

  • On your phone, get into Settings.
  • Next, select applications.
  • You’ll need to access the Incallui app to resolve the problem. Browse for Incallui from the list of apps and select it.
  • To erase memory, go down and hit the “clear cache” option.
  • If this does not solve the issue completely, then you may need to force-stop your smartphone. You can even try rebooting to see if it makes any difference.
How to Resolve Android Incallui Not Working


Samsung, like many smartphone manufacturers, offers fantastic communication options in its devices.

Here, we’ve gone through what the meaning of Samsung Android InCallUI is and what its functions are. We discussed its working mechanism and how we can use it effectively.

In the article, we also talked about how you can troubleshoot if the service has stopped working.

Keep in mind that we always recommend never to uninstall Android InCallUI as it can be a crucial feature many times.


Below we’ve presented a few of the most commonly asked questions related to Samsung Android Incallui.

InCallUI is a necessary element in a smartphone. If InCallUI is not present on your device, you will not be able to use a variety of functions.

A few of them include regulating the volume, terminating a call, putting the call on hold, etc. InCallUI shows a customizable layout on your display which lets you use features of your choice.

InCallUI is a simple application whose primary function is to provide you with a customizable interface with a host of features to facilitate various aspects of your conversation.

To ensure this service does not interfere with other features that you use on the smartphone, it is designed to work in the background.

It is enabled only when you’re making or receiving a call. However, the application has no provision that can let any person spy on or track your activities.

Therefore, you need not be worried about any privacy issues due to the Incallui application.

InCallUI does not provide any feature that can be used to manipulate someone. When users contact someone, the interface of InCallUI pops up on the phone display.

Many users often refer to it as the connection window, which consists of all the necessary features to aid them during their conversation.

Users can put a call on hold, mute or hang up the caller, or make it a conference call if they wish.

So, there is no possibility of using this application to cheat someone.

InCallUI is the smartphone software that manages several display operations during a conversation.

To access it, you can go to settings. Then tap on the apps section and select the system UI.

However, there is no provision to disable this service as it’s necessary to facilitate calls.

This application comes pre-installed on all smartphones. It is integrated into the system.

Several apps can communicate with this application while it’s working in the background interface, allowing you to see its functionality.

If your phone is missing, the InCallUI can help by providing an IMEI number. This can be used by the relevant authorities, and they may quickly locate your lost smartphone.

However, it may be difficult to locate your misplaced handset if the is not present or has been deleted from the handset.

It also allows you to keep a record of a contact number that isn’t stored in your contacts list


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